Love Poems About Ablutions or Ablutions Love Poems
by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: body, care, caregiving, conflict, desire, i love you, love,

My Carers

There's two of me, but only one of you,
So can I please use your hands to see me through?
As my invisible person in a group of five or more,
Having no mandate to boast, control or score. 

Will you watch me multipy whilst I thrive?
And question that rude, domineering carers' hive,
Where the bossy claim to know and be in control,
To see them leave to steer their own precious bowl?

Oh care manager! Will you let me define?
My invisible person, without my family line?
'Cos she is my motion and my engine of ablutions,
By which I drive my ambitions, with intentions.

by Oluwadamilare Adedayo |
Categories: angel, baptism, celebration, cute love, love, miss you, power,

Love Song

'We' you and i
drink not from same water,
But in ablutions
We prepared in spring
For a beautiful day

Have you ever had a dream
Tell me, if yes
In whispering- hold my head
I know soon, they will get jealous

Ibasepe- is not in our dictionary
Ti nba ti mo, we speak not,

Let the love flows
Osun- so ngbo.