Love Poems About Abounded or Abounded Love Poems
by Seren Roberts |
Categories: memory, romantic,

Romance is in the air

romance ricochet off the walls
odes of love abounded,
mixed with gooseflesh emotion
all depicting memories of how love
nurtured by the sun, sea and sand
treated to a romantic interlude
in a secluded hotel.
Changed my life...

by Mugisho Theophile |
Categories: anger, anxiety, betrayal, break up, sorrow, true love,

A Nuncle at Home

Harmony had governed the home
Kisses and hugs bloomed in their life
Trust abounded with his wife
Before an nuncle came home

Tsunami broke into the home
The day became the evening
Things changed causing screaming
For an nuncle visited home

He was namesake to her uncle
As he came from wandering
Met juice home, unknown juice 
Infected juice he brought

He brought juice to his honey
That damaged the man’s love
Love fled away, honey became bitter
Appalling regret the nuncle caused

Openness and truthfulness 
Build trust between lovers
Liars do so for a selfish reason
An nuncle is never an uncle 

Poem by Mugisho N Theophile

by Shayna Earnest |


I glimpsed your little face today
and was astounded by the
flood of joy that abounded in my heart
I saw your tiny, perfect features
that reflect back mine 
and the other face I love
and I know that I will forever
gaze into your eyes
and be filled
with adoration
and wonderment
any other
that I could
have had anything to do
with the creation of a
visage so beautiful
I can hardly wait
until the moment
I am able to
give you a
hello kiss
and caress
your little face
with mine

See you soon, baby!

by Tom Wright |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love, life, sin,


In this old world where sin abounds,
you never catch the Devil at rest.
As a Christian I must be on guard,
at the ready for his next test.

Seeking from God, His measure of grace,
my token for just today.
So when tempted and must escape,
He'll have readied for me a way.

Before God was in my life each day,
it seemed my life would come unwound.
Until I learned "where sin abounded,
Grace did much more abound".

by Guy Jennings |
Categories: lost love,

On My Way to Life

You served a very special time in my life
I needed you then more than you realized
You gave me strength and hope as I grew
You expressed your love openly

I drew you in, as though my last breathe
I lived on your smile...your presence was as nourishment 
Your touch seemed as stroking the flames of a fire
Love abounded in my heart and head

Each day was dependent on thoughts of you 
In time, we changed and became independent 
No longer focused on each other
Life itself, became a distraction 

We move apart sharing an emptiness 
With only memories to fill the void
You became you...we both grew
Never really saying good bye...

Guy McFarland Jennings

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Trinity Surrounded and Abounded

Trinity Surrounded and Abounded

By the Trinity we are so surrounded; 
All around us They  have abounded; 
Love is  alluring, 
All things curing, 
Were in songs and horns that sounded.

Jim Horn