Love Poems About Absinthe or Absinthe Love Poems
by John Hamilton |
Categories: desire, dream, imagery, longing, romantic,

Midnight Romance

Midnight Romance

Dusk falls quickly on cerulean skies
Day morphs from ash of roses to sable
Our love's vision flashes before my eyes
Midnight romance, like an ancient fable

Charcoal sketches meander in my mind
While jasmine-absinthe incense is burning
it's smoke, evokes passions clearly defined
porcelain skin blushes with love's yearning

Obsidian-ebony eyes that gleam
pleading to quench needy soulful desire
beckoning me to unite in the dream
willingly, I rush to put out the fire

My mind's eye sees quivering crimson lips
As love drips from ivory fingertips

October 18,2017

by Juli- Michelle |
Categories: beautiful, emotions, first love, happiness, longing, love, lust,

Midnight Romance

More sensual than the cerulean sky
More still than the ash of roses at dusk
This charcoal haven that hosts you and I
Beneath the moon's dimming ivory tusk

My love, can you taste absinthe in the air,
Lingering sweetly between these pale lips?
Fingering cheeks of porcelain, so fair
Heart racing when fingers slide to my hips

The world turns crimson when two lips collide
Yes, more sensual than sunset is this
My fingers entwined in your sable locks
In the heat, in the smoke of midnight's kiss.

Your obsidian eyes wake from the trance
As ends this session of midnight romance. 

For Midnight Romance Contest

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: passion,

Midnight Romance

I touched the sable locks of hair that fell
around your face so softly. Ivory
you called my skin you came to know so well -
though first, like porcelain you handled me!
Where we reclined, cerulean above
us was the sky. Your kisses were divine
there on the seashore where i felt such love!
Your eyes, obsidian, reflected mine;
I drank you in like absinthe - oh, those eyes!
Our passion, like when fire is charcoal fed,
turned crimson like the sunlight when it dies
into the night! For us - sun brightly bled.
We stayed past midnight. Was it all just smoke?
The ash of roses wrapped us when we woke.

Nov. 1, 2017 for Dale Gregory Cozart's Midnight Romance Poetry Contest

by Winsome Miller-Rowe |
Categories: color, devotion, emotions, funny love, gothic, halloween, scary,

Midnight Romance

How bright your eyes of cerulean blue
Look out from your porcelain face my dear
I saw those ivory teeth and I knew
That crimson blood would be flowing right here

Your cloak matches your obsidian brows
Absinthe is the green the grass we lie on
Love burning like charcoal as we carouse
Making our love last way before the dawn

Your sable hair reminds me of honey
And I crush my lips to yours oh so soft
I  know that this is better than money
But do you agree? I noticed you coughed

Ash of roses the color I evoke
Before leaving you in a puff of smoke

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love, romance, sensual,

Midnight Romance

Twilight's color is ashes of roses
Horizon is crimson as the sun sets
Round cerulean sky decomposes
To invite a charcoal night love begets
Ivory stars form a covering shawl
Lovers swish absinthe in dim candlelight
Toast to shadows that float upon the wall
From lambent flames in a passionate night
Candles melt to their porcelain holder
Night turns darker like obsidian glass
Moonlight's smoke embraces lips that soon smolder
Silhouettes, until dawn can trespass
Wrapped in soft sable fulfilled and content
A divine passion was inhaled and spent

by Liva Evita Nagle |
Categories: boyfriend, caregiving, desire, devotion, first love, happiness,


It happened a couple of days ago
When shivers overtook my body
Though not present anymore
I sense they will return

A walk through wilderness
I would not go there with others
Black coffee on the bench
Jukebox melodies uplifting the mood

Absinthe so smoothing
Heart like a thrilling drum beat
Strong spirits and a chess board
I appreciated his patience

A cigarette lit way
Through a late night walk
Then a cinnamon scent
And the aftertaste on his lips

Not only the touch
The blue eyes too
Ocean deep voice
And the rhythm of the night

I hoped the moment would last
But morning arrived
Though not present anymore
I sense shivers will return

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: anxiety, dark, fear, love,

Plague Doctor Mask

My love
we fear the corona
my lover
let us wear
our plague doctor
masks to bed again

You look at me
with eyes like two ribbons
of warm absinthe

We fear for our life
from our life
the whole span
of it glistens

To protect us
light the candles
spray on some

Let us recite
some old biblical

Some say they
still hear the screams
where plague doctors
walked in bird like masks
where no birds sing...

by John Gondolf |
Categories: hope, loneliness, sad love,

Expectations of Love

In need of a lover the lady waits;
Dressed in sable gown of satin and lace;
Dimness of room a wanton mood creates;
Expectations of love show on her face.

The porcelain lamps with crimson cloth drapes
cast ash of roses on ivory walls.
Smoke from the absinthe scent candle escapes,
filling the air with sweetness as night falls.

The mood for love set on this charcoal night;
yet still the lady waits there all alone.
Her obsidian mind says it’s not right;
She has not a lover to call her own.

With ruby lips and cerulean eyes, 
she lays face down on her pillow and cries.

October 8, 2017

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: heart, how i feel, lonely, longing, lost love, love hurts, missing you,

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

From a broken Heart, does one recover:
To know you will always love the other?
When discarded like trash, far too late, alas! 
You soon discover you long for that Lover?

by Tony Bush |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love,

Green-Eyed Angel

She left, my green-eyed angel, 
On heaven’s celestial train,
As the stars they all shone over rooftops
In the distance to where she would go;
And her face blurred behind condensation
In a flicker of absinthe and snow.

She held, in thrall with her laughter,
When darkness crept over walls,
And her kisses burned long in the memory
From the lips of a priestess or queen,
So eternal her spark of cracked emerald
In eyes so emphatically green.

