Love Poems About Abnormality or Abnormality Love Poems
by Bruce Otvos |
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Absence of Strength

I have lived through something so malevolent to love as hatred. I swim through this sea of
lukewarm agony. I crash upon the brutal jetty's of devotion's failure. It is simply
impossible to explain to you the shortness of breath I am constantly feeling, for your
love to me is as crucial as air, without it I am doomed to suffocation and suffering.
Truer to life than change is constant, this lingering reality in my mind is forever
condemned to a fictitious abnormality in your eyes...I am forever the Ghost of our endless
affection, but the effect of our love has left me a Ghost

by Mike Chambers |
Categories: introspection,


To do the same as your neighbour,
Though dull as ditchwater,
To love, wed, indebt and procreate,
To dread waking up, to hate your life,
To want what others have,
To expedite your own demise,
To drink and smoke, indulge and scoff,
To judge those worse than you,
To be afraid of life and death,
To bask in burning rays.
To avoid the Grave.
Is it normal to write this poem?
When abnormality is common place,
Who then is normal?

by Elizabeth Stansberry |
Categories: confusion, death, love,

Death of Love

Punctured intensity
Burns like bloods’ fire

Love is sickening sweet delicacy
Devoured by grizzly hatred

Scalded by stripped desires
Buzzed by betrayals’ sting

Physical illness grows into moral dilemmas
Devotion smashes worlds into concrete

Difficult to love my lover
For tricks he has spoiled me with

His lips, eyes, touch
Are so human

Oh, bitter harsh clove of emotion

Do not choke on my jealousy

I am very battered 
By others’ thoughts

Dreams are cycles of abnormality
Love is a hell on earth

by Thomas King |
Categories: anxiety, confusion, depression, identity, mental illness, storm,

The Tempest

Swirling torment
Spinning in reverse
Riding waves of agony
Sick and perverse

Twisting and turning
Losing my sight
Grasping and holding
With all my might

Slowly losing grip
On love, life and sanity
Gasping for air
Drowning in my abnormality

Have I the strength
To stand and fight
Free myself from misery
And find again the light?

Or do I lay peaceful
And take my last breath
Hope that I find solace
In a quick and painless death?

Answers to these questions
I know I shall never find
In this madding violent tempest 
I shall forever be confined.

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And life the abnormality

So low
gravitate to earth
So unhappy
at pretending to be happy
so sad
that i am sad for myself
Darkness oozes in my path
Blackened sky with black sun
The night rays darken the dark
Shadows dying in the shadows
Stealing love
Like its a crime
When do the words become the sentence
When is an actor not acting
When do painters become the artist
When is god not enough
What if death is what is meant to be
And life the abnormality