Love Poems About Abridge or Abridge Love Poems
by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: child, father, father daughter, god, love, spiritual,

Honey dew toon - Hexsonnetta

Loving you is a boon
You came in as a bliss
I offer my sweet kiss
Oh! my honey dew toon
My dark night's hopeful moon
My dream's cute little Miss

You are growing like trees
Like the Pines on the ridge
Where wishes get abridge
Only God to appease
And none other to please
On His feet like a midge

I can see God in you
Oh! my sweet honey dew

(c) Anindya Mohan Tagore (Bobby)

by Christy Teas |
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Spring Flowers

Azalea of new
Bring the cornflower New
Evening Sun absorbed by the Glory of the snow
Calling upon the peach blossom slow
Ever the Lilacs are mixed fair
Dote on the Gerberas over there
Abridge and count petals of a Greater Celandine
Round about the Croas shines
Irises smile
At the Spoonwood for a mile
Nearing the sweet pea as Axalea of New.
April 2016

by dana thomas |
Categories: allusion, art, emotions, feelings, for her, love, missing,

How lovely

How lovely does one’s eyes, sparkle in light.

 How one’s touch, gentle, no silk could compare.

 How one’s love, everlasting, full life.

 How one’s beauty, allusive, if be fair.


 My soul, empty, ever so I want her.

 My mind, abridge, disquiet, I need peace.

 My lips, speechless, words cannot register.

 My body, still, love is just a belief.


 She, a blossom, so divine but graceful.

 She, like water, calming, always oneself.

 She, not knowing, how her beauty travels.

 She, so loving, never scared to show herself.


 She, a mystery, invisible and free.

 Who is she, I know not, the one to be?

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: love, romantic, romantic love,

All That Can Be Ours

I can think of nothing sweeter
     Than to lay the course with you
For with every hill and valley,
      Love comes clearer into view

To experience together
     All that life can send our way
Is all I’ve ever wanted
     Yet so difficult so say     

To navigate expression of my love,
     A mighty task
 For how does one abridge the world
      To give to you, I ask

In few and simple words   
     I want all that can be ours
 So give to me your sunshine
      And give to me your showers


Sunshine and Showers
Robert Haigh

by Christuraj Alex |
Categories: 6th grade, life, love,

Under the Bridge

That shelter-less man under the bridge'
Irritates that lady who swears at him;
They together beg their anger abridge,
They come back; again sing the same love hymn,
Whose husband was he? Whose wife she, a midge?
Both have many issues all go well trim.

15 June 2021
Bite Size Poem no7 Poetry Contest
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