Love Poems About Abort or Abort Love Poems
by Robin Davis |
Categories: abuse, child, fear,

Alcohol Love---Family Fear

Push and shove
Punch and hit
Throwing a bad violent fit
Never knowing what you did
Because the liquor left it hid
Remembering is hard to do
When it takes control of you
You try and stop with group support
But one sip and you  abort
All the senses telling you
This is a bad thing to do
Having fun with all your friends
Swigging every drink they send
With each one you can’t hold back
You start to hit and start to smack
A child who don’t understand
Why other daddy’s use their hands
To hold and love their little ones
But she has to hide and run
So afraid and scared to death
With every hit she holds her breath
Praying for her life each  time
He does this violent act of crime

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: anxiety, break up, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, hurt, lost love,

Confusion Confounds

No one faces lost love rationally, forgoing all their romantic notions. For confusion confounds reality, when running a gauntlet of emotions. Doubt anonymously attacks with guile, its impact devastating to dreamers. And fears flourish on the remains of trust, disrupting slumber with nightmare screamers. You've been fed a concoction of lies, a highly emotional potent mix. And you're no longer able to forgive, shielding your heart behind a wall of bricks. Wallowing in your pain, you shun support, as fantasies conceived in love, abort. (Sonnet) 10/12/2017

by Lewis Michael |
Categories: dark, death, emotions, hate, loss, murder, sad love,


Hosted lament,
Growth yielded dying fiend,
Rancor malice abort bastard,

by Shanity Rain |

Ohh Mighty Dollar

for the love of money / people will rob their own brother

for the love of money/ people will sell out completely

for the love of money/ people will abort their own family

for the love of money/ people will claim a territory

for the love of money/ people will give you false glory 

"Ohh mighty Dollar "

by Carma Sanderson |
Categories: hope, lost love, heart, heart,

The Heart of the Ocean

Starring down the iron, 
In A belivient disorder, 
My eyes begin to twitch, 
My lips begin to quiver 
Uttering: ICE~BURG Ahead
As my heart turns cold, my
Body lies stiff ignoring the 
Walls that are about to
Wash under~feet.

Chasing these cold n' dark
Hall~ways i am no longer, 
Drowning in fear, as the
Light begins to dim, closing 
Eyes to pray, begging for
life to abort ship, as i look
to see my love is not lost, 
for it is the heart of the 
ocean i long to spare my
life for tru~loves promise.

by Ceasia White |
Categories: caregiving, devotion, faith, fear, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, love, philosophy, uplifting,

The Precious One

Abort is not the key
It will have you feeling less
Nothing but pain and regrets
Abort is not the key
She or He is apart of you
Forget the other half
As they get older you will have the last laugh
Children bring nothing but blessings if you do right by them
Forget him
You will succeed
It's your body and your seed
Abort is not the key

by Jessica Goldstone |
Categories: beauty, death, love, moon, nature, passion, romance, star, love,

In the Sun the Moon the Stars

I do not trust my form,
to act as an adequate vehicle to carry my Love for You.
It aches with decadence and decomposition.

Skins cells flake in exhaustion,
Hair follicles abort out of fatigue
Finger nails and toes nails crack , peel and tear.             

Bones creak in warning,
Muscles retreat in lethargy 
Skin hangs, falls and sags.

So I place my Love in the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
the grass,
the leaves.

So that I may continue to adore you in everything,
with everything.

by Michael Bell |
Categories: celebration, dedication, endurance, princess, romantic, true love,

Love Not Forgotten


Since the day of our beget,
Non to us  our thoughts have met,
Since the days of yesteryear,
Who today would find us here,

Still admonish life so short,
Grace has spared us not abort,
For fate a guide through grey the  years,
Who could tell our future nears,

United us could share the tears,
For all of times our hidden fears
Let our  spur of moment rise,
Above of those who us  despise,

For me our time of moment come 
To share with you as that of one.

©Copyright 2013 M..A. Bell (alfi –

by Fritz Purdum |
Categories: dark,

Dark Souls

Shadows seep away from light
hiding within cracks to escape sight
A world smother in foaming madness
all is rotten from badness
Human life has no meaning
anguish cries echo screaming
Abort the young euthanize the old
technology replaces the soul
No religion, No nations, No justice, No love
feed the hawk starve the dove
Taste of hate swallowing fear
gasp of breath bloody tears
God forsaken in a world without faith
dark souls drowning in a pool of waste

by Jessica Brown |
Categories: confusion, funny, life, love,

What's Wrong With You

You don't like my hair,
I cut it too short.
You look lie you use nair!
Your hair had to abort!

