Love Poems About Absolves or Absolves Love Poems
by Mark Woods |
Categories: forgiveness, goodbye, lost love, love, sorrow,

I Forgive You

I have never felt more betrayed
Than when you lied to me
Never was I more dismayed
Than when I cut you free.

Love I sought, and not with guarantee
I never wanted this disaster
Then your flotsam and debris
Stole precious days of laughter.

No more happily ever after
I do truly understand
What is a complicated answer
I know our woe you never really planned.

I bid you a sad and firm adieu
But love absolves. I forgive you.

by Talena Alienmermaid |
Categories: love, romance,

An Elgyn

Shielded, his logic affects distrust - chill resolve
Mine scatters like dust, dissolves
His lust for my mind absolves
Allows this love to evolve.

by Imtiyaz Gull |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

A Love and the Love

'A love' is annoyed.

'The love' is feasted

Metaphorical love is blind, 

Bonafide love is gifted!

Thy metaphorical love ruined and tattered.

My Bonafide love gives me peace and tranquillity!

Thy lover always ordered,

My love gives me an equality!

Thy love has a lust.

My love is disciple of Almighty Allah!

And that's why thy love gives you a dust.

My love begins with Bis'millah!

Thy love has seven deadly sins.

O Almighty Allah absolves me of my sins!
By: Imtiyaz Gull

by Jessica Hanna |
Categories: depression, hope, me,

Pain Tonight

I still can feel the pain tonight,
While yesterday is out of sight
Internal wounds, I cannot see 
Have made me shiver and drown in fright    

My only hope today is she
As I seek a cradle to rescue me
Where do you think if she turns away
Would my salvation and my peace be?

Words and words I failed to say,
A courage submerged by dismay
Has caused an agony I can’t conceal,
And I cannot turn back and play.

Internal wounds I cannot heal
Before the truth that love reveals
Absolves me as self aware
And wise enough to know what’s real

by Jo Bien |
Categories: forgiveness, lost love

Songs Not Sang

guilt doesn't weigh you down it seems
from the love songs we didn't sing
at night you sleep a reverent sleep
miles away, I toss and don't dream

you warmed yourself next to my fire
passion burning hotter and higher
every minute of every sweet hour
I thought that it would never expire

all of these things that I forgive
from the start when you drew me in
Grace absolves you from all sin
the songs I keep and hold within

by Juanita Oosthuizen |
Categories: depression, heartbroken, pain, sad,

Mirthless Cries

Every night I lay here alone,
remembering; wailing.
I love the night shadows:
it’s all about the stillness.

There are no stars out tonight,
only a lonely, empty sky.
The hue-less wind passes,
and it cries un-seen.

Trembling elm trees nod at the moon,
that floods the field with shallow, blanching light.
Along the pallid edge of the quiet sky,
this mortal scene stands aloft in wisdom.

Then the anguish of my heart,
absolves my eyes.
And my shrouded body starts quivering,
and my mirthless cries rake the enchanted night…