Love Poems About Absolve or Absolve Love Poems
by Gary Fields |
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Truest Love


    It's truest form
Is to love others'
        - As -
Thee Love Thy-self
   This is both a blessing
To God and a Blessing
      Worthy to be
Bestowed upon Others'
   But first seek the
  Of God
Fore His very word
    Will Absolve Thee

          Poet Author
          Gary Fields

by Mary Rotman |
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Sacrament Instincts of Innocence Contest

(from The John Poems)

I absolve myself of loving you
and plead innocent
on grounds of loneliness.

My penance will be 
the poetry
I misguidedly wasted on you.

For I’ll never destroy it
though the idea tempts, and reading it,
I feel a fool;

A monument to me
and my stupidity.
My monument to you.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, feelings, heart, i love you, imagery, love,

Candied Kisses

You embody innocence and truth, traits one rarely finds outside of youth. And with your intoxicating charm, you guard my heart, shielding it from harm. You entice me in erotic ways, fanning sparks into a yearning blaze. And fueling fantasies, you start to gently cradle my fragile heart. Fulfilling all my dreams and wishes, you stir passion with candied kisses. And absolve me of the wrongs I've done, expunging guilt like a cleansing sun. Embracing me, you fill me with love, lifting my spirit to heights above. And encompassing both heart and soul, your love lets me feel complete and whole. (Rhyme) 4/23/2017

by Phillip Garcia |
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The Deal With Trucks

The deal with trucks (should you not own a truck)
that lollipop horsepowered cylinders -
is really how remarkably well they suck
the rubber tread where the interstate scissors
its cousin, Dixie, born Mississippi,
born as a man and staunch straight-ticket-down
yee-haw! Republican, a down-low-bi-
sexual, wearing Grand Wizard wedding gowns
in pappy’s cabin built on rolling logs,
who each day climbs the thick-cylinder pole
that proudly displays confederate cogs
to the eighteenth turn called a glory hole
where all the king’s horses and all the kings men
absolve all the crackers their cracker-crumbed sin.


by Regina Mcintosh |
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His Approval Ca

Abandon your feelings of anguish Abate your thoughts of appetency Allure your beliefs in the apostles Assuage your spirits of animosity ~ Absolve your heart’s solid armor Awry are your moods of aversion Auras of your judgements atrocious Alive are your dreams so auspicious ~ Awakening your views on attrition Attempting to give you real altruism Appoint your joy to this admiration Adoration of God’s Son’s approval October 8, 2019 Crazy A's Poetry Contest Sponsored by: John Hamilton

by Michelle Richter |
Categories: faith, imagination, inspirational, uplifting

Starving Soul

feed this starving soul
give it sunshine
make it whole
absolve its need
free from greed
rotting disease
plant the seed
grow selflessness
into a tree
love it's golden leaves
Copyright © 2009

by Scribbler Of Verses |
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Callously discarding,

talismans of heart and soul,

hastily scorching all bridges,

in a supernova burying me whole,

retreating into emptiness,

no salvation to be found,

sins too many to absolve,

drowning, in a freshly
dug hole in the cold ground.

Hollow, empty, barren desolation closes in,

asphyxiating me,

within the walls of my dismal room,

sinking into the abyss,

disappearing, fading, lost forever,

inside an emotionless,


by Seeyam Brjmohun |
Categories: life

For a Google Times

Accept the stern parent praying above
Or children who rebel but always love
Allow siblings that argue but resolve
Forgive two lovers whose love nears absolve

by Richard Craig |
Categories: how i feel,

Your Heart Reformed

If I beg for another chance,
If my efforts stay worthy of praise,
Will the Jesus in you advance,
and absolve my sins that blaze?

time has grown long, your heart reformed
you've turned your light towards other's shade
you grew tired while my heart warmed
and now I trust and you're afraid

The clouds crawl through the sky
their shape never stays the same
your love shifts as you go by
the weather breaks and times reframe

by Sally Park |
Categories: devotion, faith, happiness, hope, love, people, sea,

Drowning In You

I want to feel the water
of your youth wash over
me, absolve me. Droplets
of your fresh body of water
fall across my face in a
cleansing baptism. You cry
tears of joy and they wash
me away.

by Kanchan Verma |
Categories: break up, god, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, motivation,

Present With You

In a situation of dilemma,
It's holy ambiance or miasma..
You're in thoughts, you're in book,
I find you in every person, wherever I look.
This situation is admirable, don't wanna resolve...
If it's life imprisonment, don't wanna absolve... 
Enmeshed in-between right or wrong,
But there's a connection for sure....