I need to lose weight.
My butt is too big.
You think you look great?
You look lie a pig!

Lazy and weak, 
I act like a freak?
You would too
If you wore my shoe!

You love me, you hate me,
Make up your mind.
Open up and you might see
I'm a hell of a find!

What's wrong with you?
I think I know,
What I need to do.
I don't want to go.

by Leo Mbalamana |
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I love business I’ll venture in any sort
All I need is loyalty and support 
And this passion of mine I’ll never abort
I’m trying to take this beyond far so be my escort 
Guide me and watch me dominate this court
Business is the ultimate sport
You import you export you transport 
So much work but I’m ready to put in the effort 
My determination will never get cut short
So please help me take my business to the highest resort

by Matilda Divx |
Categories: crazy,

Baby of Virgin

Though Am Virgin,
Labor pain Origin,
From Heart! Ever ye heard?

Its true I carry,
Six feet grown baby,
Shouting me to get abort!

Conceived while soul intercourse;
Inside done whole abuse;
Telling now am at fault!

Always fed surfeit love;
All ways blocked my allow;
Nevertheless,Crave not at halt!

Despite of years,wanna bear;
Of letting up,Perhaps if you fear;
Dear I swear,
" Mine Beating nest begets Birth;
 When taking rest forgets Earth".

by R. M. Eichmiller |
Categories: love,

To Close

To close for comfort,
To far for love,
So close to flirt,
So close, unlike a wary dove, 

Half way to my heart, 
Quarter of the way to getting to yours, 
Lovely, my tears begin to start,
All I have to ask is, does your heart give tours?

I'd get close but my brain tells me to abort, 
I'm not one to push, force, or shove,
When I'm around you my gut always seems to contort,
I might sound lovesick, or head-over-heals, but I'm more than that, what I feel can't be understood by the good lord above,

Without you my life would fall apart, 
Without you I'd be on all fours, 
Crying my eyes out, the tears would never fail to start,
My tears would puddle on the floor.

by Terence Smith |
Categories: relationship,

The Cost of Failure

The Cost  of Failure

I try my best to do a thing,
    and when I fail to reach my target by a little bit,
          I am flogged in the street like a mangey mutt,
               by my love, so sweet?

Sometimes we all fall a little short,
     that does not mean the mission I abort,
          to my goal, I slog along,
               even though the treatment I receive is wrong.

by Nathan Stobbs |
Categories: life,

You Are Not

A man is forgiving
Yet wont put up with being five-timed
Yet who does is a fool
A man enjoys sex
But if she says no its no
Don't use guilt as a tool
A man needs love
Other demands are unnecessary
And sex can wait a while
A man is responsible
So if he gets his girlfriend pregnant
He wouldn't pressure to abort the child
So when you have time
Take a second to read this
This is not alot
I know it seems so little
But this little bit proves
A man you are not

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: emotions, heart,

An Unfeeling Heart

The echo returned not, 
lost in the catacomb
of cold hearts that forgot
love of their mother’s womb,
that today counts for naught.

The echo returned not, 
blown away in the storm
of caprice ego taught,
negating embrace warm,
choosing to love abort.

The echo returned not, 
for amidst thought chatter
bound in a narrow slot,
heart’s tears do not matter,
as by dark desire caught.

The echo returned not, 
for love’s of no value
to fallen souls who rot,
selfish ways continue
in earth winds cold and hot.


by Anna Hopper |
Categories: abortion, america, political,

Mexican Elves

A republican, they say
With Liberal views
I love the gay
Must I choose

Save the babies
Abort politics
A deceitful scabies
And relentless itch

I loathe tradition
And simple thinking
Organize a petition
I’ll be drinking

The undocumented 
It doesn’t matter
Who got you in it
You best scatter

Perhaps your a minor
Maybe a DREAMer
Your skin, no lighter
We’ll give you the finger

