Love Poems About Ability or Ability Love Poems
by Tracy Decker |
Categories: confusion, introspection, love,

Desperate (Tritina)

I wish I knew how, had ability to turn
away from you and not look back to see if it
affected you, my turning away, walking off.

I want you to miss this, and I fail to pass off
the distance as a gravely unfortunate turn
of events, see truth within desperation, it

blinds, consumes, and (I hate to, but) I admit it
impossible to justify the breaking off
of any contact to once again inward turn.

I want to reach within, find this, and turn it off.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: encouraging, future, growing up, life, love, mother, pride,

A Mother's Love

My child,
As you climb
Life’s journey
To the best of my ability
I will have your back
And steady your ladder
Always I will encourage you
So whenever you look back
You will see my smiling face
Supporting and proud
Cheering you on
Unwavering I will be
At the foot of your ladder

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology ~A CHILD'S WORLD~ 2020

AP: 1st place 2020

Submitted on April 23, 2019 for contest THE SMILE AT THE FOOT OF A LADDER sponsored by CRAIG CORNISH

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: cancer, me,

Counting Every Blessing

I thank our Lord for the blessings bestowed:

Even though my wound still oozes, my skin cancer was completely removed
My fingernails are unusually strong and I have emery board access
The food I eat may be cheap and meager, but at least it keeps me alive
Much free time is mine because little work is available
How lucky I am to have friends who will laugh and cry with me at life’s troubles
I appreciate the ability to love and show compassion
Thankfully, I don’t drool too much when I eat
And most of all I am blessed with a sense of humor

* For Dane Ann’s “Blessings” contest.  (Yes, my cholesterol truly is that high.)

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: inspirational, love, peace, philosophy, uplifting,

Open Hearts

love fest
welcome here
our community
open hearts and open palms
expressing and receiving other’s feelings

Universality will be possible only when we focus
on human qualities that unite us. Respect, politeness,
cooperation, friendship, inclusion, teamwork. This stems
from the ability to listen to, and most importantly hear
other’s ideas, that are not necessarily our own, and allow
them to flourish also.

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Nurse For Better Or Worse

Nurse for Better Or Worse

Had married my wife for better or worse.
And she ended up becoming a nurse;
Not only that became an Registered RN;
On general floor is where she did begin.

With others her each ability did share
Became part of Neonatal Intensive Care
When she put on each nursing shoe
Would always end up going to NICU.

Each morning when sun would rise
She was an angel in her disguise
Back in those days a person knows
All white were all of her clothes.

Of course now must start to admit;
Love all her patients could never quit
Each day more in love with her fell
Hearing stories she had to tell

Jim Horn

This is all true with no fake news.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: time,

To Be Immortal

To be immortal. How would THAT work out?
To keep a youthful look forevermore
I think would be incredible – no doubt!
Would all the chronic pain that I deplore
become unfeasible? That would be swell!
To outlive history! How would that be?
I’d know the follies of mankind so well
but probably have no ability
to stop the madness! Finally, what of
relationships when all of my own kin
I would outlive? How could I look for love;
watch them die over and over again?
I think it’s better to face death one day.
The spirit is eternal anyway!

An oldie
Submitted currently for Anoucheka Gangabissoon's If I Were Immortal Contest

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: change,

Fading Fast

Fragility, having the potential not to last
the assured ability to become the past
to succumb to what may pass
like broken glass
a burning ash
a torn sash
time erodes all 
even those things kept
regardless of those who have wept
broom and wind has finally swept
until there was almost nothing left
and as words fade from memory
flowers decay from withering
feeling emerge from our remembering
the fragile thing we knew would not last
but alas our hopes of holding fast
our friendship our love
our bond to a past
a present fragility has come at last

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: muse, nature, spiritual,


Wrapped in God's love,
gives you the rare ability to see
wonderful things never dreamed of,
beautiful things that will only exist in eternity

A silken veil is God's love,
encases your mind with thoughts divine
Your heart undergoes a transformation,
new angel wings are now perfectly aligned

Waiting to fly always on God's love,
is a soul changing metamorphosis
Ready to emerge into a new reality,
and float forever on winds of pure bliss

Outside of your cocoon, there's a new world opening up to you
The first flower you rest on, taste the nectar of eternity's dew

by Bill Baker |
Categories: creation, god, health, life, love, relationship, wisdom,


The receipt of a large ration,
of empathy and compassion.

The ability in one’s life,
to overcome struggles and strife.

A clear mind that can comprehend,
the great wisdom that lies within.

To see the way to love others,
as much as sisters and brothers.

To know the Source of creation,
can heal an infested nation.

To know unity for us all,
will never be just one man’s call.

To know it’s the Creator’s call,
the One that created us all.

by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: confusion

Can Perfect Love Engender Fear?

I searched for

              That could
The love I felt for the world
And all its kindhearted people
But all I found was a book written
              By men
              To have a
              I was truly
              Ability to
              Why some
              Are truer
              When left

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: on writing and words

Spinning Prayer Wheel


And I will spread this like wildfire
with love and seflessness,
I will make hot the world.


To not broaden your heart's landscape 
is to not see all of suffering. 
Without this ability we are hopeless in our thinking 
that we are alone in our suffering.


In the mist of struggle
I cannot breathe without writing something.


