Love Poems About Aboriginal or Aboriginal Love Poems
by Sharon Roebourne |
Categories: change, community, conflict, culture, earth, environment, feelings,

Together We Go Hand In Hand

Together we go hand in hand
You take us off our land
You are damaging our future generation
Together we stand as one nation
Listen to our pleads
You are taking away our needs
We love to hunt on land 
Bare feet on the hot sand
We hunt in the sea
So wild and free
We are simple and original
We are the Australian Aboriginal
We love our culture and are very traditional
This is not fair
Do you really care?

by Sharon Roebourne |
Categories: blessing, care, children, courage, culture, environment, family,

Life of Sharon Roebourne

I am an aboriginal
Simple and original
I like to keep tradition
I always love my fishin
I am a northwester
Where I like to fester 
Under the hot sun
Where I can have fun
I like to get a tan
Whenever I can
I love the great outdoors
Someday I'll see the waterfalls
I'd like to see a croc if not
I'll stand on the top of Ayers Rock
I love the Pilbara land
Always dry and never bland
I have a little girl 
She puts me in a whirl
Her name is Shae
She was born in May
I have a little boy
He gives me so much joy
So now you know about me
So young and so free
And that's the way I like to be!