Love Poems About Abscessed or Abscessed Love Poems
by Jill Martin |
Categories: forgiveness, loss, love, sad, son,


I don’t come very often anymore
to the edge of this rancid waste dump
     to pick at the scars
     and bleed anew . . .

To stand and welcome it all
in its abscessed pustule
     as plump as summer milkweed
     ready to be lanced.

I hold the images in my heart
and await the rolling thunder
     to bring blessed relief
     with loosed blood and infection.

My penance.

by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: happiness, lost love, lust, sexy,

A new name

A lonely cold stranger in her own living room, 
She assumed the role of a ghost,
She changed her name to avoid being numb, 
To become who she wanted the most,

And her new name was a name for beauty outside, 
She painted her name out in front,
Every day of her life she had intimate friends, 
Living her life on the run,

No longer the shade of another’s dark past, 
A mark of an abscessed old tooth,
She walked the streets with beautiful shame
And became the angel of truth.