Love Poems About Absconded or Absconded Love Poems
by Chiquitachiamaka Baity |
Categories: lost love,

Silence Is Sound

Dread and doubt has enslaved me
                          Calamity and tragedy has absconded my peace
                              Trepidation and fright has held me captive
                       Ill repute and indignity now hold my heart for ransom
                         Humiliation and degradation have stolen my youth
                     Fraudulence and treachery have tarnished my truth
                        Malevolence and malice have manifested all around
                          Silence and stillness are now a dreaded sound

by Farihaa Farihaa |
Categories: 10th grade, black love, blue, hate, rude, valentines day, winter,



Yell my dear love live far from me
Ring not me ever  see you in dreams
Spaces between us widened not show care anymore
How i am alive without you without you dear absconded

Sun is dull without you Evenings are dimmer without you
Skies are harsher without you my existence incomplete without you
Show yourself once more  need I you more
Widened the space between you and me without a reason