Love Poems About Abominations or Abominations Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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The Scoundrel's Game

A yearning for affection and romance can cause one’s getting scorched by passions’ flame. Love blooms if it is given a fair chance, but some attempt to play the scoundrel’s game! A tender soul can be bamboozled by the man who has an inner soul of ice. The love that he professes is his lie, and cherishing himself alone - his vice. The one he lured will struggle to maintain her doomed relationship with him; she’s torn! The taste of love once sweet turns into pain, for what she offers is returned with scorn. Abominations always will exist. Take care one's not a scoundrel you have kissed! For Dictionary fun....#1...Delilah's Words! Poetry Contest

by John Rhinem |
Categories: hope, life, love,

In Gods We Trust


Welcome to the fallout and collateral damage everywhere, you turn!?

But no ones going to admit it nor shall they take the blame; Actually

The rat race is on; chasing down this piece of abominations pink cheese

***********; legislation, science, sin and sacrifice; balancing budgets....


....“';'n Gods We Trust?!”

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abuse, conflict, corruption, cry, evil, god, heartbreak,

Mercy Our Saviors Birthday Coming

Prayers for this world said 
they stand in honor of peace 
as war looms ugly terror invades
twisted darkness plots and schemes
Turning it's back on love thy neighbor 
godless afflictions of the deceivers tongue 
my heart bleeds watching such evil deeds 
them carried out calling God is one curse

In the abominations of what is done 
I feel so sad all the tears shed 
to wash away the sins of pity 
then crying to our almighty Lord 

For loves sake sweet humanity 
stop the killing of innocence in this world 
it has gone mad enough filled with the devil's hate
consuming everything that is good

by Anil Deo |
Categories: anti bullying, christian, christmas, community, confusion, jesus,

COMMUNITY - sad developments

A worm in the wombs of creativity
Lady Poet "silenced" in a Writers' Community
Jeremiah warned our "wicked" hearts defy good intention 
Why point to CHRISTmas? The investment at Crucifixion?

NOTE: One writer wrote, "The heart is the mother of all abominations." Thomas BOSTON. Yes, he was a British theologian but while the heart is also capable of love, consider the thin line between love and lust, marriages & abuses, Nationalism & Nazism, pride and possessiveness, Eros & Pornea. More after Christmas, not now. Shalom, shalom (Please pray or meditate on creating positive vibrations)

by Jodie Williams |
Categories: fear, lost love,


Inane acts of heroism,
fail to conquer trepidation
There's always an escape, seems
this time, I run far too late
Scarecrows, past abominations
form the briefest hesitaion,
a familiar scent, anxiety,
I guess one more scar won't kill me.
A taste of first love?
I waited,
I waited,
I think I waited long enough

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: nostalgia,

Nebulous Thoughts Clouding my Brain

Deep restless thoughts that eddied in midnight disclosure, 
My old mind shivered in traumatic tribulations.
No treats for dissolute persons to seal composure.
My mind filled with moths and other abominations.

I dreaded the spooky strength of my demon nightmare, 
Defying all useless urges of vigilant trance, 
Perpetual murmur of unceasing burbled fare, 
Moonlit wintry rays indulge in a macabre dance.

Relinquish all dreams that cloud my old illicit thoughts, 
Grab sturdy roots, get out of that pit, aim at my goal,
Can't let my senses get dulled but avoid useless rots, 
Saunter steadily in love which is life for my soul

by Leon Stacey |
Categories: death, faith, forgiveness, hope, life, love, passion,

Dregs of the Cup

Straining to swallow the remedy,
Thick like blood with the stinch
Of gall mingled with death
And the after taste of pleasure-
None running out the corners
Of his mouth- the Physician drank
The bitter cup, enduring the sting 
And curdled abominations stirred 
With grievous residue at the bottom 
Of the cup, and became tannic acid
On the Tree for the sick in the world.

by Bob Tyler |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, inspirational, love, uplifting

God's Grace

Why did God leave His throne
To come to earth to make his home
He left His glory up above
Took human form to show His love
To mankind who hated Him
He willingly took all their sin
The glorious crown that He had worn
He traded for a wreath of thorns
The abominations of men’s acts
God took and laid upon Christ’s back
To show to us His awesome grace
He let men spit into His face
They scourged his back and hit his head
Beat Him til He was almost dead
On Calvary He was crucified
And forgave mankind before He died
Now we can boldly go to His throne
And call Heaven our eternal home

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, caregiving,

Abortion's Abominations

Some people think I write these harsh sometimes words..
Because perhaps we enjoy such ? Yet the fact is there has never
Been anything except a touch or better said, this draining of the cup
This pouring into one's Spirit ? Having viewed her annihilation as, armageddon
Zion and empty sanctuaries; hades his essence of pure evil standing in these shadows
But more telling I have stood heart upon heart beyound the highest heavens with, my 'Father....
I cannot tell you why, being the darkened child that I have been; against all perceptions less this, 'Love.