Love Poems About Abound or Abound Love Poems
by Daver Austin |
Categories: life, love

Last Thought - Haiku

when my time comes round
let my last thought be loving
with soft light abound

by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, life, time, visionarylove,

Amazing Grace

The soul whom the Son sets free
is free indeed,
Unlocking the rusting shackles
of oppression,
Allowing life’s amazing grace
to shine with His embrace,
Transformation of soul’s darkness
to light’s brightness,
The uplifting revelation of God’s
truth of freedom,
His extraordinary and infinite power
shining love every hour,
Preservation and hope for life
His love abound, no strife
How sweet the sound—
Wrapped in His embrace
Singing Amazing Grace! 

17th Place Honorable Mention/Certificate
Poetry Soup's International Poetry Contest
July 1, 2007

by Gary Bateman |
Categories: destiny, emotions, fate, inspirational love, love, love hurts, passion,

Love's Dilemma

Love’s Dilemma

Happy one minute
Sad the next
Speaks volumes
To the constant
Ebb and Tide
Of what’s called
Love’s Dilemma. 

When two people
Meet and fall
Deeply in love
Passions abound
Emotions afire
Whilst they bask
In true desire.

Love’s power
Can heal
Can hurt
It’s magic
May enchant
May mesmerize
And surprise!

Love’s passion
Excites us
Teases us
Reveals us
Stirs emotions
Makes us
Feel whole.

The bargain is
It takes two
To tango
To love
To want
To have
To hold.

And always
To be bold
To love—
With your mind
With your heart
With your soul!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
June 8, 2018 (Accentual Meter)

by Rick Parise |
Categories: hope, lost love, memory, love, memory,

A Flame Once Burned

~ My sizzling flame has faded in the midst of Summer's embrace and taken my virgin flower of delicately woven lace In subtle shadows and fading light silently in bewilderment I crumble without sight For each year of happiness and silver dream abound now a resonating memory silent without a sound As I walk the cobble stone path where our days had found no end I raise my arms above and pray for this love to mend If only a God-sent chance should fall my weary way this love I would cherish endless with each passing day In subtle shadows and fading light each memory of you held forever in soft moonlight ~ Contest

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, love,

Gracious Damsel

I wonder whether this is love or lust,
If rain reigns in the day or dark night,
Confused as I lay low without foresight,
My soul sails through the sea of metal rust,
Clean my lens and brush my hair just to adjust, 
Hoping to see my diamond shine so bright,
This passion can`t be hidden but brought to light,
as I look at the sky to know who to trust.

Heaven smiles at me as my joy abound,
This reminds one that shinning stars are few,
Knowing that goodness and bliss will be found,
I walk towards my pearl for the time is due,
Her beauty and traits spin many heads around,
For her benevolence you have to take a queue.

*Valentine Poem*

by Deborah Burch |
Categories: home, symbolism,

Oh Virginia

Oh! Virginia

Come travel back with me to Old Virginia 
The namesake of Elizabeth: the Queen
No other state possesses such charisma...
Oh! Mother, of this nation... evergreen. 

The Old Dominion, (fifth realm of the Crown),
Birthed many 'Declaration' signers here
As well as Presidents...heroes abound,
From battles fought for Freedom we endear. 

The Commonwealth is full of history:
From Jamestown...Williamsburg...and even Poe;
Virginians' Honour and Integrity...
Are still the code for living--not just show. 

The Blue Ridge, Country Ham, and Brunswick Stew...
Virginia! Oh! Virginia! I love you...

deborah burch©1.3.2017

Form: Sonnet

by Mike Hauser |
Categories: woman,


Proof is in the pudding
She's the best slice of the pie
God knew what he was doing
With this apple of his eye

She is the strength that matters
The glue that we cling to
Out loud gorgeous in her laughter
Large proportions of the truth

Morning's light that holds the daybreak
Steady in its place
The taste of morning glory
In the fragrance that she makes

Happy in the ever after 
Mystery in the clue
The way when it is made clear
Brand in the spanking new

One highly to be honored
Above all that can be found
On her love has been garnered 
In her, beauty does abound

by John Gondolf |
Categories: break up, lost love,



We once left footprints in the sand
while strolling slowly hand in hand
with sun rays beaming gently down 
enjoying warmth along the strand.

Together we were always found,
our footprints side by side abound 
in parallel concentric lines
that traced our love upon the ground.

But time and tide erased these signs;
the footprints which our love defined
have faded like an ancient art,
and bright sunlight no longer shines.

