Love Poems About Absalom or Absalom Love Poems
by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: hero, hope, peace, war,

On Rode the Valiant

Through the gates of Absalom,
steed and gate did ride,
charging fast and furious
o'er centuries gone by;
peace did shout in vain,
the Lidless Prophets...
must come again,
nigh is the evening sky
but full of hope

The ramparts held fast, ballast and beam,
cannon-fire bombasting flesh and bone,
groans of death ---
such dreary breath!
of decay centuries old

The Rose of all that is Earth,
her petals unsheathed,
torn for time ---
tear and antiquity ---
her red sheen lilts in the new day sun,
begging for Love, she asks:

Shall they come?

by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, father, forgiveness, happiness, hope, husband, inspirational, life, loss, love, mother, people, religion, wife, sin,

King David and Bathsheba

There was a great king, 
whom did sin and fall.
David.  When from his balcony, 
Bathsheba he saw.

In his heart... he sinned as 
lust was conceived.
A plan of muder in his heart 
was soon received.

This sin led to another 
and had soon willed.
To have Bathsheba's 
husband to be killed.

The consequences of his sin
 was later explained.
His first born died, and his 
son Absalom was slain.

Once his sin was conceived, 
it brought lust and soon death.
Sin is always this way--
until you take your last breath.

Think of the consequences... 
and flee tempation FAST.
Enjoy a victory and blessings 
from God that will last!

By Jim Pemberton   

by Frank Black Blacharczyk |
Categories: bible, christian, emotions, hope, love,


I love my daughter 
My God loves me you know 
We all have an Absalom 
A little in you and me 
a little in those we love
And to my dying breath you know
Absalom will be with me 
I'm so tired so tired answering questions
Ends with Absalom holding my hand
Away from here at last, tomorrow at last
Today at last you know
We will pick flowers together
in the garden with the Gardener
we will pick up the pieces
and put them back together 
not like we tried before, you know
I looked in her direction she smiled
I've seen it before maybe more than once
I woke up and looked in her direction
You know It's all in a dream what can I say
Maybe it will happen again