Love Poems About Absence or Absence Love Poems
by robin davis |
Categories: kiss, love, romance, sensual, sexy,

A Sexiness So Cruel

Why are you so mean and cruel
Making me stare, pant and drool
The sexiness that you display
Makes my body shake and sway
Tremoring each time I see
This sexy man in front of me
Arm muscles rippled with sweat
Pecks and abs I can't forget
Eyes so sparkly and green
A six pack stomach strong and lean
Soft blond hair I can't resist
Moist and tender lips to kiss
Fingertips that intertwine
When I hold your hand in mine
A loving heart beating my name
Warming me like a hot flame
That I feel in the night
Wrapped in sexiness so tight

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: evil,

The Stairway to Nowhere

Up early in the morning and off to the gym
Determined once again to get myself slim
The place is full of tight butts and flat abs
How long I'll last here is still up for grabs
I sweat through weights and cardio stuff
After about 30 minutes I had quite enough
There's one more machine that has my name
The stair-stepper always put me to shame
I climb to no-where, my legs giving out
I hate this sucker-Id almost rather be stout
Once again I leave feeling quite depressed
People love this stuff? oh surely you jest....

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: body, heart, men, sky,

A God Among Men

Oh, his eyes- as blue as oceans;
Like icy skies, vast and frozen
With just a gaze, my Heart fell molten-
His skin was pale, though mostly golden

His body was bawdy, and perfect oddly
Like the Statue of David- a carbon copy!
His arms were charmed, to me belonged-
A desired physique, firm yet rocky

Were his abs, strong and rippled,
My love for him more than tripled!
As a specimen- a God among men-
Lo! His embrace, leaves me crippled...

by makyia burks |
Categories: dedication, devotionlife,

one life to live

one life to live has no words to describe it but drama
GIGI been threw everything and still she standing strong
and she knows were she belong
time will tell whether she will live trough her situation 
but I think she will because of her determination....
love strength and dealing wit her child
who sometimes can be very wild
but to find out more about GIGI my all time favorite character 
tune in to ONE LIFE TO LIVE on abs week-days @2:00

by Christine Needham |
Categories: brother

For Steven

To my hero,
Silent and heard.
To my Army manlet,
 Make your country proud.
To my tard,
Sorry, but you'll always be one.
To my opponent,
Sorry for all the arguments… that you lost!
To my chauffeur, 
Thanks for carting me around.
To my runner,
Sprint fast and hard.
To my rock,
No I’m not talking about your abs.
To my partner in crime,
We’ll count presents another day.
To my inspiration,
Thanks for being the subject of my video.
To my brother in Christ,
Now I know no matter what, I’ll see you soon.
To my hard headed, egotistical, never-wear-a-shirt, screaming lunatic of a brother,
I love you.