The embers burning at the start 
have gone with flames they did impart;
you cast it sadly on the sand
and left your footprints on my heart.

June 3, 2021

by James Fraser |
Categories: pain, sorrow, war,


Bore after bore fell silent eventually Abhor I do feel through my eyes Gore and sore now abundantly plenty Tore through clouds, wondrous skies Despair in abundance appears all around Where in the world has all our love gone Stare into our abyss, and see it abound There is no tomorrow, there is no dawn <*>

by Rick Parise |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, death, lost love, , sweet love,

A Painted Moment

~ A Painted Moment ~

From deep within a painted moment 
Where shadows crawl through corridors
I peer beyond a silent thought
Where love, my love, sweet love of mine
Shall flutter free abound in light
From deep within, lost in flight
Again alone to wake beside 
The dusty book of dreams

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: appreciation, joy, seasons, senses, spring, sunshine, weather,

Uplifting Spring

Seems winter months stubbornly make me wait
for Spring's rebirth of warm, perfume ripe air
and chiffon blooms of peak allure that mate
Spring's painted months with my own shaded flair.

My heart and body long for dulcet ground
as only Spring can color, scent and weave.
So artfully Spring's beauty does abound,
my skin feels her enchantments day and eve.

I love the freedom-feel in Spring's sprung lace,
her shine of youthful rays for every age
and radiant air as sky-kept in place.
My gusto deeply craves Spring's brilliant stage.

No months exhilarate me more than Spring's ~
she brings my grateful soul uplifting wings!

... CayCay
March 19, 2019

by John Stasukevich |
Categories: appreciation, desire, emotions, feelings, love, spiritual, thanksgiving,

Psalm For the Broken

Desperate, broken, needing love
Descending low through the air
Your Holy Spirit like a dove
Came to me in my despair

Confused, tattered, bitterly torn
Needing a full release
By your grace I am reborn
Now I know your loving peace

Day by day I’m seeking you
In your Word you are found
It tells me that I’m brand new
Your mercy and love richly abound

I am filled with joy and I sing
Blessing you with all my heart
Worshiping and praising my God & King
Honor and glory to You I impart

Thank you, Lord, for calling me
Out of the muck and mire
You opened my heart and eyes to see
It is truly You that I desire

		John Stasukevich

by Kenneth Cheney |
Categories: art, earth, mountains,


More than merely a mound of rock;
More timeless than a broken clock;
Standing alone to define a place;
A stone edifice of granite grace;

I have traversed to the top;
Led by white crosses and white dots;
There I have sat and been renewed;
By views imbued with a purple hue;

Pictured and painted from many towns;
Majestic scenery doth abound;
Blazing reds, the finest of Fall;
Brilliant white dome, when Winter calls;

I’ve traveled widely in the world;
Natural wonders I’ve seen unfurl;
But I love the best a granite ball;
No grander vision my mind recalls.

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,


clocks click forward and we're warned ° a warmer existence ~ echoes in the reaching of her sun awaiting the blush of the moon ~ dipping toes in the serenity where souls come to bathe naked with one another letting out the pains that suffer then smother • you're the match igniting the night the flames of life a catalyst caressed the best of all the best beset beauty abound calm amid the sound weaving within and all around

by Buhagiar Victor |
Categories: heaven, lost love,

A New Home Concluded

In Heaven
You're in a better home. 
There are no vicious attacks there 
but beautiful angels sing.

Assured by the florist.
Roses have no thorns,
sorrow is always banished,
discomfort exists not more.
The weather is always mild
and butterflies abound,
flowers produce perfume,
pollen clogs no lungs.

Down here the thunder rumbles
the storm distorts the roads.
Birds hide in their wobbly nests,
fog oppresses our chests.
Still we leave some flowers
beside your cold memorial stone.
Then we tramp back home 
across the snowy moor.
Sad but consoled.

by Wendy Watson |
Categories: africa, heartbreak, people,

Africa's Heartache

A poet touched my heart last night, he wrote of deprivation
Of child abuse, starvation's plight, the heartaches of a nation.
This juxtaposing universe so vividly portrayed
Has made me feel discomfort by the message it conveyed.
At liberty in mind and soul and body I am found
But on this self-same spinning globe such miseries abound.
Lord help me to appreciate each blessing you provide
And may I show benevolence with your love as my guide.


by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: flower,


I’m a lovely daffodil, yellow like the sun.
See me in my garden spot; I’m the mellow one.
Nearby are my tulip friends; how I love their hues.
But a bright blue crocus has turned into my muse.

