Love Poems About Abortion or Abortion Love Poems
by Arturo Michael |
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The Heartbeat of My Life

Mama don't take my breath away

My only chance to love and play

I know you're hurting I can tell

Mama don't give up on me as well

Mama I long to touch your face

Feel the beauty of your grace

I dream one day to see you smile

Mama don't ever say Goodbye

by Mark Turner |
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The Unborn Child

The Unborn Child

I wonder will they let me in? 
Will they furnish me with life support?
I want to be my Grandpa's friend,
his pride, his joy, and his hero in sports.

Really, it’s not his decision
for these nine months to go on through.
Mom and Dad, it’s up to your religion
to see that I’m worthwhile and needed, too.

Oh God, I’ll make them love me, 
please, God, tell them both to go on.
I won't act hardheaded, nor wicked nor will I be ,
apathetic and sad, nor gripe and moan.

I’ll lie restfully in my Mother's arms.
Please, God, tell them both to let me be 

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Friendship Acrostic

F	Friends have each other’s backs
R	Real friends build each other up
I	I escape in my friend’s problems
E	Enthusiastic together and on the phone
N	No is okay, between friends.
D	Doing things together feels good.
S	Silence is okay
H	Have each other’s backs 
I	I need lots of them, and they rally for me.
P	Puts your attention outside yourself

by Faye Gibson |
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Baby Wishes

Precious, life sustaining oxygen flows
no longer; linking chord tethering me
severed, I lie upon hard cold table.

I see cloudy images--a table
holds my angel mother. Sweet red blood flows
from soft nurturing nest once holding me.

Mommy, don’t discard your babe. Look at me!
Life can be saved. An abortion table
Should not separate with death our love flows.

Love flows away. Save me from this table.

Copyright, July 17, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

by Terry Burns |
Categories: religion,

Where Does It All End

Idol Worship
Broken Promises
Where does it all end?
It ends Where Love begins.

by J.T. Hayes |
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Birth Control

It's against the law to kill someone,
who hurts you in some way.
But murder is always justified,
by mothers everyday.

When you think about abortion,
do you see the child inside?
The babies life you want to stop,
has no where else to hide.

You tell yourself many things,
like it doesn't have a soul.
Think of the future your about to destroy,
by using birth control.

There are many ways to save it's life,
for the mothers who do not care.
And adoption is the answer,
for a couple in despair.

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: baby, family, sad,

- Dear Mom -

I was an unwanted child
Declared undesirable by conception
Abortion was prohibited by law
A little child, a little body
Two small ears like clam shells
Sky blue eyes
A beautiful little girl, so kind and good
Why didn't you love me?

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

3 place in the contest
Poetry Contest - Nette Onclaud 

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: 11th grade, appreciation, celebration, prayer, spiritual,

Triple A

Ave! You alone are the Absolute and Almighty Authority --Appoint and anoint us as agents in your army against the antagonist as he awaits his Avenger and the abyss Alleluia! You are our Advocate, abiding, awe-inspiring, able, and appealing --Admonish us again in our avarice, abuse and anger --Aid us also to abandon adultery, abortion, apostasy, arrogance and anxiety. Amen! You are the Ancient of Days, the Alpha, Abba, Adonai, Anointed One and the I AM. --Accept the aroma of agape love arising in the air as we act in one accord.
written March 28, 2019 Sponsor: Beata Agustin Contest: ALLITERATION REGARDING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD

by Messoh Vincent |
Categories: abortion, absence, angel,


The stump on which I sit
Drawn to reverie each new day,
Today was wet with mist;
A trait of the mystery
Of dew on my stump.

All the tall grass
Around the foot so lovely
Like stockade in their dance.
With leaves fresh with dew,
My soul fortress of refuge.

This stump on which I sit
Today on it I can't sit
Unless I accept to get wet
With red quill ink like dew
On the stump I so much love.

