Love Poems About Absolved or Absolved Love Poems
by Jeremy Martin |
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For My Mom

Though many songs are written of angels
I must add to the empire 
This small hymn to a woman, a champion of life 
Nameless here, but named in all things good and pure
I'll stand beside her work, her artistry astounds the stars 
And all light that is given is humbled in her presence 
Every worry is smoothed away, all tears absolved 
God, let me take her sadness into me and carry it for her
Until I am old, and then I'll have my chance to see her once more 
I am not a religious man, but she brings the divine to me  
And cradles me forever in her selfless, adoring arms 
I love you mother, I love you
I will always love you

by Senait Mohammed |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, life, time, me, allah, me,

God Almighty

I am a human with original sin, that came
from the apple when man and woman bit in.
I'm angry with myself at having betrayed You,
I should slither on the ground as the
serpent must now do
But Your love is kind and merciful always
willing to forgive
And I'm standing here before You, for You, I
want to live
Cleanse me of these heartless sins and make
my soul look clean
I want to be absolved of all; even the unseen
I'd like to walk with You, Allah (Lord), I
want to hold your hand,
For You to pick me up, and for me to
I know it only takes a few words for all
this to be done
The devil tried to test me, and I know now
that You've won.

by Julie Achilles |
Categories: creation, god, hope, religion, wind,

Have Faith

Tomorrow the earth will still move around the sun-
a sun that will glimpse through thick clouds
leaves will fall from trees and winds may blow
snow will cover mountain tops yet,
I will rise and eat breakfast and shop
some worry that the end is nigh
to everything there is a beginning and an end
creation, Adam and Eve, the apocalypse
Tomorrow, people will fall in love, and out of love
crimes will be committed and sins absolved
some worry that God is punishing us with a virus
He that forgives? He who loves?
we are his creation- created out of love
live each moment- for we are in His hands
I do not hear the approach of the apocalypse
because I have faith, I have hope.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, sin,

Confession of Love

Ambient light flickers 
and I enter the dark
a slight murmur from the other side beckons 
thoughts aimlessly wander about
without any filter
without hesitancy 
I confess 
ruined amidst rages of jealousy 
murdered moments of bliss
crimes of passion smolder
falling prey to my own weakness
love held hostage

When calmness takes
when spirits wake
when white doves flee
with minds set free
dark nights clear
as vision reappears

Absolved from an inferno of lost control
Moonbeams glow on a humbled soul
love thought to be withered
and faded away
can once more be nurtured, 
be strengthened, to stay

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: forgiveness, love, self,

Loving Myself

I 've made big mistakes.
Yet the world spins on.
Pages in a book.
That's what life's about.
Stories to be told.

I love myself.
Despite old scars.
My heart is true.
Soul is absolved.

Heart and soul
and my mind's
all I need.

Life's short.
Be proud.


for contest "Loving Myself"

by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: life, lovelove,

Flames of Love

your love is the fire
I yearn to touch,
deep in my heart
ignites flame's of lust

your love is a lantern
shining through night,
it signals a desire
that thrashes to bite

your love lights stars
that tear holes in time,
your love is a riddle
at the end of my rhyme

your love caresses
the deepest I hurt,
your eyes see through
to where I was burnt

your love healed scars
time wore into my skin,
with the tiniest kisses
you absolved all my sins

your love brought life
to a Mistress of pain,
I’m not lost anymore
I breathe freely again

by Anu Nayak |
Categories: allah, blessing, god, miracle, thanksgiving,

Tender Mercies

TENDER MERCIES Tender mercies on us shower From The Supreme ’s sacred tower Hungry get a sumptuous meal Angry get a soothing heal Barren blessed with lovely child Lost absolved from scary wild True confession granted pardon Buds fresh bloom in wilted garden Homeless get a safe shelter A fireplace in chilling winter Drowning rescued in someone’s guise Distraught guided through friend wise Marital bliss, trustworthy mate for lonely Door opens for one who knocks sincerely His love and grace for us is in profusion Counting blessings lets submit grateful effusion
17th October 2016

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: allah, devotion, love,

Hamd's Haven In Hammam

Hamd in Hammam 

His or her word is everything resolved

Absolved enlightened entwined where

Mistress and master join in passion in

Birth and rebirth recant their solemn prayer

In every flower deed conviction praise

Nirvana even in the Turkish bath where

Harun and Hafeeza in separate chambers

Adhere to cleansing body mind and soul

Miraculous to every pore and purified

Mantra tantric to the highest order

A ceremonial purge in steam in heat and

Measurement of heaven haven Allah’s creed

13th February 2017

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Pure Heart

The hurt on my heart stand steel melt butter what is pure will

Up all night sound of a barrel weight of time let absolved

Morning of label feet of will content value motion accent

Rare fit God I am here a God fear man

The hurt on my heart ten and ten can’t bring my will

Up all night sound of a barrel weight of time let absolved

Pure Heart.

