Love Poems About Absent or Absent Love Poems
by Ken Carroll |
Categories: confusion, depression, suicide, , Lullaby,

The cutter

She went to sleep
closing her eyes
beginning to dream
of broken butterflies
tearing her lovely monarch wings
on faithless love that angels sings...

She finds shiny metal in kitchen sink
in an evening absent light
she finds peace in cuts of pink
watching crimson blood flow feels so right..

Starlight shines upon her tears
I whisper darling, you cannot bleed
all of your suicidal fears
at night when you begin to cry
I'll sing you a lover's lullaby..

My love do not wish that you were dead
dreaming of an absent pulse
laying on silken sheets bleeding red
I will offer love so do not bleed
give me your knife I am all you need...
~ ~ ~ ~

by Anson Decker |
Categories: hope,

Blank White Paper

Blank white paper
Infinite hope, endless promise 
An inspirational instrument

The artists canvas and lawmakers device
How an absent lover expresses love so precise

So much to say, I’m intimidated by its potential
Fearful to express my true self to you
Or to people exponential

Fear is a disease
A disease impeding me from being me 

Blank white paper
A horrifying shrill to action

Blank white paper
My call to create
Channel your optimism
Divorce your pessimism
Summon the courage, others will follow

Allow your new future to begin today
Reveal your dreams hidden by white ink on 
Blank white paper

by Edward Orozco |
Categories: art, heart, heart, love, me,

A heart to remember

Cold words fall deaf upon the joyful heart
A memory keeps its meaning until death makes it no more 
Her brush always spoke to me, her canvas was my souls imagination
Her soft lips, her beautiful eyes never will I forget for with her I became a man
A nightfall always brought  dreams of holding her, I love her 
She paints to the song that plays over and over again in her heart 
I miss her more than ever
I weep to the heavens and call her name, yet she is absent from my eyes
All I have is the memories, which only God can pull from me 
Her kisses always rose me to the highest point of my self love
When she held my hand I floated carefree 
I love her, she is my heart and I will always remember

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: lost love, sad,


?The day my Silver lining vanished away?

I was traumatized, 
After walking through the bedroom door.

No movement, or sign,
Not one single breath left behind, 
the canvas has been painted black.
Not a single image on the wall, 
I took one last gasp----- of nothing,
No hint of musk in the air,
Silently, I stare, to the unknown 
The positive aspect, gone,
My unseen benefit is missing,
The absent suitcase,
The only clue!
The burglar took it all, 
the garbage stood alone.
This is not my home. 

Chaotic, disconcerted
After walking through the bedroom door.

by; PD

by Sharon Tideswell |
Categories: lovesweet, rose, rose, sweet,

In the wings of love

How long can love’s sweet rose lay in the wings,
quiescent, waiting for that tender cue
to open up her heart, dissolve all strings,
before she withers, dulled from absent dew?

In yearning for the warmth that closeness brings
to blush her skin with hints of crimson hue,
how long can love’s sweet rose lay in the wings,
quiescent, waiting for that tender cue?

From shaded canopy her essence sings
in soft soliloquy, songs to imbue 
the soul who claims he longs to hold her true,
yet to familiar paths his heart still clings.
How long can love’s sweet rose lay in the wings?

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: valentines day,

Cupid Pulls Back the Bow

To love you in every fairest moment
And kiss your tender lips in pure delight
To yearn for you when time is absent
And hold you closer in warm shadowed light
How warm our palms,  held in soft embrace
Beneath the sun's flowered fragrant field
As lover's we'll seek a passionate grace
When dreams we find ask our hearts to yield
To dance with you through a life of nights
And cross the floor of days in love with you
Touch eternity when lover's hands take flight
I'll look deep in your eyes so they're not blue

  Find beauty in your smiling face my dear
  I'll dance with you until we disappear


by Midnight Aurora |
Categories: goodbye, heartbreak, lost love, love,

No Love Requited Left To Claim

Tonight, the rains gush down upon my life,
Like shards of glass they cut through every vein.
Your footsteps, plodding heavily with strife,
Regretful puddles echoing your pain.

To walk away can be the hardest thing,
When there’s no love requited left to claim.
Though better than to die amidst the cling
To hope, my heart, for yours, will feel the same.

The passion swells, though muted by the grief,
And all the growing distance seems so wrong.
Then suddenly I’m cast into belief,
For you, I’d held affection all along.

