Love Poems About Absents or Absents Love Poems
by Jessica Carr |
Categories: i love you, drug,

love is a drug

your love is like morphine
singing in my veins so sweetly 
easing all my pain away

tear by tear
it all rushes back 
the pain comes screaming
i try to fight it all

visions of us they haunt me
like ghost into the night
cold sweats
you consume all my thoughts

free me from this please?
im begging
i cant do this no more 
i can feel my heart turning to stone slowly
i can still remember your touch
your taste 

this love you fed me is driving me crazy with your absents 
your my poison
take me away sweetly till i cant breath

by Amber Willis |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, life, lovechange, love,


They say when you love someone
Distance means nothing
Everyday I find this to be more true
A change from five 
Minutes down the road
To three hours away
It means nothing
I love you more 
Than I ever have
Absents only makes 
The heart grow fonder 
You’re my everything
What I live for from day to day
You’re what keeps me strong
When it seems all hope is lost
You’re the light that guides me
Through my dark times
You’re my source of
Inspiration, courage, and joy
And nothing can change that
Nothing can come betweens us
Not even three hours distance