Let time decide it's fate....
But present with you is great...

by Paula Larson |
Categories: love, peace, life,


That brother in thee not adjourn,
as bigotry might leave some yearn.
I offer grace, as no return
is needed to absolve concern.

And brotherhood of man is God,
and I apportioned by the rod
to pastor life and not its rage,
to walk from futile life of stage.

As so of thee in leading hence,
remembering some hopes expense,
I offer time, as life's intense
condition offers recompense.

I offer thee my life's incense,
as love in understanding's sense!

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: anger, care, love, people,

Love Questions

How can I jilt you my True Love?
I shall be hurting Lord God’s Dove
Why would I teach you what is wrong
When it won’t help us to live long?
What is The Essence of crying Foul,
When we can absolve wrongs like Scowl?

Which love had lasted and no hurt;
Which hands neared a stuff and no dirt?
Whose loving skills do we trumpet?
All of us smell in The Armpit!

by Paula Larson |
Categories: hope, inspirational, introspection, love,


I love thee more than all the Earth, so nullified
that of my Soul do love as qualified
this urge of sanctity involved
with only thy apprentice, thy resolved.

And I am pregnant with it so revolved
that every force within me is evolve
to thy full presence given, God's absolve
that nearness ever blessed, ever row ~

. . . is sacred understanding, ours to solve
and only truth can render its involve!

by Paula Larson |
Categories: love, life,


That brother in thee not adjourn
as bigotry might leave some yearn
I offer grace as no return
is needed to absolve concern.

And brotherhood of man is God
and I apportioned by the rod
to pastor life and not its rage
to walk from futile life of stage.

As so of thee in leading hence,
remembering some hopes expense,
I offer time as life's intense
condition offers recompense.

I offer thee my life's incense
as love in understanding's sense!

by Bryn Strudwick |
Categories: betrayal, love,

Mea Culpa


It was an auspicious occasion;
The wedding of the year.
And, afterwards, the guests murmured 
When I told them how,
At our very first meeting
I had fallen for your allure.
So how, after so few years
Has everything gone awry?
How has love turned to anguish?
You don’t need to answer.
I know you have no appetency
For discussion.
The fault is mine alone.
Nothing can assuage the guilt I feel
At my atrocious betrayal.
It happened only once,
And I was drunk.
But that does not absolve me
From responsibility.
I cling to the hope
You will one day forgive me.
I love you.

20th October 2019
Crazy A's contest
Sponsor John Hamilton

by Paula Larson |
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In virtues keeping of resolve,
in faith do summit, then absolve.
As if endearing could evolve
more closeness, some obstruction seems revolve.

That ego badgering, the eye of pride extols,
a spirit coveting - does want thee, as I go,
unwanting, to withhold thy love, its show -
I empty my own faith, in absence' stow.

In false apply, recovering as slow
redeeming - in confusion to my God, have owe,
that hope in His fond keeping were enow.
I love thee so - I love thee so -

That I am false, to pray love's grow,
does not find - weeping in thy soul!

by Fauxcroft Wade |
Categories: forgiveness, inspiration, light, motivation,


Reaffirm within

That you are worth taking

Time over yourself to care

Because if you don't

Then will anybody else?

Stay strong into those harsh times

Always try too keep a clear mind

Forgive and absolve yourself from past mistakes

We all make them

And there's nothing wrong in that

Don't lose your light

Don't lose your self love

Just keep your head up all the time

Show everyone just how you shine

And reaffirm

You are more than others know

Or even believe

Your everything to me.

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: beautiful, forgiveness, i love you, life, longing, lost love, love hurts,


Be thee my love denied a heart,
Errant the petals of a rose,
Neath the girth of your pretty heels,
Neglect you stray from your repose.

Save me but a tender three winks,
Ventures a soulless heart discourse,
Absolve so they be one again,
Taint naught, let I be your recourse,

Pray my ways take a different path,
The effervescent me detained
Key be my heart locked eternal,
Souls bond be mended and ingrained.

Date: 06/04/2019

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: courage, endurance, hurt, war, wife, wisdom, woman,

A Lovely Hymn

She just discovered infidelity And she knew the throbbing was eternal Knowing to forgive with pure clarity Her heart needed to light the nocturnal She would be a warrior to absolve Quite experienced in the art of love Giving fully and with complete resolve Fulfilling her heart’s gifts from up above She needs to hear the whisper within her Reflecting on the compassion that gives Thru the faith, peace and hope which does occur Breathing echoes of harmony that lives With a fighter’s soul reaching out to him She touches his heart like a lovely hymn A Warrior Sonnet Poetry Contest Sponsored by john lawless September 6, 2020