Love Poems About Abrasions or Abrasions Love Poems
by Lifes' Tapestry |
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Stranger Thy Father

I fear our next encounter; 
haunted by your sight. 

Your presence penetrates my heart like a knife. 

Your not a man but an intruder, 
forcing your way, judge and juror. 

Hand down your penalty, much we must take. 
Abrasions, contusions, are your biggest mistake. 

Hugs and kisses, only come from jerks, 
your BANDAIDS don't work. 

Brute force. 
Torn at the seams. 

Dare to move.
Dare to scream. 

Noise not permitted, 
take it, be silent. 
Withhold your tears in his judgement. 

Is there a thin line between DISLIKE and HATE? 
Can you define where one begins and the other one waits?

by Sharon Tideswell |
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Touch Me - DUSK

the day
when my warmth
caressed your skin
and cocooned your heart
in blankets of soft smiles.
Gentle yet penetrating,
a balm that soothed life’s abrasions
with a rich elixir of summer
and a drizzle of sweet molten sunshine.

Re-live it and relay it back to me,
free me from this chilly-fingered grip
that squeezes the light from my eyes
and the colour from my breath.
Kiss me with soft shadows
and burnished highlights
that I may know
how it feels.
Touch me


Sharon Tideswell

by pipping stars |
Categories: anxiety, art, eulogy,

quick gestures

quick gestures times seem subdued though somehow not alert moments begin to intrude captured by phrases never seen abrasions mute intentions fade as time is payed fools wage's are waisted pages redundant as it seems tongue will find means as it wrestles with the ink gives the mind time to blink worth in word's bakers dozen love and blood are second cousins just another farce wrote just this side of th dark .. .

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: blessing, christian, creation, devotion, faith, inspiration, love,

Divine Intimacy

Love, now
With the end nearing
Of this dated form
Called mine,
You increase! (Your blessed
Virus taking firmer hold);

Ah! If all the countless
Ails of this world were
So dear…and the many
Abrasions so warmly salved
As by Your gracing,

Then would the naysayer
(Dissenter from God and faith)
Say, You, Love, are greater,

And, apparently, greater still
Even in death—

But, alas, one cannot tell
Such an intimate as ours
Divine; for such intimacy
Is impossible by design
And to the doubtful
Without his or her hand
In the wound
One cannot begin
To define…

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: depression

Abrasions of Lost Love

Reality pangs my existence,
Every breath chokes my dreams.
What am I without you?

Nothing but a lone...desolate soul,
Living in a scraped sheet of skin.
Marked with incisions of past hurts.

I feel completely alone,
Abandoned in the corners of reality.
Numb...longing your affection.

Here I am once again...
Crouched on the bathroom floor.
Knowing this is the last time I will miss you.

*Note: A poem on suicide

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: christian, inspirational love, introspection, philosophy, power, spiritual, wisdom,

The Journey

Smaller stones
breaking down
larger stones, 
life is a deluge
of abrasions;

flesh no match
for streaming

clouds gathering
becoming storms--
they know the ritual,
and time’s eroding power

(Yet, no one can convince me
that love is not omnipotent--

and that I, somehow, am
not part of her
eternal flow)

Pushed by waters,
molded by churning
I sense a spirit within,

and from such mystery
I sense that I will 
ultimately rise
ever higher
with greater consciousness
out of the sediments
of my mortal passing….