Love Poems About Abodes or Abodes Love Poems
by Arlene Smith |
Categories: nature, seasons, summer,


He saunters in with a slow steady gait
gathering all of nature in his warm embrace.

The whimsical artist splashes colors to sky;
miniature airplanes and exotic shaped kites.

Vocal chords of moon beams strummed by crickets and toads;
a serenade through open windows of our humble abodes.

So light on his feet; ocean's glass dance floor;
leading sailboats to sea and lovers to shore.

His breath on your neck puts you under his spell;
caught up in his love, as romances swell.

His pulse beats hot through sun ray veins,
then he showers us with gifts of cool, fresh rain.

We lounge with him in fields and meadows,
and miss him as Fall nudges him deep in the shadows.

by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: poetry, poets,

The Lonely Poet

The poet and the lonely road, betwixt his netherworld abode,
   in canyons deep, and in seldom trodden creeps,
Always secrets, secrets....
   too kept ----
   he has made his humble abode, in the dark alone,
   he sleeps ----
   with vipers and white (sepulchre) tombs

He does not see the meadow, and daisies,
   (rising sun)
   nor words of wisdom on his tongue;
   fall away, to dark netherworld abodes....

Poet be he not, 'til fellowship and gratitude 
   be his home, and grace in word be his love;
   of good cheer to all concerned and more ----
   should even shadow knocketh, 
   of this he writes 

Written in 2012

by John Freeman |
Categories: political

Maybe Baby

series 5/5/3/3/5 Limerick

On precept Palin
Concepts are wailing
     Concepts spoofs 
     Love is truth 
Corporate failing

Amidst the wailing
Her ship keeps sailing
     Precept’s truths
     She’s no goof
Beliefs are sailing

Her precept is right
May need to try it
     Now maybe
     Sweet Baby
She abodes in light!!

At least she confesses tunnel’s light!!

by Richard Nah |
Categories: love,

My Love

She first and last my thoughts of memory,
puzzling my sight of write in a poet's swift tale of recite

My melody another flow,
as her fidgets digits the rhyme scheme of every heartbeat of mine

She's not of a tale, 
yet her tangible is aloof my abodes

...and with her am ready to mingle!

by Ross Thompson |
Categories: allegory, faith, forgiveness, inspirational, life, love, people, philosophy, heart, heart,

As a Moth To Flame

Like the dust upon a moths wing:
our thoughts of good before love.
that fabled flame draws
our fragile wings and soft belly, 
to burn in passion flash.
The feelers we've followed unerringly
melting first
before the all powerful onslaught.

We come out:
unknowing before,
as gold gilded eagles.
Soaring high on joy's thermal.
Lifted far above the world
and it's calamities 
but we perceive all.
And guide those
still mired
in the clay of their creation.
Our feathers glint in the sun:
as a wink from the son.
The wings
of our new abodes
only tiring when heart has it's fill.
A razor like beak now leads:
cutting between flesh and bone,
the blood red earth,
and it's heart of stone.

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: feelings, for her, for him, happy, life, love, sweet,

Hug Does Thrill

Straight black shiny hair
Oh it's what make you fair
Gently, I'll hold don't flare

Entwining my arms around your waist
Oh time! I don't want to waste
Please don't ever ever detest
All I want is to feel and be rest

Your warmth relax breath 
Along the hallow of my throat
Undeniably making my heart throb
Adding trembles that abodes

Don't release a squirm, just feel
Long before a dream but now real
Sigh and lean, do not chill
Isn't it this hug a wonderful thrill?

By: olive_eloi


Hug - a gesture that comforts, soothes, encourages and cares....

by Linda Smith |
Categories: family, food, people,


A special November day
for children, laughter and play.
To others, a day full of loved ones.
A meal too big for all, plates ladened with love.
Amazing how we relate love to stuffing.
Father and son eye the sport,
belts unbuckled, bare bellies rubbed.
Saving the dishes for later,
joyful colors adorn humble abodes,
sprucing up dreary days.
Day one of the rejoicing era 
is soon to follow.

by Jasen Ridley |
Categories: feelings, introspection, perspective, philosophy, spiritual,

Sublime Flow

His seamless flow comes from 
the most high above
so there's no blocking God
& his words of love
They descend from clouds on backs
& wings of doves 
falling kamikaze style from abodes above
This irritates a few so in there
lies the rub
but the show must go on as it
is made with love
It's like he's in the soaps on screens
lacking the pull of plugs
but still electrifies like eels fiiled a tub 
He opens his wings of love for those 
in need of hugs
after laying down the sword
in a flat on Persian rugs
The emotions poured from him
like waterfalls & floods
because he'd overcome the dams
blocking divine liquid love