Love Poems About Abrogating or Abrogating Love Poems
by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: absence, adventure, analogy, desire, longing, love,


'Someone!' said I, 'I’m in need of a ONE; I crave the female human, a happy almost anyone; Back into my memories of dating; I am shorn of images of marriage my mating; With such a passion for abrogating?? The wedding, a wedding 40 years married now widowed; As of someone gently retreading, retreading bellowed, bellowed; With such a passion for dreading; With such a passion for heading; That engaging the singleness despair, exhausting, exhausting Life and death the perpetrator of here and not here, 'Don't go raging!' Heart yet racing, mind is engaging; Where when my heart and mind meet a special “SomeONE”