In the breeze when all we blooms tend to brightly sway,
I keep hoping that blue crocus wants to look my way.
Hummingbirds and butterflies are great to see around.
There must be a hive somewhere. Bees surely do abound!

There’s this little chipmunk. Such fun antics he plays,
but it’s never long enough that cute critter stays.
Since I’m whimsical, Daffy you may call me.
I’m being visited right now by a honeybee!

by Delice Arleen Skelly |
Categories: life, memory,


Yesterday when I was in youthful prime Questioning nothing the whole world was mine Without fear, I met each and every day Wish it were possible to stay that way. Decades have sped by and now in old age Memories abound with me they engage As my eyesight grows dim recall is bright Love burns with passion it did not take flight. Alone but not lonely each day must face Youthful echoes I willingly embrace Each hour my mind wanders to far-off years I smile remembering no time for tears.

by Catherine Mary Airan |
Categories: assonance, caregiving, christian, christmas, hindi, holocaust, love,


I traveled the world
And though it is vast
I still need a truth
That would always last

Studied some books
And know my mind too
The whole time God knows
Only love will do

Studied Religion and 
Forever I found
Even God loves Love
On this I expound

My Mom in my life
Always there for me
Taught me that true love
Would there always be

Love doesn't judge man
And I'm very free
From color or type
Of good company

True love doesn't die
"Oh Love, you'll abound,"
Despite all the bad
You'll stand your ground

Love's the Law for me
We are always free
Love keeps me alive
This is Love's decree.

by Dawn Drickman |
Categories: forgiveness, life, love,

A Healing Silence

When anger rages
Resist the urge to speak
Words will only wound
Resolve is what you seek

Simply take a quiet moment
To let your feelings digest
Remember all that is good
Let nature do the rest

Within this moment of silence
Reason will abound
Animosity retreats
Again love is found

by Carolyn Henderson |
Categories: mother, nature,

Love of Nature

Under canopy of majestic oaks,
leaves swaying, gentle breeze,
rustling of the dancing leaves,
flying chirps, all species,
joyous laughter, melodic sounds,
like violins, bees abound,
peace surrounds
in backyard paradise.
As I partake of nature’s scene,
eyes affix whites, magnolia high,
reminisce of mother in the sky.
Lessons of nature, she did give,
exploration through wooded path,
wild flowers we did name,
birds’ identity, toadstools find, 
love of nature by her design.

Won HM in Mac McGovern's 
Best Poem Contest
June 10, 2010

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

A Lesson Missed From School

That opposites attract would seem the rule.
In chemistry and physics it is found.
And samples of this principle abound
from magnates to the smallest molecule;
from X to Y in our genetic pool!
In courtship too this law proves rather sound
albeit that some exceptions can confound,
but I, for one, missed something from my school.

Past meeting, polar minds need intersection-
acceptance, awe, same goals desired to seek.
Else how can there be mutual affection
if two cannot match up?  Love can be bleak!
Where’s a plain equation? Now dejection
has taken hold of me. I scale no peak!

For the Equations Contest of Anthony Slausen

by Tia Pogue |
Categories: lost love, love, love hurts,

Chemical Reaction

A chemical reaction, nothing more:
Mere hormones running rampant through our veins.
But, still, we focus on it and ignore
Whatever sense or logic that remains.
It causes pain and sorrow all around,
Regardless of the happiness once had.
When misery and dolefulness abound,
We still pursue the curse that makes us mad.
Delusion plagues our hearts, our minds betrayed.
And afterwards we certainly regret
The ignorant decisions that we made.
We swear that we are wiser now, and yet--
We never learn, and persevere to find 
That once again, it's love that's left us blind.

by John Posey |
Categories: prayer, religious,

The Gift

The Gift Lord, hear my prayer... You have handed me the precious gift of salvation. In my unworthiness you have heard my plea and brought joy to your errant child. Lord, hear my prayer of thanksgiving for the many blessings you have showered on this, your child in need of direction. Oh Lord, hear my prayer. I pray you will use discipline, not punishment, in correcting my path…. Lord, hear my prayer. When mercy is called for, I pray you will let grace abound in your judgment. Lord, draw me close and let me feel your love….. Oh Lord, hear my prayer….. Amen Written by John Posey 9/2/14

by James Fraser |
Categories: beach, beautiful, love, people, places, sun, vacation,

Palawan Hearts

distant horizon shaded outline attraction turquoise waters lure on golden sands abound we sunshine smiling in our hearts .