If there was but one thing I’d wish to say,
My absent tongue would call to you, “Please stay!”

23rd November 2019
Midnight Aurora

by Ann Foster |
Categories: break up, chocolate, christian, conflict, confusion, death of a friend, depression,

Unwanted Things

Unwanted Things.

A car wreck.
A kid, unexpected.
An absent father to be.
A cheater that brought you, 
a sudden health risk. 
A divorce.

Car troubles.
Work issues.
Financial burdens. 
Bad health, 
that effects you, 
those you love.

These are a few, 
of my un-favorite
There is no song, 
about these, 
by Julie…
although I read her story, 
and she
had a hard life

by Robert McFadden |
Categories: feelings, lost love,


She always found her way home before
but this time was different
“Where have you been” he said
“I don’t know” she answered absent mindedly
as if she hadn’t really meant to answer at all
This time her eyes were empty
His heart sank he knew he had lost everything

by arthur vaso |
Categories: allusion, love, passion,

R and R


Silently I contemplate
Secretly I desire your essence
Cardiff is another land, a far away shore
Absent from my lust, yet craving still
Drowning within my self, I lay myself down


Divesting my thoughts into the winds
Victory is surviving with only lingering pains
Hieroglyphic messages of undying love I leave
Even a Libra can not always balance the scales
Even a heart has only so many beats

by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: angst, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love


Selfish to the end
narcissistic to the core
empathy absent

by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: beauty, blessing, child,


To make a phrase numismatic, it was
A day of days.  My darling ran
Under the boughs of covert loss
Until God made his presence scan,

Like a metre of bright wave, the sin
Of our hearts, and I could count each blotch
Of love as I gazed upward through the din
In my breath hiding from His scotch -

But He had kind words rain on me
And the sun came out and healed the welts and hurt
Till my sadness slipped down the vast tree-
Trunks,  and fell like stockings on the dirt

And slaps of time, and grubby days when He
Was absent. My son says He lives in every tree.

by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: appreciation, blessing,



I love only what is good, and this aesthetic
Delights the blind man, for he can feel
Shimmer like a moth at his elbow, my pathetic
Sighs of creation in making what’s real, 

And he can distinguish the dark shrouds
Of faces where wicked deeds were splendour,
He can detect the feast of envy, and loud
Avenues of fame, their soul’s provender.

A child glistens with beauty like a rain-
Drop, dancing with the feet of time,
Innocence is bliss only when his pain
Of not seeing is absent, for he hurts like lime

Thrown in the faces of perceived sinners -
Who say horses backed on principle are not winners.

by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: dedication, tribute,

Unique Lady

She is gracious,skillful and filled with true love,
Dense weight on her shoulder to help those in need,
 Utopian woman  selected  from above,
Malice absent, but poetry her  daily feed,
Doesn`t compromise as regards perfection,
She`s voted as the VOICE without election,
Pride and oppression she detests to the core,
Her traits and values many damsels adore.

*Dedicated to Debbie Guzzi,Linda(PD) and Andrea, NOT forgetting Nette,Carol,Catie,Carrie,Gwen,Leonora,Suz,Anne-lise,Mandy,Sara,Constance,Skat,Gail etc.

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: care, lonely, love,

- Will Be Back Soon -

Love is never absent
Animals put their trust in us
and deserves care and love

A small pink jelly nose
Hours feels very long ... like an eternity
Eyes that speak their own language

Do not leave me
It's so hard to let go
No mouse ... money for food

So little bitty and fast on feet
A prayer without words
The beauty of your face

I know ... but I can not approve
Protects you with angel wings
I love you today and will love you tomorrow

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by juan ruvalcaba |
Categories: love, night, lost, light, light, lost, night,

Candle in the sky

A night of sorrow; I see so 
many stars 
but none so bright, a night so 
dark, no flashlight 
no compass no way to find my 
candle in the sky.
Today I lost you hiding in my 
blackest night,
alone with no guide. I'll 
remember you bright,
but your absent light will 
sorrow my everynight.
I lost the light of you in the 
night sky, 
not my dream of you so bright

by Mel Merrill |
Categories: dream, lost love, love, love hurts,

I Dare Not Dream

I dare not sleep and dream again;
For I cannot bear the cost--
Reminding me, and cruelly so
Of what I had, then lost.