by Lucas Williams |
Categories: angst, introspection, life, lost love,

Overt Detriment

Involute ascendency of an omniscient detriment encased a 
crystalline fragility fragmenting. Yearning a periphery absolved 
stains the insidious chronicle red. A fading feeling of self 
treason is absolute utopia asunder. Subtly i digress yet 
paramount is this polarity diverse within me. Caged withing a 
translucent spirit my voracious depths untold stagnate abound.

by Sean Rackley |
Categories: bible, tree,


Nourished in the dirt 
Poison absorbed
Breathe out number eight
Life from high above
Leaves raised to the sun

Nourished in the Word
All sin absolved
Sing out holy praise
Life through Awesome love
Hands raised to the Son

Planted and grown
For plenty of uses:
Adventure, climb
Quick door decorations
Fire’s fuel from wood

Beloved and known
So no more excuses:
Love-law is prime
Sick, poor ministrations
Prayers oft we should

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: mother, son,

Civil Unrest

Before I gave the judge my guilty plea
and turned a fable into honesty,
I thought of all I’d miss for ninety days
while patched in pumpkin orange and dwelling grays;

this I’ll confess: unrest confined my crime
and forced my will on unsuspecting time,
until my mother’s weekly visit came;
until her love absolved imprisoned shame.


Submitted for: Unrest of Spirit Contest
Sponsored by: Julia Ward

by Matthew Ainscough |
Categories: art, inspirational, love, thank you,


She protruded from a background well-versed in mythology
Riddled in metaphors
Steeped in false parameters
Yet gifted in iambic pentametre
She coughed a bloodied bee onto her lap
and let the sparks fly.

She married a beekeeper in two syllables
And bit her tongue
Whilst the lines absolved her dichotomy of life
She tripped over her song's rhyme
She whistled a white-hole onto the page
And dropped herself inside.

Her jar will always be half-empty, with complete thoughts.

by Nguper Amang |
Categories: love,


Like a sword
you stole into my fold,
Now tell me; tell me about us?
Do you think about us?

dissolved my heart,
absolved my hurt
Tell me, my love, about us
tell me about us?

softies sweet
and at doorstep of your heart; my feet.
Tell me; my love, about us?
Tell me about us?

And now that you’ve lose your wrap
what do I expect if not a stab.
Now tell me; tell me about us?
Do you think about us?

i am the one who trawls,
coming to you on crawls.
Now tell me; tell me about us?
Do you think about us?

heard your call
and though the wall
hide all about us?
just tell what you think about us?

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: city, cry, evil, love,

Fed Up With Her Marriage

Their marriage has to be dissolved,
Nothing again to be resolved,
Twelve good years and problems unsolved, 
Their priest had her of guilt absolved, 
Mark who had thrice their problem solved,
Three is Lord God's Holy Number,
No case against her being sombre,
She'll stay right through the Judge's Gavel,
And  then to Great Britain travel...

Joan: The Fed up with her Marriage,
Not planning to find the courage.

by Lisa Knight |
Categories: death, loss, lost love

Looking For Reason

Last night, tried to answer me.
Why, is life so tragic?
Upon waking.
All I felt, was tired.
All discussions, forgotten.

The key, is not easy to maintain.
With a complex mind, operating.
Nothing is untouched.
I'm like the tide.
That runs.
In and out of happiness.

For the most part, I'm present.
Unharmed, by recent events.
But if I wonder, alone.
All I find is regret.
What I should have done better.
In death, he is absolved.
And my responsibility, grows.

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: betrayal, loss, lost, love, lust, memory,

A Marriage To Escape Being Dissolved

For what Baptism has left unsolved
Any Darwinian hope for the Newly Evolved?
There mustn’t be another vile scar
From a cheating on a flying car!

Vera should’ve the thing tried at some bar,
Just for her man, everywhere A Star,
To pursuers unreachable because far …

Yes, round The Scandalous had the thing revolved,
The subject not likely to be absolved,
Because of the inglorious lot involved
And an infuriating infidelity scarcely resolved…

A marriage to escape being dissolved