Love Poems About Abrade or Abrade Love Poems
by Paula Larson |
Categories: love, longing,


I know a world of sadness in your grace
because in thee, I cannot trace
my own world's longing to embrace
some crudeness wronging, some deface.

Cantingly, subjects stronging with replace
of aptitude, and songing - happier days
that built hope's erstwhile thronging, not encased
with worries staid belonging's commonplace.

Oh love, beloved will - seek thought, not maze
from crippling entities programmed abrade.
That gift of life, of God, not lean-to craze
of modern tempo's struggling with self praise!

His gift of love, I know, with thee .. He made!

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: change, relationship, time,

Reign Of Change

Hands hold, faces face
Eyes embrace, distance dissolves
Time stops, love lingers.

Hands hang, faces warp
Eyes glare, bridges burn
Past crashes, time aborts.

Minds mangle, hearts abrade
Egos blaze, identity incinerates
Pledges perish, bonds break.

Road deserted, journey desolate 
Present pines, future forlorn 
Change reigns, time rues. 


September 25, 2022
For A Brian Strand Premiere Choice Contest