Love Poems About Ablated or Ablated Love Poems
by Gerard Haughey |
Categories: christian,


God came down from heaven
preaching truths, but the truth
doesn't sit right with the liar so
the liar crucifies it, and then it's
good- right?

not right!

The Truth is Spirit as are men
the flesh is but a coat and every
man wear it- were you for God,
a good branch bearing God-love

Or did you branch out with rebels, a
cancerous kind aspiring to crucify
the Way, the Truth, and the Life?

The judgment throne, an operating
room in-kind- where all the cancers
are ablated in unquenchable fire.

Sin is death, but repentance is
sublime stay in the faith, God
gave us all our time.

So, let all fight with all their might
for their life.