And so from beside the stump
Where lay buried a precious childbirth
I stay with my head on my laps
As with emotion these lines I write
For the dew on my stump.

by Jimmi Canada |
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cigar litany,

sun-glass villainy,

functional function-ability-

operating a pertinence undue to the mean-streak-

my man was a real porter but not so Greek-

hella' greedy like the weak,

hairy in ecstasy,

sternly speeding within his hoarse feet,

he'd leverage the wage against a narrowing bridge,
fitting neatly into scenes,

he'd soccer around his thing to bring out the majority of me.

by Brandlynn Young |
Categories: confusion, sad, time, god, god, drug,


If children are a blessing from God
Then why hasn’t He blessed me?
Could it be that I’ve written about His love
So unworthily?

I’ve seen young mothers, just teens they are
Brag about their abortion date
I saved myself for marriage
Am I the object of God’s hate?

Why is life, I’m asking now,
Why is it so unfair
He’ll give a child to everyone else
To all those who don’t even care

I don’t do drugs, or drink, or smoke
But I’m infertile anyway
I have served God for all of my life
Then me he decides to betray

Just one little baby, is it too much to ask
Is it too much for god to let be?
After I get to carry one full term
I promise to have a hysterectomy.

by Dawn Gordon |
Categories: introspection

It Was Post Guilt Not Post Love

When one is woken by the all mighty and greatest Lord,
Sins come crashing down in the mind like a slaying sword,
An abortion post was simply printed to try to clear a guilty mind,
Words across a screen to try to make it up to God in a poetry kind.

It was called post guilt and never was it any type of post love,
Only trying to clear a consciousness with the Lord above,
A gal needs to accept she was nothing but a filthy mistake,
He displaced a slithering serpent or what men call their "snake"

by keisha WALDRON |
Categories: abortion, august, beautiful, birth, blessing, butterfly, childhood,


My life is like a marry go round
in the beginning it was full of 
joy and laughter. In the middle
i find love also  i was green.
I have been use and abuse i have 
been lie to an tease in school even 
were lock up as a teen. For know
reason my life story i can write a
book even about my childhood. I
always were the black sheep still
am i don't know if this my mom karma
or just a plain disaster.So i get on my knees
and pray faster.I were always looking 
for love in all the wrong place until
my kids came along  and i saw  there face
my life line, my heart beat even when i put
them to sleep they are my life.

Keisha Waldron

by SillyToy Boys |
Categories: abortion, best friend, betrayal, boy, break up, child abuse, farewell,

Silly Toys and Sillier Boys

I looked at the toys and thought how silly

And what if I called him mr. Billy

He stroked my face and said it looked sweet

I knew he was the man I wanted to meet

I thought to myself how delicious 

It would be if I made myself Nutritious 

He gave me a lick 

So I gave him a kick

Yet I am a boy and you are a toy 

So forever alone we are

With our tiny baby feet

Oh how I love the silly little pinky toe

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Lost and found

I know it was a sad day indeed
It did not matter about her plead
Her emotions just flew scatter
Her heart broken and shatter

Many nights she prayed
Tears could not be swayed
Heartbroken eyes just stared 
Will their hands ever be paired?

Family extended by more
Love our heart will adore
A stranger from the same blood
Tears of joy will flood

Mom made sure it’s not too late
She sent us our big sister, after long wait

by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: abortion, abuse, birth, care, conflict, creation, family, hope, hurt, journey, life, love, mother, sad, slavery, tribute, visionary, voyage,

Believing in Life

My journey
begins with abuse
from an angry seed
a heart starts beating
the rape victim
carries a child
my mother
embracing life
she taught me to love
not always easy
wanting to be loved
not just baggage
waiting for a smile
I love you for you
thankful for mom
she chose me 
believing in life
deserves love 
deserves a chance

Edward J Ebbs- Feburary 19, 2017

Categories: hope, life, love, mother, love, me,


How long will I have to wait
Inside this warm embrace
Protected from the outside world
In love I am encased.

I did not plan to be here
I did not have a say
All I ask is love me mummy
Don't throw my life away.

As yet I have no arms or legs
Eyes, so I can see
But when I'm born and in your arms
You will be so proud of me.

So I just can't wait to come
I have so much love to give
This one thing I ask of you
Mummy let me live.

