Love Poems About Absconder or Absconder Love Poems
by Stephen Parker |
Categories: absence,

Streaming Video: Beam Up My Loved Ones

For time, space cannot the opportunity squander
With streaming video distant love grows much fonder
Magnetic beams glint through the wild blue yonder
Grainy, jittery images oft-forsaken hearts to ponder
Air waves blipping images through bleary transponder
Eerie prescience of the whole, but piecemeal shapes do launder
Irony, modern technology, 1930's Spanish cinema does corresponder
Crouching, girdled with adrenalin of a First Responder
Matted wigs, flat toupees across streaking screen wander
Silky-brunette locks dimmer; brown bangs look blonder
Shadows in a swirling blender, to homesick minds a bonder
Stealing a few precious minutes, then with love absconder

by Paula Larson |
Categories: introspection, lost love, love


My ardor not commit
to stand beside creation taking wit
it is this lost December
I am fit ~

The thought be temple
thine, thee not awry ~
to love God in engender
so ~ be ~ it!

Be then as I the member
of truth's fret
that man does so encumber with beget
no promise lasting, numbered, no incept!

It is God's will assunder
that does quip
with all else, solaced wonder
solaced fit!

While in abridgment's blunder
I remit
God, praise me not, thy ember
soul's encrypt!

The sin of man's trust lumber
without script
To join the two ~ to launder
love's true grit ~

Would barely touch, absconder
           life's acquit!

by Paula Larson |
Categories: confusion, lovegod, god, love,


With love the option, it seems we
are forced to wander credulously
beyond the raven's stream of glee,
the wings of angels, ne'er to be!

Ah true love, wander with espree,
that God can test my empathy,
for ne'er have hope, but His to be!
true love do wander ~ aimlessly!

For then absconder takes the fee
and I no longer needlessly
will fit thy dander or decree,
nor wait assunder, above Thee!

Oh love do wander, this time free
Oh love, thee not my destiny,
with God the choice, still cannot see
this hurtful blunder, thee & me!