Take these kiddies
From their mums
Keep America pretty
Out with the bums

The United States
At war with themselves
Make America great
Build that wall, little elves

by Ameilia Jamison |
Categories: absence, anger, anti bullying, blue, break up, care,


Its amazing how much torture your mind can go through
Subjected to loneliness and lies
Yet people abort your ideas and opinions
Knowing your right
But afraid to admit their wrongs
Yes it hurts but you cant help who you love 
And ride for
The mind and heart is at competition with their issues
But they still arrives and ask
Blind, babbled, puzzled. ...
No sleep heart racing 
Crying in your sleep
Im gonna go to bed

by Jodie Steward |
Categories: family, life, love, mother, me, parents, life, me, mother, parents,


This is a special poem
One to you from me,
On how my mother gave away
Her chance at becoming a mother to be.

She didnt abort me though
But gave me new parents today,
I am so happy with her choice
For my life she didnt take away.

Take it from me personally
Life is precious and so real,
Please dont take your childs chance
To know how love can really feel.

Its a challenging decision
I know its solely your choice,
Put yourself in your  babys shoes
The one inside you with the unheard voice.

With your childs fate within your hands
Dont make your decision foolishly,
Make another couple become parents 
Choose life like my mother did for me.

by Anil Deo |
Categories: abortion, absence, beauty, inspiration, work, write, writing,

Not Quite Finished

A poem is struggling within
Finished and unfinished, a thin
Line of demarcation. I mark your words
They germinate, but like swords
Diction bears contradictions in wombs
Some do good, some usher us to tombs

So, it's not love or hate, not that mix
I'm struggling to let it out, find a fix
For what ails my soul. My heart happy
My will, patience strong, streets unhappy
The environment - a topic for another day -
Is it my conscience, aesthetic sense & sway
That irk me, as evening & sunset beckon
Yet your words like 'silence' & waves & skies beckon
If I write of True Peace, true coexistence, His creation
Will I abort the poem, or meaning, deLiGHTful Imagination

by Victoria Scott-Johnson |
Categories: life, women, life, women,

A Little Life

I've known about this
For a few months now
But in my heart
It still hurts somehow
There are women out there
They want to abort
Those women are ones
They should be in court
For I could never hurt
An infant so small
They never asked for life
Just where is the law
How could anyone
Just end life by killing
To throw it all away
To a small life that was willing
So think about life
Before you just end it
The good Lord will help you
If you only defend it
Don't let anyone
Make up your mind
Think of the baby
And what love you will find

by Nandini Kaushik |
Categories: 11th grade, confusion, happiness, heartbroken, riddle,


What is happiness
when your lips get smile
or that is happiness
when you laugh loud for a while.

What is happiness
when you conquer your mind
or that is happiness
when your heart defeats you.

When you are happy
you love to give
or your happiness
compels you to snatch .

Whenever you smiles
your eyes off the tears
but there is much more inside
which your smile often bears.

Trying enough to laugh
and controlling my emotions
but what made me cry
is my dead commotion.

The biggest mistake i did
was Expecting for support
but this world compelled 
my dreams to abort.

I am on my way
finding true happiness
but the result till now
just made me speechless.

by Danny Simmons |
Categories: anniversary, devotion, lost love, love,


the days are long,The nights are short;Our love for each other will not abort,The 
sparkle in our eyes will last forever;As long as we have each other,We know each other 
inside out;Our love for each other there is no doubt.

by Tom Wright |
Categories: god, heaven, jesus, prayer,

Writers Short Prayer

Writers Short Prayer Written: by Miracle man 11-16-2019 Lord, Let my pen become the impetus this day, That guides a lost soul or one gone astray. Let my love for Jesus never become secluded,* And words that I pen not considered deluded. Lord, Trouble that soul not adhering to your ways, To not rest in the assurance of numberless days. God, at any moment, could earthly time abort, Prophecy’s fulfillment, convinces me time is short. Amen *Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

by Marty King |
Categories: appreciation, for her, friendship,

Hello My Jewel

hello my jewel
perfect timing
now i can do well
no pantomiming

caress my soul
no need to guess
you are always on a roll
you easily impress

love hearing from you
my day you do make
day is no longer blue
the earth does not quake

conversation short
though i cherish to all ends
unnecessary to abort
always....we will be Friends