Love Poems About Abox or Abox Love Poems
by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: brotherlove,


only  way to change things day
we all must have some say
working together
and good or bad weather
we must stop
the hat lot
and preach love on abox
or hand paper form cot
 love must be like a water fall
rain the pain

by Ali Matheny |
Categories: depressionme,

Locked In

I'm locked in this room
With nothing to do.
Can you show me the
real you?
When the lights go out,
I'm blinded from the screams
And hurt that fills my veins.
If only you could be with me,
Through this        .
This causes me to not 
To breathe and die.
The hurt comes rushing back.
With all the pain and     ,
Inside of it.
I scream yet noone hears,
I yell yet noone cares.

I'm locked in abox that's for sale.
I think that I was sent
By mail.
Love is so tragic.
It feels like a diesease,
Chewing away at my insides.
What if I was to die beside you?
Would you cry or
Just laugh it off?
I'm slipping away...