Love Poems About Abounding or Abounding Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, magic,

Your Starlight Shining

I see your starlight shining.
With each smile, you light up more.
The night skies can’t resist you,
for your face they so adore.

I see your starlight shining.
Your eyes, like stars above,
are gracing me with sparkles
of your abounding love.

I see your starlight shining,
and others see it too.
Shine, my jewel, forever,
like stars in heaven do!

April 24, 2019
 for Geraldine Taylor's Lyric Contest - Shining Starlight Poetry Contest

by john freeman |
Categories: beauty, courage, beauty, beauty,

Hanging in There

Over the hill, Though still her beauty resounding Over the hill, As seven notes of music thrill, The seventh beauty astounding, Seven of ten still abounding, Over the hill, In 'Light of Love, Replenish, finish and refine, In 'Light of Love, Fits aptly in Guzzi glove, Poetess is one of a kind, My patience tried by every line, In 'Light of Love, Dedicated to Debbie Guzzi, still a lovely lady, tho I believe she has admitted she is past 60. Happy sailing Debbie. Agape, Moses

by Stacey Brown |
Categories: inspiration,

Signs of God

Stars take flight, in the darkness of night!
The sun’s shadow echo’s, there is light!
Embossed in nature, bright colors abounding!
The mountains, valleys and canyons, astounding! 
Moon beams illuminate, the vast deep blue!
And exploits of love and grace, trickle through!
Victory, hope, death defeated!
Life eternal!
In Christ completed!

Stacey Brown
“God bursts everywhere”
Contest by: DR Ram Mehta

by Kevin Moran |
Categories: christian, faith, god, hope, i love you, jesus, love,

Lost And Downtrodden

God is love and love is alive
In the hearts of His Perfect Children
Lost and downtrodden yet never forgotten
In His Love abounding forever uniting!

by Jacob Reinhardt |
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Dance in the Dust

I am drifting into memories.
Wasting away like a million photographs fading in the sun-
In ceaseless renewal,
Staining the depths of my eyes with images
In the minds shutter ever fluttering to infinity,
Stringing together this conscious stream I play in.
My stupendous world made of dust and space
Tightrope walking existence!
Chance so scarcely gracing our atoms with a single touch
In a place so lonely when counted, 
Yet so abounding when felt!
So dance in the dust
Poised miles above the earth
Prance on your stilts, 
And peek into the great valleys beneath her skin.
Because any moment we could vanish

Jacob Reinhardt	

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: bible, christian, god, jesus, prayer,

In Your Holy Name - A Prayer Style poem

~In Your Holy Name~ (A Prayer Style Poem) Dear Lord May your abounding peace love our house fill And no evil anywhere causes us ill May all grow closer to you more each day Let's not be rash in everything we do Let laughter and joy walk with them and me Let love shine for us all and always be O Lord vanish from hearts, minds all that's wrong Let love and peace reign and live like a song Dear Lord help us grow more in your wisdom And please heal every day our hearts and qualms Amen. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 February. 1. 2015

by M.P. Shaudd |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, dark, emotions, stress,

Mind Pollution

Hurt, fear, loss, and love
The toxic emotions of what once was

Truth, lies, deceit, and greed
Feed the angst and the need

Sorrow, anger, spite, and pride
Make the soul die more inside

With confusion abounding I seek solutions
To rid my mind of its pollution

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: love, romance, love,

Spellbinding Love

Starry-eyed young lady with spellbinding
Voice skillfully drew him in
Spirited in nature with love abounding
He longed to touch her silken skin

Slowly the tangled love web she did spin
Sunny disposition as bright as sunny day
Shimmering in moonlight she danced to him
Smoldering emotions she held at bay

Smart is she, sophisticated, and a lady
Superb talents, calm, and steadfast
He found that she was supportive ready
Definitely one who is an enthusiast

Sweet and charming joyful to brim
Surprising that she won him with a hymn

Written by: Sara Kendrick
Choice of form: Sonnet
Contest: Romance
Sponsor: David Williams

by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: celebration, christian, christmas,

Christ Celebration

Christ is the reason we celebrate`Christmas
Home is important for the heart 
Rejoice! Relive and revive.
Into the sky and quiet we see the star of Guiding lights
Shining on faces of the believers
Trusting forward to the new night and day

