Love Poems About Aborning or Aborning Love Poems
by tasha Wheeler |
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I am tasting the pristine water melted from the highest mountain up high
Dancing with the sun's rays over glazing summer's green grass
Floating with the weltering waves of a vast ocean at sunset
Riding the aborning knowledge of our next generation
Smelling the chastity of the first bud of spring bloomed with beauty and maturation
I am exploring your heart
laving your soul
sharing your thoughts
before I can love you

by Rick Rucker |
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Waiting For Her Birthday Card

Waiting For Her Birthday Card by Rick Rucker This is really hard, Waiting for her birthday card. It won't come, of course, Unless delivered by a Flying Horse! She mounted the hearse for her Final Trip, The driver was anxious, he used the whip! Her card was always there by morning, Long before the sunlight was aborning! Not just my birthday, but all year round, She must have bought them by the pound! I'm a guy, I might forget, The sadness in her eyes, I would then get. This time, I'll be sad, I've lost the first Love I ever had!

by Jo Daniel |
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Newness Of Life

New life, the gift of believing, New creature, in Christ we be, New earth, behind this world leaving, New heavens, one day we’ll see, New song of praise we’ll be singing; New covenant as Christ’s blood-bought, New spirit is aborning, New heart of flesh, by God’s Word, taught, New mercies for each morning, New commandment of love we got. 08.12.2021