Love Poems About Absentminded or Absentminded Love Poems
by Stanley Dorsey |
Categories: cute love, devotion,

One, Two, Step on my shoe

(woman) You've missed the first and last day of memory, 
Absentminded completely.
(man)  Being lull is an instinct you'll never acquire.
(woman) Being what, never mind you can't remember.
(man) How can I forget what you've found. 
You're like an insect exploring every crevasse of my core.
(woman) The allure with you has gone dysfunctional, calling me a bug.
(man) Yeah that's right, dried flowers lack essence.
(woman) Me dry I am lustrous.
(man) Yeah ok
(woman) Lets stop this one, two step on my shoe game.
I'm still at awe whenever you're around.
(man) Ok I prefer you and you prefer me
Their is no ultimatum.