From your unborn baby

by Dunstan christian |
Categories: 2nd grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, abortion, adventure, allegory,

You're beautiful

Every woman got beauty, but you are most beautiful in humanity, even without a make up to beautify, yet you shining like a butterfly, i love the way you smile and i'm happy to have you by my side, baby this is all 'bout love, you are beautiful to you i sing this song.

by Iger Rolyat |
Categories: abortion, black african american, creation, death, grief, humanity, pain,


What mind enlightened of God
Could reconcile a forsaken entrustment...
To guardian the yet unborn?

What eye that sees by Light
Could blind itself this darkest deed?

What hand that prays and gropes in want
Could withhold the need of life to live?

What heart that beats the pulse of life
Could be so cold to life's own seed?

What ear that yearns to hear the truth
Could deafen life's resounding call?

What mouth could speak, of love, of life 
Yet mute these words than witness truth?

What life of love where no love for life?...
No love.

Copyright 2016   Iger Rolyat   All Rights Reserved

by Akash Sagar |
Categories: abuse, baby, betrayal, cry, life, love, mother,

An Abortion of all Virgin Dreams

The most beautiful dream,
Woven for nine months;
In each and every SHE's mind.
All of a sudden encounters,
The worst nightmare;
A shameful dare.

He/She inside her, 
Gets stabbed innumerable times, maliciously;
With reasons like infidelity,
Sometimes, as an unwanted burden
And at times, for dreaming it too early.

Ooh !! The brutal, heinous Martian mind;
Spare that innocent foetus Child,
Who sleeps cozily in the cradle of womb;
A bondage imprisoned to commit an ignorant suicide;
Ooh..!! Do not kill a beautiful tomorrow.
After all, life is bliss;
Ooh !! And poor baby unfortunately,
Your share you have missed.

by Christian Guild |
Categories: lost, lost love, love, lust, universe,

Lost Universe Love

The stars whisk through the sky.
I move to a city a hundred miles away.

The moon glazes upon the shimmering ocean blue.
I rest my arms across the table contemplating whether this could be false or true.

A supernova collapses light years in the past.
Our love would never last.

The universe on it’s great expansion,
as our distance had an abortion.

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, forgiveness, hate, heart, hope, love,

Order of rights

Where gossip hits a sudden death 
when it enters a wise person's ears
Your words are displeasing to me 
choice has two characters 
one that hates the other's love 
I can taste the bitterness of your soul attacking 
forcing your opinion as having direct value 
over something you know absolutely nothing 
The targeting of the innocent 
is the acts of a bully cornered

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, anti bullying, blessing, evil, hate, love, truth,

For or against there is no middle ground

The silent acquiescence to evil becomes transparent 
it sits on the sideline afraid to choose a side 
letting sin trample all over good values into condemning them as false 
Where honesty lacks any sort of fire or deep conviction 
but yet those whom are filled with hate are driven by their passion 
let us pedal this for what it is 
How does one unlock the mindset caught in a trap 
snared they become supporting vices seeking children 
hell bent on destroying the normal family structure 
enough is enough when you see clearly 
The sacrifice is done in blood attacking the innocent 
guilt has only one face and hides behind a mask of deceit

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Why this day you break
The only productive twig 
The giver of life to many 
A shelter to the birds 
Of different kinds and color 
Not even a tear you wipe 
Your eyes dry like charcoal 
In love you were with it 
All gone never to be 
Not even a seed you protected 
To continue the twig life 
Why think its cursed? 
Yet the best it produces 
Even in dry or wet seasons 
The twig will grow stronger 
In another world. 
A new person will till 
Till fully grown to produce

by james saidi |
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love is like mathematics

love is like mathematics....
you add yourself..
subtract the hate...
divide your time...
multiply your feelings...
you will have to factorise your communication before you underline your status in your calculative love zone and begin to do your statistics of drawing your frequency smooth curve as you are lining up your little human beings while you are going to the positive side of your love number line, so this love you can name with a number 1because 2 are involved. so if you want to be in love, just add yourself and do as math.