Love Poems About Abrasion or Abrasion Love Poems
by Frederic Parker |
Categories: lonely, lost love,

Your Favorite Song -Ask the Lonely

Love crumbled, fading away from my hand
To disappear with the painful breath of time
The silence which loneliness did command
Filled a pit with dung which I had to climb
Emotional expanse welled up inside
To share its rush of memories once real
With a need to scream and nowhere to hide
From a pain filled wrecked continuous wheel
It spun and spun from its hurtful release
As it moved forgiveness to persuasion
To seek hopeful prayers the pain would cease
From cobweb tangles of abrasion

    To disturb one who has no one to blame
    To ask the lonely their measure of pain

contest Your Favorite Song
Ask The Lonely by the Four Tops


by Terry Hillen |
Categories: conflict, corruption, love, power, prejudice, psychological, relationship,

Bf's Girl

BF’s Girl

Man is identified by behavior.
I say man and she demands an
Accounting.  The definitive correlative
Can not be spoken.  The constant common
Can not be held in union.  I must discourse
All caveats else no communion, no love.
What of it?  I can stick a thermometer
Up her *** and she registers normal.
All biology, chemical registry, hormone
Therapy, cat scan technology yield
No abrasion any unguent could quench.
I say what harm I live and chose, too?
She speaks of a box she wasn’t raised in,
Impacts everything.  A falling body accelerates
Jubilant of nearing home.  Childproof or regret it.

by Sumaya Khan |
Categories: angst, love, universe,

The Boundary of Existence

Deal us a pack of cards, and we'll build a house 
Leave us a legacy and we'll make ruins.

I stand upon the soul of my body
To stamp out even the dying spark ,
Retailing my love of beauty,
And buying more passion for pain...
Like the sparrow caught in a crevice-
The claw that holds it from falling
Is the one that's tearing away at its life.

Searching new pictures to define a new abrasion-
The love that refuses to loathe,
Festers to contain a mindless universe
In a burning, scalding, oozing wound-
The epicenter of sensation 
And the boundary of existence.

by James Fraser |
Categories: love, passionme, sensual,

The Craving and the Raven

Pouting temptress
In sensual stare
Her white cotton dress
In see through bare
Her curves allure
To entice my rove
Excite's the man in me
To treasure her trove
Her magnetic eyes
Draw me in
Soon to be 
Skin to skin
Sweat-ed abrasion
Loin to loin
In her scented palace
Fantastical join
Recipe of love
In mixture mix
From the look in her eye
Had me transfixed
We lie back in sigh
Absorbing the craving
My temptress and I
And her jet black raven

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, desire, for her, i love you,

You'Re My Beloved-

In the abrasion of my affections toward you 
And all the directions 
I come to you 
I'm fine to you you're my beloved

Captive chances
Spyro romances 
Captivating Universal Allure
Hoping lovingly 
It's you come running all the way back to me

I come to you I'm fine to you you're my beloved

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr