Love Poems About Abortions or Abortions Love Poems
by Hakeem Sotayo Aro |
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Moral Suasion

Fathers-in-spirit do not teach your congregations
Suicide, massacre, fallacy, bombs, and guns
But facts, piety, love, and peaceful co-existence.

Fathers-in-flesh do not teach your young ones
Neglect, war, begging, rum, and abortions
But care, peace, jobs, juice, and obedience.

Fathers-in-power do not inflate elections
Accumulate billions, dictate the pace, and obliterate our positions
But listen, agree, and act to what is being said by the Audience

Father-in-heaven allow our pleas to act in turns
For you are a witness to these burns
As we shall use these as lessons and evidence.

by Earl Schumacker |
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Eye Candy Sport

Eye Candy Sport

Pretty young things fill the caverns of love
Spectators pay to see abortions live
Bets are placed.
Sparsely clad girls with signs march around the rink
Pink, innocent, candy like parades of flesh
On display for all to see
Freedom at play
Skeletons flee the closets
There are no secrets or places left to hide
Eye candy virgins walk the streets at night
As pretty as a picture with a knife

by Susan Gentry |
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Does Anyone Care

To arrogantly use your words for knives
Foolishly repeating all that one hears
Spewing vitriol comments that hurt lives
Displaying high drama and made-up fears

Poems of inspirational prayers are penned
Proclaiming bountiful power of God
Assuring forgiveness for all who've sinned
Appear to border pretentious and odd

Many wrote of caring for yourself first
Want abortions to be medical care
Shame those wanting America put first...
Called self-centered and how could they dare?

Those who should be ashamed go on and on
With rudeness and spite not seeing the tears
Or members with deep country love now gone...
Your disappointed and bewildered peers

by Shawna Thompson |
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O' Heavenly Father

O' Heavenly Father please grant me the things I desire which are peace, love, happiness,& joy on earth
Every child to be loved or have love and no hatred in any one's heart
Racism be no more everyone being treated equally
No more abortions
No more drugs on earth
No killings
Alot of jobs so everyone can be hired
Everyone in a nice home no more jails filled with alot of people doing bad
Everyone with some type of diploma to show for
Every animal not being used for bad things
No more diesease

by Johnny Rhinem |
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Gazing At Creation Knowing: His Love

They, thought I gave a rat's *** about their cockroach offspring....
The fact is I tried to tell Lucifer that he should spray these abortions
Before such become his own plague within, fading time ? Yet knowing
His prince he's probably too busy sniffing his own balls to truly know what
The _uck is really going on ? So I chugged another Heinie and smiled thinking
How very ironic this twist of lime finding myself hoping for these Angels once lost
Save the love they left behind or better still a destined rhyme beyound her night his, joke.