Love Poems About Abrades or Abrades Love Poems
by Doug Blair |
Categories: faith,

Again, Alone

It’s hard again
And the loneliness
Abrades the skin and soul
I am yours
With assurance I am whole
But not today
The saints seem
All so far away
And claiming victory
Even in the smallest things
While I doubt much
And fear the strokes
That chastening brings.
But Father this is just
Denial of your love
You feel and touch
And timely send your
Rescue from above
Mine to wait and watch
And speak those words
Of timeless writ
Til I see the joy of it.

by John Blake |
Categories: anger, beauty, emotions, forgiveness, love, love hurts, peace, romantic, true love, trust,

Fury in the Folds of Love

What can they mean, these strange tides in our mood,
And could they ever be the end of us?
Such are our distractions in each interlude,
Confusions mutual, mysterious;
No sight of an end, no explanation,
It is a time we live with love unblessed,
Taunted both by discontent’s temptation,
To run and thus escape this sad unrest,
Fury in the folds of love, oblique,
Affinity, it seems, abrades the soul,
Unshielded by proximities unique,
Then let peace be each lover’s quest and role.
Giving a heart entire where love’s deserved,
And honouring the beauties thus preserved.