Love Poems About Abnormal or Abnormal Love Poems
by Alkas Poetry |
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I Love Everyone

I love everyone
with joy,
I love someone
with truth
I love and love
I love the day,
love the night,
I love the weather
and its
against times ...
Love the life
that perceive,
I love the afterlife
I wonder why
I love the future ...
I love what I am,
I love what I will be,
I love where I'm going,
love to be real,
I love without harm,
I love what sustains me,
I love what encourages me and
I love the beauty after all, the ugly
normal or abnormal ...
I love so because
love me, and i  love the love ...!

by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: conflict, depression, natural disasters, weather,

Sign of the End

We are living in a world 
things are so hard to deal with.
unexpected tragedies we meet.
Don't you feel,
don't you care to ask?
Is it still normal,
what tomorrow will lead us.
People are killing people,
Nature causes big distress.
Pandemic diseases,
Abnormal weathers.
what is the future about to bring?
Prayers and faith,
is the only thing that's left.
To endure the sorrow,
save our soul from a boiling sulfur.
sizzling in the depth of core.
I hope its not yet late,
to bring back our love and faith.
May we find the way to life.
Before the ending has arrived.

by Bidhu Patnaik |
Categories: inspirational,

Scarlet Horse

A grain of rice,
seeds of a vegetable,
lights in a decoration,
a bride.
A bottle of old wine
infected by abnormal wishes.
Crawling into fake
carvings on a stone......
of an old love.
Stones broken by a stone crusher,
fighting back for emptiness
still a grain of rice.
Flew among the clouds,
a scarlet horse,
a prince, seeds of a vegetable,
a bride.

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: loneliness, lost,

A Modern Love Story

In scratchy swales emitting Clorox gas,
Matador houseflies cross paralyzed eyes;
A kaleidoscope scene where jagged glass
Cracks beneath footsteps of love’s promised lies;

Forgotten by choice through hell-flickered sight,
Confusion screams at a dead mobile phone,
Gripping slick sanity ever so tight,
Un-stabled by speaking to Nothing’s tone.

Tormentors nearby prepare their escape,
Entrusting blindness to suffocate truth;
Black swans are they, drinkin’ ‘shine to undrape
Wounds nearly healed from a vi’lated youth –

A normal day in an abnormal cave,
Where hatred rules whipping peace claimed its slave.

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: fantasy, imagination

Hummingbirds Wing...

When realities fall harshly
upon unbroken tasks...

Love whispers sparsely
spoken through masks...

When I need to get away
from the everyday thing,
I find refuge underneath
a hummingbirds wing....

Momentarily disappearing
within the fantasy of flight,
wrapped in bright plummage
moving faster than light...

Invisible vibrations abnormal to sight,
my refuge thing with a hummingbirds wing...

by Sanket Jain |
Categories: daughter,

Sanmati Jain a Source, Part Vi

Sanmati, my guide, though is callow
Abnormal not in knowledge, not a bozo.
Negotiates well joy broad or narrow;
Merry as a lamb, sharp as an arrow – 
Agile as a gymnast, as sweet as a cello.
Time and again found, never let her gizmo,
Ignoring angry love or any strict credo
Jib her down to cry and sit quietly in shadow.
Almighty will design her future like dido
Illuminating the world with skills and less ego.
Never be dull or extra-ordinary – no one follow.

by Dina Scalia |
Categories: dedication, children, life, tribute,

A Special Gift

Doesn't take much to look into their eyes
See the beauty they hold inside
A different view of the world we know
What seems normal is abnormal to you and me
What most fail to see is how smart
Creative they tend to be
They bring uniqueness to what is ordinary
They teach us patience
Never ending love
They never give up
They show courage
Strength to the challenges they face
In turn challenge us to do the same
They hold steady against stares and ridicule of others
They are in their own right hero's by far
So to all of us,What a gift..... special needs kids are

by Megan Ryan |
Categories: beautiful, heart, imagery, love, poetry, romance, romantic,

Love Is Strange

Love is dangerous
Love is mysterious
Yet its intriguous
But quite mischievous.