Celebration of heart and mind
Eternal days and tranquility
Love abounding shine on
Everlasting peace no more little critic
Brains renewed for perfection
Rejoice, Relive and revive
Anchored to the salvation of our lives
Through the mighty grace of God
Israel's promise through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Oh Glory and honor; praise from heavenly host
New life, everlasting life

by Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson |
Categories: devotion, happiness, love, passion, peace, people, uplifting,

Your Laughter

Your laughter 
Like sunshine
In glistening raindrops
On shimmering cottonwood leaves
Dancing in a gentle,
Early-morning wind

Your laughter
Warms and glows 
Like a chilly winter 
Evening’s camp fire
On a frozen mountain top,
Caressing mind and soul
And body like a radiant purr

Your laughter
Is brilliant diamonds,
Mosaic opals,
Scintillating stars,
Joy unleashed, unfettered,
Abounding in jubilant freedom and
Utterly opulent luxury

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: birth, child, joy, love,

First Born

~   oh, heart abounding ...

               to behold my child, now born

                              love at first sight, true   ~

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: death, faith, life, loss, mother, philosophy, recovery from...,

Her Spirit Rising

Burgeon within her grace
For soon your eyes shall open
To the wondrous truth abounding
For you now hold the key
In mourning we stand bewildered
How can we truly comprehend
The divinity of pure freedom
Granted to such a miasmic soul
A passing of love and strife
Upon this ever turning wheel
Molting from your human shell
Transformed to seraphic star light
You laughing spirit soaring high
Risen above the anguished sorrow
Mending the aching tortured heart
Rest in that eternal grace
Sweet Mother
Soon the moment will rise
When I embrace you
And envelop within your spirit

by white sage |
Categories: art,


Here is a place of mixed feelings, passions so high
Manipulating judgements, so blind, can't exactly say why
Such emotions so formidable, making you laugh even as you cry
Veiling your views, covering your perceptions, Oh what of such dye
A world of reality so fictitious, illusions so real, a land where hearts never die
Abounding wealth of passions and sentimental, a course on how you try
With achievements of yields in even seasons so dry
With its first touch making the soul engulfed in infatuations like meat in a pie
Affecting the mind, bringing such thoughts, telling the heart any possible lie
Racing beats of the heart through thousands miles

by Peter Dome |
Categories: beauty, happiness, life, love, passion, romance, romantic, summer, summer, summer,

The fragrance of love

The fragrance of love is like...............

The smell of summer harvested strawberries
a field of lavender gently swaying in breeze
the aroma of freshly cut grass
the salty air of the sea.

Roses in full bloom
clean mountain air
freshly made bread
a newly made bed.

A meadow abounding with wild flowers
the earthy odour of cooling summer rain
the aroma of vanilla
mote champagne.

The smell of alpine forest pine
a scented candle flame........................

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

by Michael Perriatt |
Categories: love, nature, romancegreen, love,

On My Heart ~An Emerald Cloud~

I fell in love beneath an emerald cloud,
beside the trunk that held its green in place.
Whenever we approached, it gently boughed,
and it kept cool my lover's lovely face.

It never cried, unlike its whitened kin,
nor did it change its hue when skies were gray,
though there were times it could not bear the wind,
but rest assured--it floats there still today.

It floats there still, all green above the brown,
though it was smaller when I saw it last.
My wife was fond of its abounding gown,
and oh so grateful to its wooden cast.

I thus engraved our love upon its bark,
as she had done so deeply on my heart.

by joi murphy |
Categories: faith, inspirational, religion, me, me,

cover me

	cover me

the giver of peace comes and rescued me from all sin that taunts me daily
 from all the demons that try to control me 
from all the people who try to mold me. 
Cover me with your abounding grace and tender mercies
 that light this place to warn off all those evil thoughts
 that want me to love my neighbors (not!)
Cover me and keep me covered 
even when I don't act like I want you too
when i've seem to forgotten all you did and will do 
cover me Lord and hide me from myself
the biggest enemy i have yet 
cover me so that i can grow 
into what you predistine so many years ago

by Paula Larson |
Categories: history


Responsive allegation as to monetary swing
the soul annunciation ferrets bring,
more of consenting, more of svelte ring,
more of resenting, more up bring!

