Love Poems About Aborting or Aborting Love Poems
by Ibude Garrick |
Categories: blessing,

The Heart I Cherish Most

The One i Cherish Most
Is the love of my Heart 
I love Her without knowing 
How i Love Her 
She give me joy and merry my Heart

The one I cherish most 
Is My love parents Who Brought Me 
To this Earth 
Without Aborting me 

The One I cherish Most 
Is  the Heart Who Cherish my heart
I love you Loveth Without
Knowing Why

by Nick Evans |
Categories: addiction, depression,

No Love Just Whiskey

Bottle of whiskey all alone,
Full to the brim reaching out,
When is someone going to take me?
Feed me?
The thirst calls,
Waiting, wanting, teasing,
Aborting all rational,
One last sip,
One last taste,
Feeding passion,
Releasing doubt into the night,
Old friends play,
Confidence progresses at time passes,

Am I thinking straight?
Everything seems clear now,
My mind at rest,
I am the best,
Take me to the land of dreams,
Take me to the place whereby control is compromised,

Nick Evans

by Karen Croft |
Categories: family,

Harley James

i love when he is peaceful, 
full of play and coureous
his smile touches my heart
and i am happy that i didn't
listen to the dr. about aborting him!