Love Poems About Ablation or Ablation Love Poems
by Stephen Parker |
Categories: lost love

Unrequited Cinders

Tendered traces of fleeting mist
Wafting wisps fluttering into the abyss
Flittering glitter that sparkles then is carried away by the wind
Floating flakes that waffle then aimlessly descend
Token tufts of fog that shroud then wantonly ascend
Blowing grains of sand drifting in a listless direction 
Puffs of smoke briefly inhaled then transforming into an ablation 
Specks of dust swirling then falling quietly to the ground
Rays of light that dimly glow then fade into the background
Blissful sounds that softly echo then are drowned out
Warm vapors satiate the senses then rapidly find dispersal route   


by Danon O'Brien |
Categories: appreciation, care, for him,


Talking without ablation,
Smiles hitting like sedation, 
Hearts filled with adoration,
Floating down a river of admiration,

Blushing red like mars,
No love as strong as ours,
Comfort like a blanket of stars,
Soothing relief from painful scars,

Fire between two souls combine;
Being the Bonnie to His Clyde

by Tom Wright |
Categories: inspirational, spiritual,

A Orgulous Heart

A Orgulous Heart By: miracle Man 8/13/2018 He was an orgulous dude which put ego above all, His love for himself had created a highway to ruination. * “Pride goeth before destruction and a hearty spirit before a fall,” Pride is only removed through God’s surgical ablation. *Proverbs 16:18 K.J.V.