She shines, as her train is receding
Down tracks that are speckled with frost,
And although her physique has now vanished
A bright soul such as hers never dies
Yet remains incandescent and vibrant
Like the warm ocean jade of her eyes.

by Christian Howes |
Categories: absence, break up, farewell, grief, love, sad love,


You put up all your walls 
Surround yourself with solemn stone 
And hope your voice's echo 
makes you feel a little less alone 

Your absinthe tinted eyes
Try bravely to appear fair 
But nothing fey or otherwise 
Dilutes the spirit of despair

You find me in my sleep
This stranger that I knew so well
Entombed with you behind my eyes
With this as heaven, who needs hell.

You're still inside these rooms
I watch you stand at every door
My heart and mind can't reconcile
That you're just not here anymore.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: identity, integrity, lost, love, time, voice,

In the Absence of Absinthe

enough is enough-- seriously how would it not

the fog rolling over my eyes
over my body
this fog that swallows my voice
annihilates my being
digs deep to my very soul
losing the me that
i so wish you would
want to know
want to love

lost to the taste of absinthe on my lips

AP: Honorable Mention 2023, Honorable Mention 2023

Submitted on April 8, 2023 for contest A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE NO.1207 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

Originally posted on March 25, 2023

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: love, sin,

Rainbow Bells


Belittlement of sea and sky with blue
and green entitlement - unfocused lens
of stormy clime — the darkening of hue
in whites of shellacked eyes, aplomb of friends

does drown in haziness.  They drink his tears —
the absinthe of their cloudy souls deplete.
Inside the whitewashed tomb, awake to fears.
Those hoppy beers lack taste with sins to greet.

Unexpected — her sunshine fingers lift
his icy lids — the melt like Everest.
Believe in miracles unceasing gift. 
The chromatic breath of an angel blessed.

The blinding paste has dealt with former sins.
Arise to rainbow bells as life begins.


by Wendy White |
Categories: anxiety, deep, depression, emo, gothic,


It awakens artists & cures melancholy.
Take me away from this dark reality.
Numb my sorrows & heal my pain.
My wounds will heal, but will I love again?

Absinthe releases the "Green Fairy."
It has inspired writers like Mary Shelley.
Open my third eye to see the mystical.
Everyone's dreams should be magical.

It creates roles for actors to play.
Images of someone they may be someday.
Reciting stories written in rhyme.
An audience is taken to another place & time.

Absinthe releases the "Green Fairy."
It soothes the soul & relaxes the body.
It is a muse to poets like Edgar Allan Poe.
If he was reborn...where would he go?

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: dedication, devotion, i love you,

Midnight Romance


Enveloping my love surround midnight
In this evening I found you fair favor
In romance under the moon bathing lights
So obsidian charcoal as laver
Blacken as a beautiful drink absinthe
You are the ashes of roses red lead
Your lips of ivory and porcelain
A corporate vision of crimson red
Heat blazes air love fire eludes smoke
Come allow me to bestow this Sable
Dark sunsets cerulean then dark smoke 
I place it on your body such beauty
It's your beauty still yet the sun gone rogue
Oh! darling, allow me these chance words light


by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: age, appreciation, beauty, passion, soulmate, true love,

They Sparkle, Yet

Perhaps our sight is soon to fade,

          Still we know love and how it's made -

               A soulmate vibe to scorch the sun,

     Conjoined perfection from day one.

My absinthe gaze still loves to see

          Your eyelids close while kissing me,

               Yet while that buss still coaxes sighs ...

     I'm slayed to kiss ... and plunge your eyes!

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Lay It On Me - 8 X 8" Poetry Contest, Charles Messina, Judge & Sponsor.

( Syllables = 8 X 8, counted at )

by Trevor Morse |
Categories: confusion, death, introspection, loss, mystery, people, sad, green,

Again, the Green Hour

Again, the Green hour
my love,
like the blossoming
of unfelt desires.

Again, the beauty
my love,
earnest in such
keen undertakings.

Again, the miseries
of romances
lost, murderous. . .

Again, the glee
of the wretched
and their vile

of Wormwood,
your poisons,
intoxicating. . .
My mind,
my body,
of souls' lost. . .

Again, the Green hour
my love.

by Memphis Stacks |
Categories: drink, friend, literature, loss, mentor, poetry,

Hemingway's Bartender

We share our love for writing
A seat at the bar is always inviting
Writing comes naturally
Alcohol used medicinally
Both had their own way 2 stop the chaos
The need to write doesn't take days off
Long, slurred conversations with ourselves
Asking for whisk(e)y off the top shelves
I stir & mix him concoctions
Absinthe & Champagne is an option
But a Whisk(e)y and soda is a good choice
Words flow from brain to pencil tip
On your way out don't forget to tip
Alcohol was a mutual friend
Every writing has to have an end
As he left the bar my soul is where these words were felt
True nobility is being superior to ur former self

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, creation, emotions, extended metaphor, imagination, poetry,

Et Sic and Then

ET SIC ...!
      Word ... absinthe,
      just feel the thrill when i,
      Chill ... just 
      be quiet when i feel
      the thrill ...
      Hemlock ... I only drink
      In the visible transparent,
      I refuse...
      Love ... I always crave
      above  all...
      Before death ... before
      Love, I claim together with
      life ... life with love
      that's all ...!

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: courage, growth, life,

Space Sandwiches

And oh the hearts of the dollars.
Life's rampage.
All is love in love and glory.
My priest bowed to my maid today.
The ones in my mind.

This is our absinthe.
Our absence of release.
Find the wings in your basement.
The soul's retreival.

You are so much more than all the world.
POV and length of line be damned.
Of all cosmic energies,
You are peanut butter and jammed.