Love Poems About Abscess or Abscess Love Poems
by arthur vaso |
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Love Implodes

Love implodes

I see only the brightness and beauty
       Of her eyes
            Golden hairs,
	           I am envious to caress her sun rays
                        As I discover the universe,	
	 			Thrusting into the abscess of loves black hole

The void of loves creation begins again

Notes: This poem was inspired by a recent poem here in soup, as a kinda contest, guess who that poet and poem is, and win first prize, if 100 guess the right answer, guess what, thats 100 first prizes!!!!! 

by arthur vaso |
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The Kiss That Never Was Ver 2

Entwined in a lovers sweat
Passions sated, as a cool breeze 
Brings in the scent of the night
Tongues tasting of wine, fully satisfied

Eternal happiness, could this be?
Or should I run under gloomy tormented skies?
Hand in hand we traveled, across the fields of love
Into historié 

Sur le pont d’Avignon
We danced the night away
Round and round did we go
Our love fell into the Rhone

Devotion seemed a certainty
Love was passions muse
Broken, life fell in the abscess of my demise
All I truly desired, left sur le pont

The battle of Avignon left me defeated

As my memories fade, melancholy recalls to me

The kiss that never was

Meant to last

by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
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Done For Good

Her look that day,
Should have told me everything she could not say.
Unprepared, I stared.
She walked away.
As she tossed our ring,
I felt the sting.

If I’d known then
How I feel today,
I'd heal the abscess and my heart’s decay,
Before her affection left me there that day.

JS Lambert

by marcie wodlinger |
Categories: angst, introspection, life, love,


My head is swirling with a million thoughts.
Wondering are they coming to get me?
What will I do if I get caught?
I can not go yet I am too young.
I will never surrender to the likes of you.
You are the filth that I have been trying to forget.
You are the abscess that I want to expunge.
You are the reason I am in the state I am in.
I do not care what happens but you will not control me any longer.
Maybe I am neurotic but at least I am not psychotic like you.