Love Poems About Absolutes or Absolutes Love Poems
by Sue Mason |
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absolutes in a love fest
Blessed Mystery.

by Ibim Briggs |
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??Today I roamed your district
I saw nothing of you in the taverns, valleys, and fight yards
Where has your loose soul drawn you
That looseness that so cuts absolutes

You were my closeness, my attache
I loved you like that
Beyond the the steeps that were your happiness
For I loved you beyond yourself

You were my drowning melody
That sweet thing that kills
I go down loving you
And I stay up loving the feeling of your bittersweetness

That's all I have to say
Dunno where you are, dead or in Jupiter
But if death's taken you
I'll love that death just to go to you.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, blessing, celebration, dedication,

Apparent Couple Love Praise--

Apparent Couple Love Praise-- 

Tell me that you love me
so that I will understand
Keep me in your heart and mine
Tell me that you'll be here for me
Tell me I may be your man
Tell me that you need me just a little
Help me praise the Lord our God
As we come together just consider
I'm too in love with HIM
Come to me God's Holy daughter
Promises of love and faithful truths
All of this I do promise until one of us see the absolutes
And upon the arrival of one of our spirits souls
Ascension unto heaven rapture up
I'm sure whom ever survives be physically alive
Shall grace by faith still be by your side

Written by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©

by Angela Douglas |
Categories: loneliness, love, relationship, romantic love, soulmate, together, true love,

Not Yet

I do not love you
I love possibilities
Abstracts over absolutes
Who we might be
who we could be
if certain variables
would happen to be true
If in your presence 
I found this veil
obstructing my vision
lifted from my eyes
able to see 
colors once again
bold and bright
instead of muted hues
If we were to discover
synchronicity of
our energy in
pursuing our endeavors 
If not only my words
but the heart beating 
behind them mattered to you
I don’t seek perfection
but maybe you do
Perhaps that’s the problem
I don’t love you
Not yet

by Sam Keshavarz Amandi |
Categories: angst, baby, crazy, cute love, feelings, first love, heartbroken,

Fire of Obvious Contradiction Love

A question eats my soul
Everything is relative
Or  is  everything of absolutes?

Because everything is together
If happiness or sadness are transitory.

In the passing of the hot time of love, it should be heal?

If only and only alone
Relativity is absolute
so me
Why should there be sadness?
Because everything, even sadness is relative!

I know that my love for you is absolute
The sadness of your distance may seem relative
But there is relativity that is absolute.
It means it is always
truly why?

This is an obvious contradiction!?

That's why I'm crazy 
My laughing is transitory and temporary
The sad of my love is more always .why?