Love Poems About Abolitionist or Abolitionist Love Poems
by Edward Ibeh |
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Sojourner Truth

Abolitionist. Slave. Women's Rights Activist. Mother.   
Daughter of James and Elizabeth Baumfree. Wife of "Thomas", a slave
Lover of her five children, freedom, humanity, public speaking
Who feels passion, anger, and love for all people
Who fears injustice and the continuation of slavery
Who would love to see the emancipation of enslaved people
Who would love to see the end of slavery and inequality of human rights
Resident of Swartekill, New York, United States

Date written and posted: 03/12/2019

by Audrey Haick |
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Vignette-Love and Devotion

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, born 1806,
Extraordinary Poetess, daughter, sister, wife, Abolitionist 
Confined for a time yet her heart, mind and spirit
Roamed free beyond her environment, espousing, expressing
Love and devotion so eloquently in beautiful Sonnets

To:  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Entry into Brian Strand's Vignette-Literary Love Affair Contest

by Bob Shank |
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The Colors of Humanity

Manacles suppress a beautiful mind 
decayed by the stench of putrid bitterness
created long before Mr. Whitney
made you expendable

yet you loathe me
despite my relation to Harriet

uncle Tom was never relevant
nor did his cabin provide shelter
unto your bitterness
its wood burned food for thought

could one become a christian
to be born again
and return as an abolitionist
the absurdity of it astounds me

but chains will always bind us together
regardless of our ancestry

linked through the color of love
red hues splashed in anger
dipped in disdain 
tainted by the past
we live to paint
the pictures shadows cast......

Bob Shank-Nov.20th, 2006

by Audrey Haick |
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Elizabeth Barret Browning

A poet with a loving Spirit...
A heart rich with abundant love, overflowing
So much love did her heart retain 
An abolitionist she chose to become
In spite of its unpopularity 
Through all her relationships, graceful, caring
Always kind and gentle as a dove
Had no recourse but to pen emotions deep 
Writing great, timeless sonnets of love 
Inspired by the love of her life
Throughout her years, she drew inspiration from above