Love Poems About Abruptness or Abruptness Love Poems
by Gerald Legister |
Categories: destiny, grief, imagery, moving on, sunset, true love,

The Perfect Kiss

It is the perfect handedness of endless bliss
the cadence, embrace the double-mirroring kiss,
silence is the most notorious happiness parenthesis.

Even when the dual night vigil blew
All the stretched-out empty days reminded you 
Of promises and tragedy that passion drew.
In the perfect kiss, we once knew.

But time has rendered a big part of this 
their brilliance and space are in abruptness.
Death neither waits for happiness nor success.

Our separation passed on in the brief moments mist
Into the sad, fleeting, strange distance eclipse. 
another starnge bliss paused here to gaze at this 
less lonely existence parenthesis.

by Jo Bien |
Categories: lost love, love, passionkiss, me,

Kiss of Deception

The kiss was of passion
Desire, hot and strong
Staying in my memory
Long after we were gone

We talked of many things
Long into the night
Holding and caressing
Exploring delight

And when we parted
I thought nothing had changed
Our hearts seemed bound
For something long range

But a kiss of deception
Still holds a lie
And the abruptness of the ending
Is killing me inside

A kiss of betrayal
The bond came unwound
The last kiss received
Was one that let me down