Love Poems About Abounds or Abounds Love Poems
by Tom Woody |
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Hold Your Head High

keep dwelling in the clouds, my mentor said
and shun those who would drag you through the mud
their heinous wish to keep you seeing red
is Satan's lure for drawing out first-blood

for in this world malevolence abounds
and evil lurks in every corner nook
to tit for tat in idle chat with clowns
is like a fish who can't resist the hook

but in the sky there's love and harmony
you'll find yourself immersed in dreams of peace
I'll help you in your quest to stay angst-free
together we'll find joy and sweet release

forever may this be my firm resolve
to rise above the fray and thus evolve

*inspired by a friend

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
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The Deposition

The Deposition

The love God gives remains unbound.
Jesus of Nazareth came down. 
Everlasting, His love abounds.
Deliverer and Redeemer: crucified, He died. 
Eternal sacrifice, His perfect life tried. 
Painfully executed, giving no retort to their lies.
Omnipotent creator, teacher, and revelator
Righteous, He lived, and died; over sin the victor. 
Incomprehensible pain He, for us bore. 
Two women, Mary, His mother, and Mary Magdalene
Inconceivable how perfect love and wisdom fomented.  
Overcome with grief, Nicodemus and more lamented.
Never ending love, on the third day Jesus the Christ, alive presented.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
December 5, 2009

by Sandra Haight |
Categories: love, thanks, thanksgiving, thanksgiving day,

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Today, dear Lord, we gather here In fellowship and love, Mindful of the wondrous gifts That come from thee, above. For this feast, we thank thee, Lord For health, that here abounds; The love, that fills and warms our hearts- For children’s happy sounds. For shelter in our cozy homes For freedom of this land; The right to live the life we choose- For nature’s bounty, grand. These blessings you bestow on us Outshine all want and strife. We thank thee, Lord for this day, We thank thee, Lord, for life.

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: death, gothic, humanity, imagination, poetry,

The Darkness

Flagrant Inspiration
Spring rains soft
Love strolls
Black death

Butterflies singing
Life a flutter
Songs only beginning
Black Death

Frolicking gardens
Beer flowing in fountains
Youth teases, curves and tinsel 
Three angels in the corner, sleeping
Black Death

Softer than feathered pillows
The final glimpse through wrinkled curtain
Black death

Rose’s red
Ring around the rosie
Skipping glee abounds
Yet over there in the closet
Black death

The path in the forest
Dark and misty
Winding and twisty
Maps hold no comfort nor key
Black death

The last
The final
The end
Inside the darkness


by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, kiss, love, passion, romance, romantic, soulmate,

No Barriers

The meeting of two that enter a union Trust and respect must be paramount No barriers in love until such is said Happiness abounds in loving amount They pull the stars to smile their night walk Breeze awaken it sway to join their stroll No barriers, they talk 'til sunshine kiss the skies. Uncaring who's around, their grins undisguised Moments that spur from black and white When east greets west, who'd have thought Eye to eye, chest to chest they Hearts in touch, no barriers no cost This meeting of two whom's union entered Their trust and respect now paramount No barriers in love until such is said Their happiness abounds in loving amount .

by James Fraser |
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When Bubbles Dissipate

Hearing the waters Translucent lavender flow Imagination Enriched blind, senses kick in Silence abounds, clothes in fall Naked to bare dip Porcelain to porcelain Glass of champagne chinks Lapping ripples in caress Submerged delights allure me Patiently I wait Her cue, for me to approach Encroach, I go through Eyes, eye, tanned undulations When said bubbles dissipate

by Jaycee Cervenka |
Categories: feelings, love,

In An Instant

Eyes meet. 
Nerve endings tingle. 
That spark of something fills the air. 
A connections between two people- instantaneous 
And within moments, the certainty settles 
Like a soft new blanket 
Warm and reassuring 
With no fuzz balls to mar its perfection. 
This is what has been missing. 
The silken throw pillow on the bed of life. 
The one that enhances every other texture and hue. 
It at once soothes the touch and sharpens the vision. 
Perfection and completion in a moment 
When love is found 
And excitement abounds.