An egnigma wrapped in mystery
A funny feeling within me stirs
As if butterflies were fluttering
While my heart races like an engine.

Legs begin to jiggle like jello
While the mind starts to mellow
Can't keep to walk a straight line
Almost like I've drank a bottle of wine.

Why love must you torment me
Why do you play such mean tricks
Plucking my heart's strings 
Like a guitar as you change the notes
To the chaotic melody you compose.

Love is a mystery
Love is enchanting
Love is abnormal
Yet quite strange.

by Oliver Samuel Chukwuebuka |
Categories: anger, art,



I hate being normal
'Cos normal is abnormal.
It throws norm-man into abysmal.
I'd like the sun in the night.
To shine,see the wicked's breast.
I'd like the stars,lay above the moon.
The moon in the day's boon.
Let' us sleep on the day
And in the morn rest.
Let there be nonexistent mourn
But in the spree of joy we'll eat corn.
Let kings turn servants
At least savants for once servants savaged.
Let poverty go extinct
Extinct from our instincts
Instincts that produce succinct.
Let tint of enmity demise
Demise 'cos love will pay the price.
Let trees grow only on mountains
Its certain our legs will heighten.
I hate being normal
'Cos normal is abnormal.


by Aleasha Martin |
Categories: faith, inspirationallove,

Heavenly Love Taps

Heavenly Love Taps

Heavenly love taps
A light knock at the door
To wake me up perhaps
Open up my eyes
You see no lies, nothing feels sore
Father is here to visit;
Nothing abnormal…
And certainly don’t expect anything formal…
I sit up in my bed and thank him for waking me
For the blessings I’ve received 
And for those breath-taking blessings
That I haven’t received yet.
The best has yet to come
Don’t have to think twice
For sure I don’t have to shop the stores
For any advice; you are my mentor
And I’m happy that I have you
What more could I ask for
If I’m a child of yours….
Heavenly love taps

By: Aleasha A. Martin

by Roy Pett |
Categories: anxiety, confusion, emotions, i miss you, lost love, missing you,

No Future

Ecstasy for me now something from history
loneliness is my rendezvous with my future 
normal life becomes abnormal a mystery 
a broken heart can't be fixed by any suture,

her charm was so unique, now lost in times vortex
she showed tenderness, kindness, possessed such finesse 
without her I am lost, life has become complex
living here all alone causes to much distress,

my minds got unnaturally precarious 
gallivanting from one thought then to another
together we were happy quite gregarious 
now I feel nonchalant couldn't care for no other,

Can I cope living my life that is such a mess
life without her I'm not sure I can acquiesce.


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade,

The It Couple

Here he comes! 
And SHE is with him!
Adoration. Love. Pure fans.
Crazy with enthusiasm for the “it” couple.
Someone screams. Others stare. This is not the Beatles.

He does not hold the door open.
Like in the movies.
She does not smile. 
They do not hold hands.
Fantasy begins unraveling fast.

He notices us, and pops on the “it” smile.
There it is! We begin oohing and ahhing
in our minds, anyway, I do.
She puts on her “it” smile.
Then she opens her mouth and speaks.

Harsh ugly sounding accent.
Nasally and rude like.
They have become less than normal.
Falling from Mount Olympus with a loud crash
into the sea of abnormal and ridiculous.

by John Tanaskow |

The Heart Speaks

this is my dialect and it is yours to
it is the dialect of a poet 
form the child who scraped his knee
to the lovers who knows 
they don't have to keep the light on
from the painter and there brush
to the singer singing there song
from the hardened criminal
to there most cherished love 
from all of the musicians
with there instruments in hand
this is my dialect
it is the dialect of a poet
a true poet speaks from the heart

(i know this isn't in and abnormal way of speaking.
so i hope it still qualifies.)

by Princess Xia |
Categories: life,

So They Say

They say poetry is a release
Then that poetry is an escape
For me, poetry is my peace

I write about abnormal situations
About nature, love
And temptations

But when reality seeps into my writes
There's something wrong
I'm ill at ease with disturbed nights

Dreams punctured by the materialistic world
Wounded my poems
Letting the pain unfurl

That's when you need to worry
Because I am not okay
And these tears stream out as if in a hurry

Once my escape no longer holds peace
I walk through my days dreadfully
Never to have the sorrow cease

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: caregiving, confusion, education, imagination, life, lost love, space,

I Feel Unsafe

When I am abnormal,
I write poetry,
I have only a tool,
To satiate my crying soul.

