Love Poems About Abridged or Abridged Love Poems
by Tom Wright |
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Accidental Friendship Or Providential Guidance

Ours is not a friendship sired by accident. and though the misplaced days I enumerated as grains of sand, Apart, we both were as sonar blips without detection, But then from a heart's depth, A letter, a call, an e-mail, a visit; we were no longer as candles, detached, in low flame, Time and circumstance had been abridged. Our friendship, once again, has become a game having no rules and without rhyme or reason; Because a time of absent desire had turned to willingness, A misplaced friendship was granted new life; and because one besought, Through God's Grace the love that exists between two families was born. We Love you S & R

by anil khanna |
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true love

True love
we do amourous romance
we do mating dance

realities dilute hateship
wellwishers wipe my tears
my True love you only at first place do not let me cry

we do amourous romance
we do mating dance


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by TS Poetry |
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she seduces  
like no other  
is even there  
in the distance  
a shadow's reflection  
what never could come  

she came  
in through my window  
a sensual sacrifice  
to all the senseless
sufferings in an insane world  
she sane  
took me away  
with the breath of fire  
burning all my bridges  
abridged above board  
she built  
fulfillment to foundation  
found amid the ruins  
where man could stand  
and still would swoon  
she knew  
but couldn't say or stay  
what she didn't know  
was she lived in his night  
and in his day  
his every day