Love Poems About Abrogate or Abrogate Love Poems
by Evelyn Hawkins |
Categories: absence, break up, love,

I tried to leave

Surrounded and distracted to a fault
the mayhem of your love strenuates me 
I abrogate my feelings towards you not
to wound you only wherefore I may breathe.
Petulant indignation on your brow
is lovelier than that tiresome doting kiss
And now I venture towards things unallowed;
previous to this day I, you would miss,
so dreadfully it seemed a very sin 
that I should with my friends enjoy a night. 
You doubtless lay awake and cry within-
this image from my mind I cannot fight

I drink until I blackout at your door 
requiring the verve of your love's ardor.

by Joseph Fanesi |
Categories: lovelove,

True Love

True love never lies
True love never dies
True love is such a bliss
True love begins with a kiss
True love is overloaded with passion
True love comes in one kind of fashion
True love will never differentiate
True love will never abrogate
True love cant be bought
True love cant be taught
If true love does come your way
Here's some things I have to say
True love never lies
True love never dies
For true love is forever true
And, my love, this poem
Is for you . . .

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: lost love

Deeded Love

It's true I deeded my heart 
that rapturous date
 Sacral vestments our carnal 
annuities did aggregate  
Bartered my dreams; title did 
Twined our limbs; bonded our 
But fealty with baggage did not 
Your mercurial state brokered 
new rate
Your charming assets failed 
o'er time to appreciate
Frivolous investments virgin 
stock did depreciate 
Mounting liabilities did fidelity's 
cost inflate
Now tainted, discounted 
merchandise seeking rebate