by Rick Berry |
Categories: love, passion, romance

The Kiss

You kissed me 
I surrendered
It was involuntary
The seed was planted
It grew. It blossomed
Passion abounds

~Rick Berry

by James Fraser |
Categories: life, lost love, love,

A Breeze From a Past Epoch

Like a breeze from the past, once again appears Welcomed out of curiosity, calms her life's fears Out of the blue this breeze like the very first day Abounds in the hearts, allowing two individuals to play No era determines time, nor does age discriminate For this breeze drfited over, a young hearts ultimate This epoch of time appears to be forever in one heart Why enter this blue, unless it ignites old sparks <*>

by Joe Flach |
Categories: life, loveday,

Live, Laugh, Love

Live life to its fullest, each and every day
Is there any good reason to live another way
Visualize happiness and happiness here will stay 
Even in times of trouble, is what the wise men say

Laughing every day is a goal we all should set
And laughing at ourselves is a better target yet
Unhappy people are those we should forget
Greeting each day with laughter you never will regret
Happiness is contagious; a disease I hope I get

Love is a gift that we should give to one another
Opportunity abounds to love others like a brother 
Victims of hate are slow to fully recover
Encourage you, I do, to be a Liver, a Laugher and a Lover

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, life, love, natureromance, love, romance,

Romantic Ways To Say

We are surrounded by romance everyday
As the crickets serenade us with their play
The rushing water of the creek opens the door
To tunes our love hasn't heard before..

This romance that feeds our love 
When we observe the Turtle Doves
The Bluebirds that flirt and cavort
Romance abounds close to us

We dont' have to run about
Miles away to have fun and play
So glad that each day offers
Romantic ways for couples to say

I love you.......

by Trinity Chasara |
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I Love the Sound of Your Voice

I love the sound of your voice
My heart sings when you speak
Turns into symphonies and orchestras
Of sweet melodious bliss 
That when my ear tastes
My inner joy swells and abounds
Like a river in spate
Unfettered, deep, and resounding
Fresh as the medleys of life
That feed from infinite vastness
I love the sound of your voice
It is soft as doves, captivating and beautiful
Granted to hear now and ever after
Through morning, noon and night
Summer, winter and spring
Then I would gather each sentiment
Like lilies and toss
Each scent that is hope and peace
Upon the bed of my soul
Where the voice that I love to hear
Would come to me with angel kisses
And be my lullaby.

by Cona Adams |
Categories: jesus,

Tell Me Why

Why, on the day of his birth,
did Jesus leave his cushy job
of sitting a kingly throne
to enter this rotten world 
on a newborn baby's cry?
	Tell me why.

Why did Jesus walk hunger's path,
from town to town on weary feet,
having chosen common men
to pace the lonely miles with him?
	Tell me why.

Why did Jesus take that cross
upon his back, suffer nails
driven through his flesh,
then hang there to die?
	Please, tell me why.

his heart grieved
that hate abounds
where love should lie?
	Is that why?

by Michelle Mac Donald |
Categories: nature,

The Storm

Claps of thunder, growling sighs
Crackling light spears, ruptured skies
Dark bruised smudges, jostling clouds
Wanton weaving, angry shrouds.

Water effusions, driving rain
Flooded fields, congested drains
Forcible winds, quaking leaves
Bending branches, bowing trees.

Birds are silent, shy dogs hide
Children reach for sheltering sides
Fish dive deeply, spiders curl
Senses dizzied, fearful swirls. 

Clouds are broken, grinning sun
Arching eyebrow, rainbow tongue
Storm is humbled, joyous sounds
Love runs rampart, peace abounds

by Ijm Seven |
Categories: beautiful, christmas, family, love,

Christmas Tree

Tree offering lit
Family assembles close:
Love abounds today

by John Squires |
Categories: christian, life, spiritual, today,

Don'T Look Back

Don’t dwell on the past; it cannot be changed
Today is the day you can rearrange
Put today to use and create more good
Do your work in love like you know you should
Today can bring glory where life abounds
The time has come to share your love around
There is good everywhere, just look and see
There is enough for you and also me
I will not fear for good will come my way
Don’t look back; life is only lived today

by Alesia Leach |
Categories: baby, child, dream, Lullaby,

Hush, My Little One, Sleep Awhile

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile, 
Nestled 'neath my heart of love 
I'll sing to you, sweet and low 
'Til heaven streams, bright with gold 

