Love Poems About Abolish or Abolish Love Poems
by Edward Mccall |
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Imagine If

(I)n every person there was a desire to perform random acts of kindness 

(M)eaningless and senseless bigotry was done away with

(A)nd love for our fellow man became the norm 

(G)estures great and small made the front page every day 

(I)n our time we could abolish war

(N)o longer did hunger and famine fill our land 

(E)very one helped each other to succeed 

(I)magine if

(F)or one brief moment all of this could be experienced 
    what a magnificent and beautiful world we would have

by Nehpets Gnik |
Categories: emotions, hope,

This Year

This is year I shall have love divine
My heart from sin will be set free
I will abolish vices especially wine
My heart I shall only offer it to she
The wife, who gave me children one two three.

Human hearts cleave so quickly
Their spirit longs with ardent hate
Jealousy and spite lies thickly
This year I hope they become straight
The heart full of love they must restate.

This year we shall hear God’s true voice
Concentrate and listen all shall be revealed
Love thy neighbour and you shall rejoice
No more killings in the street in the field
Like Christ on the cross you will be healed.

by Romeo B. Cameron |
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Our souls are a perfect match.
The impact from direct contact
has caused a serious splash.

The metaphysics for what
we just witnessed 
can only be depicted
by the feeling we just experienced,
not from someone’s vision.

It’s unexplainable.
A new theory we have discovered
by our souls creation.
It’s so cosmic that a
decorated scientist
has no grounds to abolish it.”

Excerpt From: Romeo B. Cameron . “The Fall.” iBooks.

by Sirajali Rawat |
Categories: peace, world, planet, prejudice,

Worldwide Peace

unveil the curtain of peace
let it shine out to wipe out the world ills
purify the earth like our beloved prophet did
sending its scent to all the races, gender and creed

plant its seeds in every tyrant, hater and oppressors that exists
beautify it with passion, love and hope and watch it lit
let it dwell on this planet until its extinct
eliminate the world-poverty, hatred and insanity that roam our streets

welcome it in our lives with no hostility
bring the nature to our doorstep and unite it freely
abolish the jealousy and prejudice
spread it vigorously and witness it embrace the world vibrantly and in ease

by Adedayo Samuel |
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Heaeken To the Heart

Hearken to me the heart because

I’m the poet soup

Hearken to my precious treasures,

And abolish my pressure.

Hearken to the heart, listen to its

generosity; thou it is in the

left but it is generously right.

Follow the river and find the

sea, locomate your heart and

find the awaiting sae.

Hearken to the voice of the

rushing water, close your eyes and

feel the flow, hearken to the heart

because it forever grow.

Listen to me your heart for i’m your curve,

your call, your fond, your love, your

center, your essence and core, and the

seat of your emotion sitting in

that body core.

by Rida Naqvi |
Categories: angst, love, passion, fire, fire,

Fiery Passion

Skies the limit for you
Do anything it took to get to you 
Light a match set the world on fire
Watch sparks fly and hatred grow by miles
Create storms of destruction 
Raise the sea demons 
unleash the fire within
Let the tiger run wild
 Create havoc with a fire breathing dragon
Dark abyss I will make the world
No one shall touch your soul
I will burn and abolish all in my path
To reach you I would fight to the death

by Brynne Cua |
Categories: death, loss, loveheart, heart,


Seemingly so long ago, I fell in love
For the first time in my life.
So young, so innocent, so naive,
My heart was struck with a knife.

He swore on the air in his lungs,
The blood in his very veins
That he'd be at my side forever
Abolish my fears and pains.

Together, we ran through puddles,
Laughing in freshness of rainy days.
Together, we sat in the garden,
Holding each other in the sun's rays.

But one way or another
All that's good must end.
His heart slowed, his eyes dulled.
I tried, but his spirit wouldn't mend.

Now I am alone.
Two has been reduced to one.
All I can hope for, all I can dream of
Is that we'll reunite when my life is done.

by Jhonny Thermidor |
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Valentine's Love

As the 45th day of the year approaching,
I perceived the gestures of the sunset
Preventing me of the time remaining
And the special day to reveal any secret!

Even though, I was so devoid of my own soul,
Today is the perfect opportunity for me
To enunciate my feelings for you even in Creole,
To abolish the devious ways inside of me.

