Love Poems About Absentee or Absentee Love Poems
by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beautiful, devotion, growth, love, romantic,

Call it love

The night it is barren
from inland to the sea
but I am the one who loves you
you are not alone.

Tonight the sky is empty
stars fall in the sea
I am the light to guide you
do not wish to be alone.

If the world becomes deserted
all eyes you see are sad
I will smile for you
you will never be alone.
Sleeping I dreamed you
awake I keep dreaming
I dream because you love me
and I am not alone.

It is sometimes madness
a longing absentee
call it love
and we are not alone...

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: dark, emotions, loss, love,

Distant Fire

I wanted to be
warmed by her fire
she came so close
then turned her face away.

The distant forest
of her brown beauty
became a lightness of being
I wrote her love poems
showing her the origins
of my inner fire
she turned away
leaving me with only
the ashes of her trees
and trembling leaves.

I promised her not castles
or prophesy of the future
to love now is what I needed
tomorrow may be too late
I said, "love me now"
"now love me."

Her fire is now so distant
and the forest she showed me
I love her in absentee
dreaming her while awake
she said she loved me
I who thought I was her master...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Fatima Nusairat |
Categories: time,

Give Me Time

Collect what dissipated
Of laughter in my lap! 

I spent lots of time
Wearing a black colors and
What flipped from starlight---
On the threshold of absentee!

So give me time!
This death, will not be stripped
By windows and amulets,
Nor stripping in front of thought
When rising in the air like doves,
Not even bends the head,
When love reveals like a spring,
For our present which filled
With clouds and storms!

Give me more time!
To walk like suns walking in the sky-
I am not a guard to the cold  
In corners of the house,
I am not the guard of silence and death,
When the night, walking through me.
So, Collect what dissipated of Laughter
In my lap and cry!

by Fatima Nusairat |
Categories: time,

Give Me A Little Time

Give me a little time .. 
to collect what dissipated 
Of laughter in my lap, 
I spent a lots of time 
Wearing a black colors and
what flipped from starlight 
On the threshold of absentee. 

Give me more .. 
This death will not be stripping
by windows and amulets, 
Nor stripping in front of thought 
When rising in the air as doves, 
not even bend the head,
when love reveals as a spring,
to our present filled with clouds and storms. 

Give me time .. 
to walk as suns walk in the sky. 
I am not a guard to a scattered cold 
In corners of house, silence and death
which despite the night crosses me.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: death, god, introspection, life, universe,

Thoughts on an Ending

I often wonder how death will begin
     and will there be a warning sign to heed.
Will I feel something way down deep within
     Is it the end, no matter what my creed
Of course, it could be just a sudden blow
     No time to think or weigh the consequence
of how I lived my life, my deeds to tow
     No time for words to come to my defense
Will there be lights or helping hands to see
     the smiles of those we love long gone from earth
Or will light be a silent absentee
     with only darkness left to judge my worth
No matter how it ends, the seeds are sown
I’m grateful for this life that I have known


by Dedu Son |
Categories: love,

To Make Love

To make love before we depart,
For our mind’s memories sake;
Let’s make love for the last time,
Where love you give and I take.

Let’s strip naked one last time,
We are both old and weary;
After all these years together,
Lucent years and also dreary.

Before we say goodbye let’s unite,
In the unity of affection and sensuality;
To remember the wonderful days,
Before one of us is an absentee. 

To make love before we go away,
For surely unexplored is doomsday.

by Robin Brown |
Categories: absence, black love, dark, dream, fate, friendship, girlfriend,


I once dreamed of you.
I remember the sun shining on your beautiful face smiling at me.
As you walked away.
It seems like the world stopped living and everything in it died alone.
I felt loneliness and unhappiness since that day, you vanished away from me.

I fell into despaired and recentful, you not known, my true love for you.
The days and nights go by tremendously vastly.
Enormously I drifted insanely mad over your absentee.

Exceedingly I cried dreaming of you in someone else arms.
I self-immolation into the cold crystal emerald ocean, dreaming of the time I perceived you with my eyes.