Love Poems About Abrasive or Abrasive Love Poems
by Jaycee Cervenka |
Categories: anger, deep, language, marriage,

Toothpaste Words

Toothpaste words
Squeezed out 
With all the vigor of a three year old;
Smeared across 
The surface of our marriage-
Abrasive and Burning.

Harmful if swallowed.
Killing germs of trust and respect
Fighting calcified love
Results proven.  It works.

So keep squeezing the tube.
When it's all washed away,
I will have a fresh breath,
And you'll be holding
Just an empty tube
And the knowledge that 
Toothpaste words can never be taken back. 

JSC 2004

This is another archive piece, I'm sharing here.  It is not current or personal, so comment as you wish.

by Helen J Radford |
Categories: lost love


I thought we had found it; 
that elusive 'it', but I 
glimpse and it is gone again. 

Held for an instant then lost, 
slipping from my grasp 
then tumbling into memory's abyss. 

Back to harsh reality; garish, 
abrasive, sore, insensitive; 
a distant vision of a tender kiss. 

As you return to your selfishness 
I am alone again; made lonely 
in the emptiness of longing. 

Belonging yet separate somehow. 
Some things never change so 
perhaps we shouldn't try? 

Perhaps the tenderness and 
love I seek, will be saved 
for our 'goodbye'?

by John Blake |
Categories: bereavement, death, missing you, recovery from, sad, sad love, uplifting,


Not the conventional topic for a poem
I mean, it’s difficult to engage socks
Emotionally; they provide no loam
In which to seed a rhyming song that shocks

Or indeed wrings a tear, even remorse,
Even remembering drawers sorted through
After that death, discarded in discourse
Or gleaned in thrift, unworn, brand new,

But somehow not part of my own living,
Put aside to give away, out of sight,
And you would suppose that in the giving,
Peace could descend in that unwelcome night.

Sorrow abrasive to a threadbare soul,
May ease in time; it does not wear a hole.

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: abuse, hurt, love hurts,

No Stone Unturned

When Love explodes with flexuous faces
No stone unturned as it defiantly displaces
Sanctimonious skies fill the abrasive air
As Love rambunctiously roams trying to pair

Sweet little lies become matriarchal mountains
As we throw our Love from fallacious fountains

In Love we beg we borrow and steal
In truth we hide and contiguously conceal
Emotions unleashed through guilted gates
For Love is no better than the one it hates.


Sweet little lies...Contest by Silent One

by James Daddario |
Categories: absence, anxiety, dark, heartbreak, longing, lost love, sorrow,

Cold Shoulder

Accepting an unpleasant certainty.
The poignant silence of an empty home.
Unanswered calls relay disharmony.

The world is melancholy monochrome.
No person should be made to feel ashamed
Of intimate emotions. Left to roam. 

I know I shouldn’t cast abrasive blame, 
But pain can make me act in ways inapt.
I’m left to wonder, was it all just games?

No sense of closure. Have my heart strings snapped?
With ev’ry passing moment all alone 
I know the doors are closing, I am trapped.

An icy rain is falling ‘pon my throne.

by Tamiviolet Manchas |
Categories: adventure, imagination, love, passion,

Uninhibited With You

Shall we travel on a train cross country,
or fly to Paris...

or just fly...

Let us go to South Beach, and use the
wet sand as an abrasive, leaving 
silhouettes only washed away by the 
sea's fury.

Bruise me as you pump passion into 
my veins while I grant total submission
to your freakish fantasies...


                our romance...

                                    because I love you.

by Caroline Mackey |
Categories: happiness, life, love,

The Woman In Me

The woman in me you will find, 

                   Some times soft and gentle, fragile and free

                            Like a newborn babe I can be

            Harsh and abrasive like a raging storm you will see

                 Passive at times, seeming almost frightened

                 Hard as nails I can be, just you wait and see

           Country through and through, like a grandmothers 

                                  Rhubarb, apple pie

     Shameful and sorrow some for the mistakes I have made

                     Ever growing and ever changing

                                Is truly one of a kind

by Johneta Ohler |
Categories: depression, lost love, love, teen


The force of bleeding words 
Traps helpless tears
Like rotting newspapers
Suspened from broken branches
Hanging laundry of lullaby memories
Hasty passages to destinations
That guarantee nothing
But indifference
Coarse sand soothes burnt souls
Abrasive to the center of passion
Where blistered hope cracks
and leaks more sorrow
Than the eyes betray.

by Tom Wright |
Categories: bible,

The Bible

The Bible By: Miracle Man 1-6-2019 The Bible is instruction to which we should adhere, Through our love of God and not discounting fear. It's easy to trust Him with things going our way, And that's when it becomes easiest to neglect to pray. Neglecting God's word has become too pervasive, And to Satan, God's word, is extremely abrasive. We must guard against drifting toward self-reliance, For then we'll be found guilty, of noncompliance. Prayerfully study it daily, and absorb its content, Then being thankful will become a daily event.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: imagination, life, love, passion,


The bough that cracks in midnight sleeping,
split from tree and hurled toward the stony earth,
struck by lightning, forked and sweeping,
burned to ashes, stripped of worth.

The rock that dreams in ocean hollows,
by salt abrasive water broken to a grain of sand,
a microcosmic state which follows
insubstantial of dry land.

My love is stoic, never shifting,
unlike the sand or degraded bark of tree,
it is yours alone, resolute and uplifting,
gloriously given...effortlessly.

by Aradhana Barthare |
Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade, betrayal, dark, heartbroken, love, love hurts,

Are You

Are you the one 
Whom I see in my dream
Or the one 
Reason behind my scream
Whenever I think you are just a hokum
You prove me wrong 
Making me feel 
You are a handy one
Are you the light of my eyes 
Or blindness of my life
Whenever I think 
I was asinine to choose you
You make me abjure 
To give you sanity
Are you a cosy guy 
Or an abrasive man
The reason to my astern 
Or a surreal plan
I don’t know why
I recite story of our lives
Whenever I think
You are glory of my eyes 
You become an anguish of my past…………

by Tony Bush |
Categories: introspection, life, love, mystery,


Calling through the branches of trees,
Cutting through the curtains of rain,
Catching all the bracken of her words
Cold and sharp, abrasive refrain.
Cleaving in the temporal malaise,
Could this pay the wages of sin?
"Closing time" the ending of days.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

Sequin Smile Elfchen

      sequin smile, 
     love pulls hard 
 at my chapped scars;

by Howard Manser |
Categories: love,

Love's Sirocco Winds

love once parched 
gasps as sanctuaries die
a thirst endures unquenched
to perish in the wink of an eye

fervor spawned unyielding winds
abrasive to blinded eyes
an oasis yields today
prey to burning lies

facing west the sun in repose
stillness quietly masks 
veiling deceit
hot sirocco winds
have taken love replete 

wisps of air spin hurricanes
spawn driving hammering rains 
contagion spreads 
callous winds 
erode less solid ground

by Andrew John |
Categories: anger, riddle,


We can mortify our flesh,
wear our sign of confession,
perform our penance,
bear portions of scratchy sackcloth
so rough, so abrasive, against our bare backs.

Our sideboard now bears such a treasure,
three posies, nosegays, tussie-mussies,
bound in such pieces that would
love to scratch at our naked flesh
if we pressed it against our chests, our bellies, our backs.

Do we think of our past - our past’s own past?
Do we ignore all history
as we glance at, or disregard,
those posies, nosegays, tussie-mussies,
that sit in scratchy sackcloth?

(11 Dec 2023)