Love Poems About Ablution or Ablution Love Poems
by michael east |
Categories: love,


A faded voice, lips sweet 
In rain, a fragrant shaped 
In beauty.
When dusk is full, darkness
Warms your breath, coming in 
A whisper.  Bright star,
Moving sleepless, 
Paradise weaves so
Let me sleep.
Where I still see pure,
Ablution, awake forever,
Upon a snowy mountain,
Dauntless you as art, 
As a patient in my arms. 

by Jeff Kantor |
Categories: fun, giggle,



I love my morning ablution
A cure all, my solution
Rids me from pollution
One long steady motion

Sit and read the news
While my bottom spews
Food I haven’t chewed
Flowing thru and thru

Sweet relief comes quick
A movement surging slick
Newspaper stories I pick
This ty world is sick

Paper I carefully choose
Messy mate don’t snooze
Clean up all my stools
Four squares only, the rules

Ohhh yeah that’s better
Loosen bowels, unfetter
Hands clean but wetter
Rub in hair much fitter

Looking good all done
Bring the day to come
Wait though somethings wrong
Unfinished business in bum

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: love,


Your love to bathe 
  in words rephrased

With hearts not young
  —or old

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2019)

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: storm,

Till Thunder Breaks

She only leaves me when it’s raining,
to wash away the pain

Clouds an ablution to her memories dark,
 drowning a past refrain

She returns as the skies are clearing,
to dry inside my warmth

Our love in place until thunder breaks
—again to chase the storm

(Dreamsleep: May, 2020)