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile, 
My love abounds to guard thy sleep 
Drifting away 'neath silvery moon 
While stars twinkle away your gloom 

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile, 
Tender kisses caress thy cheek 
Hush'd by my gentle whispering 
Lull'd in the land of dreaming 

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile, 
There is nothing to fear 
While I am near 
Hush, my little one, sleep awhile

ALesiach © 07/13/2018

by John Hardison |
Categories: christian, faith, inspirational, religious,

Beyond the Darkness

Beyond the Darkness.

Beyond the darkness
is God’s Holy Light.

A display of his might 
and all that’s right.

Knowledge abounds 
in it’s all around 

Cuts right through
our lines of hate.

Devine so great
makes no mistakes

Knows our salvation
with no hesitations 

Welcomes heavens
love strong domain.

Knows all redeemed 
sinner of life.

God highest crown
upon his son.

Knows no end
its beginning. 

No shame nor
guilt survive.

Gods Loving hand
fulfills the land

by Ivor Davies |
Categories: poetry, poets,

Wasting Time

Just another silly rhyme
to waste another bit of time.
I find that if I need a rest,
this is the way I do it best.

I do not have to sit and think
into my mind I quickly sink.
Relaxed like this I meditate
and writing enters through the gate.

The words then flow from off my pen,
don't ask me why or even when.
I feel they're drifting from somewhere
where love abounds and people care.

I find that it can soothe my soul,
this lack of seeking for a goal.
Waiting there while words appear
while all my worries disappear.

So now you've read my silly rhyme
you'll see how I can waste my time.
But everyone deserves a rest
so just enjoy what 'you' do best!

Ivor G Davies

by Corinne Curcio |
Categories: funny, nature

City Sounds

Gritty city sounds
Nature’s sweet music abounds
So come on guys- lend an ear

Plump pigeons cooing
Fire escape a-wooing 
The notes of amour ring clear

What’s that? A “Squeak! Squeak!”
Poor mouse has begun to speak
Stuck to one of my glue traps

Surly gulls squawking
Their raucous way of talking
While dining on pizza scraps

Screeching love defines
Some caterwauling felines
With clamorous, catty glee

Such melodies soar
Though some of you may abhor
My tenement symphony

For The Sounds of Nature contest

by John Hardison |
Categories: life, nature, religious,



Beyond our guise
Soul to be found.

Beyond the valley. 
to see the mountain.

Beyond our hate,
to see their Love.

Beyond need or greed, 
to take heed.

Beyond life for
new life eternal

Beyond our Love,
To see God’s Love.

Beyond mistakes,
all in Christ sake.

Beyond simple learning
Wisdom abounds

Beyond earthly bounds
Heaven above in his Love

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: family

Harvest of Happiness

Three darling children
A son first, then two daughters
My heart over flows.

A house full of love
They are happy and growing
Then too soon adults
I am bouncing grandchildren
Laughter and joy abounds

I cherish each one
They grow up too and bring me
My great-grandchildren

won 7th place

by Shani Fassbender |
Categories: nature

God's Love

A river flows through golden radiance...God's love abounds

by Ijm Seven |
Categories: christmas, family,


Tree offering lit
Family assembles close:
Love abounds today

by Chris Coleman |
Categories: heart, marriage, romantic, senses, sensual, soulmate,

Our Love Is

Our love is a tangible thing
Comfort and safety abounds
With soft arms embracing
Peace and joy surrounds

Our love is a musical thing
An amorous song it makes
Lust’s harmony we sing
Yearning our breath takes

Our love is a succulent thing
Blessed richness to savor
Fullness of spice to bring
Stirring life’s flavor

Our love is a redolent thing
Floating lightly on the breeze
A vine of glory’s spring
Seducing with ease

Our love is a beautiful thing
Such vistas of gilded hue
On a canvas drawing 
Something pure and new