Once analyzed the nuisance' ring
more idolized to more re string
as memories rebound,  not fatal thing,
what more has brought to wondering!

God's purpose all abounding need not cringe,
all searching, and all finding everything
are in His answers, rivaling fates King
I need not more the flighting, but to sing ~

. . . that chance of love inviting ~ restoring!

by Patrick Parks |
Categories: love, passion,

Closer Than Bodies Can Touch

Strong arms
softer than butter
melting through your honey skin
closer than bodies can touch
wrapping around your perfect heart
then diving in
to the pool of fire
by the ocean of love
that is you
abounding and astounding
and in your every move
I see a dance
beckoning me to step
into your life and stay
long enough to know
the eternity of love
that has always been
and will always be
anytime two hearts
like this
should dare to kiss

by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: emotions, heart, heaven,

The Open Room

honored in all respects of love, cherished in truth and beauty,
with praise that resignates in echoed rejoice, abounding in your magnitude and glory,
the reality thought here is illusion to there, spectrums of hearts revealed,
here only in part the pages to be read, the portions our hearts here conceal,
your encompassed love surrounds its room, broadened with intensity to see,
connections weigh beyond our eyes seen here, a sewn in pattern at the seam,
indescribable love with no language or words, in the heart stands the open room,
unlike the logic we know or see here, valued in love beyond what we assume.

Categories: family


Sometimes We take for granted what should be there,
The people that always care

We face our challenges to get by
Even if it means we all have to cry

No one said life would be easy

Some obstacles are going to be rough
All it means is you have to stay tough
If your on my side its not so bad
You give me a shoulder to cry on when I am sad
No matter what we go through, in truth I can't be mad

Some days are a surging tide
We face each one with abounding pride
Even, if our opinions should collide

Theres a lot of love in what we do
It means we are family through and through

by Dave Timperley |
Categories: for her, love, valentines day,

My Valentine Lady

Much Passion aroused
Young Love overwhelming
Vibrant Hearts entwined,
Able Bodies contorting
Loves Rhythmic motions
Earthy Heat rising
Now Lips compelling
Two Hands roaming
In Arms enfolding,
Nubile Legs extending
Eyes Imploring
Loving Tongues exploring
Affection abounding
Deep searching as their
Youthful Hearts catch fire
© Dave Timperley for 14 February 2019?

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, god, inspirational, jesus, spiritual, thanksgiving,


My LORD God, I verily thank* You so much
Your love, grace, and mercy are abounding in my life...

Tenaciously, You uphold me daily with Your tenderness
Hoisting my faith toward good works’ performance
Assuring me Your approval midst adversaries’ accusations
Nourishing me with Your nurturing sufficiency-contentment
Knocking down my doubts and unbelief
Securing me with Your salvation might
Generously You bless my spirit
Innumerably and incessantly providing
Vanquishing my vanity-driven pursuits
Nestling my mind around Your wisdom
Granting me generously; You’re my shepherd, I shall not want.*

Psalm 18:49 Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O LORD...
April 7, 2019

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,


Fed with Bread* of life, grace abounding we're satisfied by God, nurturing... now with others, we keep on sharing midst contentment-bliss, love surrounding.
*John 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger... October 5, 2018 edited on October 18, 2021

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,


Abounding in the Almighty’s goodness
Blessed tremendously by His graciousness
Cared for with Christ’s compassion fullness
Dear heart of mine praises God with gratefulness
Enriched by virtue of His forgiveness
Faith gets stronger midst trials’ hardness
Geared toward service steadfastness
Hoisted upon glowing hopefulness
I love to share His loving kindness*.

*Psalm 69:16 Hear me, O LORD; for thy lovingkindness is good: turn unto me according to the multitude of thy tender mercies. 

October 1, 2020
ABC with monorhyme

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,


God’s abounding graciousness does prevail reigning over covetousness and greed allowing selfishness not to assail… God’s abounding graciousness does prevail while shared blessings and hope from Him avail offering peace, joy, hope midst love indeed… God’s abounding graciousness* does prevail reigning over covetousness and greed.
*Psalm103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. November 18, 2020 4th place, "Graciousness" Premier Triolet Poetry Writing Contest Sponsored by Mohan Chutani; judged on 11/25/2020.