Thus, let’s the real love start again!
Let’s refresh our memory from regrets!
Let’s relish under this unusual rain!
Let’s share our love despite our huge debts!

Valentine’s love conveys us to our fate.
Let me cajole you, showing my true love!
Let our hearts groove, again, let them vibrate!
This is what we’re living for: all the above!

by Amy Kovalcik |
Categories: angst,

The Play of the Bad

oh no, not another one!
where is my relief - respite
from the intolerable?
locks in love
lustful companions
twist their eyes
glare their gaze
all towards my aura
abolish this devil's droplet
the one in my heart
un lodge the claw
curled in my sinew
spasm this pollution
into desolation
harden it's hardship
degrade its rape
finish it once and for all
for i cannot again 

by Asif Andalib |
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Eternal Inspiration

I want to see you unharmed like a thing of paradise
Let me be your bodyguard you will be safe from bad guys

I want to see you cheerful like a child in mother’s lap
I go for songs to abolish communication gap

I want to see you make efforts to look more beautiful
If you love me more and more I will be more dutiful

Your attractiveness is beyond my imagination
I want to see you as my eternal inspiration

by Joel Lee |
Categories: lonely, love,

Your Perfume

I am giving you all I can
All that I have... all that I know
Beyond that of time a never when
When never a time is that to behold

All that matters no longer does
All that reasoning never for
The many questions to no longer ask
The many answers never be... to ignore

The little things to mean so much
Perhaps so much will mean so little
Was it not from a simple touch?
Yet whence a touch did it all but settle?

To begin to the end
Did it start, was it finished?
If I pour did I blend?
Rules amend... might I abolish?

A pretext, a preface, a perfume
A lie to begin, a truth in an end
The scent but remains in an empty bedroom
Along that of time a never when

by Kaveh Afrasiabi |
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Love's More Than a Word

My love will follow you,
wherever you go,
even adrift.
It is youth, desire, recklessness, 
animated by powerful desires --
to make love to you, kiss, caress,
without pause, without laziness.
Our eyes meet, embrace, find
secret corridors to our hearts.
Where to hide from prying eyes!
They erase the walls, the partitions, 
abolish borders, ride the waves of hope, 
define our happiness.

by Dylan Goomansingh |
Categories: love, romance, romantic, romantic love,

Blood Hearts

The Blood Hearts of man attract the ladies
Blood flows through the hearts of who they prosper
Relationships can not go bleek blood hearts
We rise we rise to protect our goal
Blood Hearts bring man to woman happily
More or less less or more Blood Hearts are here
Relationships come here man and woman love 
Blood drips down to who their love is for life
Love Love Love is STUCK in us forever
Blood Hearts bring the love and abolish hate
Blood Hearts strive with relationships and love
Blood Hearts cannot be broken but can be love
Love is bright Love is here Blood Hearts are there
We die together but Blood Hearts still live

by Pratap Roy |
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Nanomanager 'Poetic Form: Sestalena'

My friend reluctant to attend office, too afraid of his boss's disproportionate love; constantly meddle through intrusive disruption thereof; evinces what he can do. Keeps juniors under watch; tries to manage even smallest details of each work in office; impossible to dodge; ‘Work Freedom’ thought he'll abolish if he can; None can match.

by Rohan Dhabade |
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Innocance To Ignorance

Keep it innocent

It will be pleasant

For the way

Hatred to stay.

To abolish them

Who kills innocence?

To demolish them

Who creates ignorance?

To bend the power

For selfish motives

That is to kill wisdom

Of innocent feelings.

Rohan Dhabade

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: cheer up, color, fun, god, happiness, hope, nature,


If I were to look inside a rainbow
what sight would I find to astonish me?
Would there be a klatch of bright elves below
with brimming buckets and brushes in hand?

Would they giggle and sing as they painted
colors of the rainbow's mystic aura
with a linen drop cloth well-acquainted
with dribbles and leaks of the artist's stroke?

Would their casual conversation weave
tales of magic places and pots of gold
that a few unhappy humans believe
could be found to abolish all their woes?

I should like to think that the cheery elves
delight in creating rainbows of hope
to inspire mere mortals to love themselves
and rejoice in God's mysterious ways.