How blessed I would dreamless be,
That I might long forget--
To sleep bereft of reverie,
And absent all regret!


by Dani Elle |
Categories: absence, dark, moon, space, stars, sun, world,

Venus is love

Venus trines at midnight
Harvester of our dark side
These bright stars are blinding our sight
Its the way her face looks in the moonlight

We shine bright in this life

The Galaxy swoon the Moon
It happened way too soon
While the Sun flowers were still in bloom
They were shooting stars all over her room

Boom Boom
Sparkles flying all over the sky
Reaching blackholes way up high...

Thats why the birds cry
Why do we have to die?
Why, why, do we have to lie?
Why cant we just dance in the absent light at night?

As planet Earth turns, we burn inside
Does anyone know how to operate this flight?
We are flying way up high, in the sky
And we are all about to die

by Ingvar Thorisdottir |
Categories: family, grandparents, happy, water,

Jellybean Row

There is a place I know
that the locals call jellybean row
the drunk dance in the street
there is no animosity, nobody is a foe

the wind whips and curls around the battery
more complimentary then flattery
people see it as an adventure
rather then inherent danger

the car absent path of intoxication
arms entwined and shameless flirtation
a pint in hand and family on my shoulder
greasy fish, fit for mastication 

as I step off the boat in aux basque
I need not wear my mask
for I am on the rock
where love is felt when no one talks

by Dalton Moss |
Categories: loss,

Poet's Spectre, My Ghosts Are Not Diaphanous

Beauty that is mirrored is that beauty?
Absent love leads phantom duty
My running pen speaks not so bright
In its ink hide ghosts by night

It’s intimate with willing paper
White bond drinks up all black vapor
The curves, the contours, strokes—I gape!
Appear in spectral words of shape

And whisper sounds from verse I fashion
But lacking substance, wraith-like passion
Attempts the work of a lover missing
Does not convince my lip she’s kissing.

by The Situation |
Categories: death, fear, freedom, introspection, drug,


zero is a number
one less than one
that makes it a number 
not negative one
zero is a number 
compleat in itself
zero is a goal
good for one's health

nothing is none
and empty is out
barren is imposible
yet silence can shout
gone is'nt absent
away is'nt naught
never implies zero
missing can be forgot

zero smoking, zero sex
zero taking chances on risky events
zero drinking, zero drugs
zero being responsible, zero falling in love
zero disease's, zero hurts
zero damaged reputations 
zero wounded hearts
maybe zero cancer, maybe zero arts
maybe zero errors, maybe zero plays
maybe zero hatred, maybe zero AIDS
zero negativity, zero enemies made

by Sky POET sa |
Categories: heartbroken,

A Desert-Like Heart

A Desert-Like Heart 

Full of emptiness
love is absent
misery rules
no river of joy
water's scarcity
a vacant-void
like a refuse
like an uninteresting entity
loneliness reigns
whom to love ?
who loves ?
nothing to cultivate
because it's waterless
no growth
no life
no taste
but isolation
a shameful galaxy.

Drencho POET Loads

by Damian Cranney |
Categories: forgiveness, life, love,

Stress Free

I walked amidst the shadows, that curtained life,
I looked for the sun to relieve my pain,
if you had been with me it would have released the hurt,
But you were absent when my need was great.

It does not matter, now, I know that now,
I am comforted by your presence, beside me,
l live each day for each day,
And you, my love.

The time is near when my absence may hurt you,
But dwell not on that, but on what we have been,
And if in future times you need a love,
I will smile on your need and bless you.

by Leo Mbalamana |
Categories: basketball, beach, beautiful, bereavement, black love, blessing, blue,

The Journey

The journey to success has no shortcut
Although things may seem difficult 
There’s always a path 
Within the depths of the aftermath 
Life gives everyone a chance 
Its up to you to take it and advance 
Everyone is born with some sort of intelligence 
Sometimes you just need confidence 
And a little persistence 
To bring your goals into existence 
And when you discover your talent 
Learn to stop being absent 
And live your life fully in the present

by Janet Lorenzo |
Categories: peace,

Love of Peace

We seem to have forgotten
That there’s a lion loose in a
Neighborhood of fear
Don’t sing this to me all these years later
The melody of a mane barely visible
The murky light of a beacon
That transcends a multitude of knowing
The fear is unreasonable 
But simultaneously real
Absent from vision, the roar
Is deafening
In the ears straining to hear
The sound of peace