When a person feels helpless,
He seeks someone’s kind treatment,
So he can recover himself,
That’s why encouragement is need.

Few people are lucky,
Who have someone that understands them,
Their shares provide them energy,
To knocked down a problem.

I am worry because I feel unsafe,
Although I am standing at the top,
My voice is reversing to me,
But after that forest is totally calm.

by Lily Mayfield |
Categories: destiny, love, magic, marriage, soulmate,


Will we always fall?
Is that our destiny?
Will we rise above all,
Oh so carefully?

Maybe we're immortal ,
I know you too well.
We're definitely abnormal;
Maybe it's a spell.

How many lives have we lived?
Why so many?
Why were we revived?
Were we ever to marry?

We need to understand,
Why we never work out.
When will it be grand?
When can we end the drought?

Will I always find you,
And you me?
I hope it to  be true;
And the falling free.

Maybe we are soulmates;
Eternal forever.
We've chosen fates
But, maybe never.

*Written on 11/25/18*

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, prejudice,

She Is Strange and He Is Too

I like stripes and she like polka dots. We cannot be friends.
I love purple, he loves blue. We have nothing in common.
He has straight hair.  I have curly hair. We are too different.
Why would I want to be friends with these weirdos?

I love chocolate swirls. She likes lemon inside chocolate donuts.
To me this is too abnormal, and I am an anomaly to her.
We have tried to find common ground. There isn’t any.
I have two parents. She only has one. She is strange.

I cannot believe I cannot find one single friend in this town.
No, not that one. She wears boots, and I wear shoes.
No. Not him. I don’t like freckles. He has lots of them.
I am trying, I really am.

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

A Kind of Loving

Some thought her a clinging troll,
others the saccharine offering
of a dark love.

The mother loomed over his life,
swaddled his senses.
Each day, the boy
stumbled further from that womb.

He played no games with boys;
he was the game they played.
His mother drew out
the threads of guilt she had planted.
As puberty gnawed,
she began to fashion
her substance inside of him..

She made herself the hollow
at his center
until her abnormal demands
propelled him to a toolshed
where he now had only to choose

between a hammer or an axe.

by Pratap Roy |
Categories: inspiration,


Find nothing abnormal to feel out of mind, when one falling for someone; it's dopamine release from one's brain. Study says brain of person falling in love shows this chemical release which forces one to act inanely. Don't worry, just enjoy the present moment and thank your own dopamine chemical that helped get that feeling. ~X~X~X~
Note: The presentation is based on available information in Net.

by Millicent Maiyo |
Categories: feelings, first love, friendship love,

My love for you

My head deeply buried in your arms
Tightly you hold me
For a moment am deaf
From the wind whispers
Satisfied feeling your heart pulse
In my special dairy recording each beat
My mind clear; away from this world I feel
My heart coloured red,form my deep love for you
Sweating undressed in winter seems abnormal
With you, very normal
Hold me tight babe,my vision is corrupted
Drank yet not taken wine
Out of my mind;out of my thoughts with you
Among multitudes
Among multiple
Among many
Among all
It you my love I'll choose

by Yonah Jeong |
Categories: love,

Who Is Abnormal

all of them
point fingers at him
mocking and bully him
He can't live a normal life
like us
He suffers from deep depression
and talks to himself
all day long
he doesn't point the finger at
or bother anyone
He struggles to live a normal life
trying to talk to someone
For the first time today
I meet him
He and I fall in love at first sight
His eyes
are cleaner and more gentle
than them
I greet him and then say
"I want to be your friend."
He says
"I need a true friend"
"You can't be my true friend"
Is there a true friend in this world?
He take my hand and smile
"I can be your true friend."
Who in the world wants a true friend right now?