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love,

Open Hearts Open Palm

love fest
welcome here
our community
open hearts and open palms
expressing and receiving other’s feelings

Universality will be possible only when we focus
on human qualities that unite us.  Respect, politeness,
cooperation, friendship, inclusion, teamwork.  This stems
from the ability to listen to, and most importantly hear
other’s ideas, that are not necessarily our own, and allow
them to flourish also.

by Bill Baker |
Categories: blessing, caregiving, humanity, love, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,


humility  is  not  ability, it  is  a  buried  treasure

not  a  talent, but  a  manifestation  of  love,  flowing  through  man

by Woody Francescone |
Categories: emotions, hurt, love, pain,

My Heart Was Ripped Out

My heart was ripped out Was ripped out of my chest Leaving a hole A bottomless hole A black hole Deeper than the great abyss Wider then space itself Where temperatures are so cold Where thermometers cease to register Where no sound emanates Thought is impossible And there's no ability to feel Even if touch were possible Things would just crumble as you tried And vanish never to be seen again A place where life ceases to exist And no hope is possible My heart is gone Gone from my chest Not sure if I will ever Find it again

by Constance La France |
Categories: faith,


"A little child, a shining star, a stable crude, the door ajar. Yet, in that place so crude, forlorn, the hope of all the world was born." Quote - Anonymous Oh, my soul is joyous and enraptured, for my mindful power to bilocate: and all my love for Jesus is captured, here and in heaven we communicate; an ability that we navigate. Our bond unbreakable, unified, we talk- Jesus has become my life guide: the experience is so mystical, and with my enlightenment I have pride; and I find it quite irresistible.

by Lee Brownlee |
Categories: death, eulogy, future, goodbye,

No Flowers, Please

Send me no flowers, 
Cry me no tears,
Just send me your love,
To last the years.

Love everlasting,
Remembering and embracing,
Love speaks all languages
Love has no limitations.

Send me no flowers,
They will only die,
Send me your everlasting love,
Love forever be mine.

Time has no boundaries
Life is too short,
Our stay on this earth,
Depends on our ability to hold on.

by Wilma Neels |
Categories: birthday, love, thank you,

'i Stand Amazed'

As the dust settles On another year added to my life I stand amazed God, Once again you have proven Your wisdom and perfect timing There were trials, pain and victories Moments that required 'a try again' You have been there Every step of the way Sometimes I wanted to question - Then calmness settle Cause a lesson needed to be learned Today I just want to say "Thank you Lord" 'Cause without you, I would not have made it… You knew my worth You knew my ability You saw the best in me When I sometimes questioned it *Written 25 December 2013* ©171029122013

by James Tate |
Categories: introspection,

Magnetic Force

Two magnets on the table lying cold and still,
Having much potential, doing good or ill.

When magnets attract each other, posts tightly bond.
Reversed, repel by the same phenomenon.

We too have potential; our influence reaching out
To our needy neighbors, suffering from doubt.

We also have ability, by equal force betray,
Our closed hearts repelling, turning them away.

By casual observation, persons looking on,
May miss the great sensation of reaching far beyond.

May our vast potential be magnetized for good,
Using our abilities that all good neighbors should.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Love worketh no ill to his neighbor." Romans 13:9,10 KJV

by Ndaba Sibanda |
Categories: caregiving, eulogy, family, mothers day,

Special Love

They are special 
With a love essential
They and only they are endowed 
With the amazing biology of giving birth 
And the natural ability to breast-feed to satisfaction 

They are special
With a love essential
They and only they are the world`s 
Mothers and grandmothers and sisters 
Who can care and love better than a mother?

They are special
With a love essential
They and only they have love that knows
No time, hardship, distance, disability or old age
Because a mother`s love is the epitome of perseverance

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: animals, death, food, loss, love, nature, sad, seasons, sympathy

Estefania Was the Spanish Horse

Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: faith, inspirational, life, nature

Simple Gifts

Should we ask for such an abundance of wealth from you?
When all around us waits a multitude of living beauty to view

One forgets the gifts you given to us going on about our day to day
We take for granted summer and the breezes of the trees that sway

We were given the right to think with our heads and make a choice
There are so many elements of nature that bring us reasons to rejoice

One of the great blessings is our ability to give and receive love
We should remember though our pockets are empty, our blessings are beloved

by Joe Flach |
Categories: philosophy,

Lost In Pursuit

In the pursuit of money,
the wealth in life was lost;
In the pursuit of sex,
the beauty in love was lost.
In the pursuit of Heaven,
the moral of His story was lost.
In the pursuit of power,
the equality of man was lost.
In the pursuit of justice,
the ability to forgive was lost.
In the pursuit of security,
the freedom to roam was lost.
In the pursuit of truth,
the wonder of it all was lost.

In the pursuit of selfish ends,
Our souls have paid the cost.

by Tracy Marie Windisch Mason |
Categories: beauty, daughter, hope, love, mother daughter, my child, nostalgia, romance, strength, teenage,


The Blossoming

Within shivers
Hot like
Hides he
Phantom yet
Passes her
So shyly
Dark tresses
Diamond like
Halls grow dark
Haunts her
This want
Disco ball
Of tentatively
Walks within new 
Cursed within
Like shards pang
A lullaby 
I can
No longer
Hold her so
Yet so far
This new life
In Solo
She sings


by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: abortion, appreciation, memory, motivation, moving on, poets, teen love,



cigar litany,

sun-glass villainy,

functional function-ability-

operating a pertinence undue to the mean-streak-

my man was a real porter but not so Greek-

hella' greedy like the weak,

hairy in ecstasy,

sternly speeding within his hoarse feet,

he'd leverage the wage against a narrowing bridge,
fitting neatly into scenes,

he'd soccer around his thing to bring out the majority of me.

by Sylvia Coulstock |
Categories: love

The Totality of Love

LOVE softens the heart,
Dissipates anger,
Vanquishes hate.
It heals where it touches
Giving joy,giving life
And is manna to the soul....
Love is not self-contained,
Not captured, it is free.
It reaches in,extends out
To touch all with its'being,
It is the centre of everything...
Love never wanes
But is perpetual,
It fulfils,sustains,
Bringing order
Where there is chaos,
Calm where there is storm.
Love commands
And love is resolute.
But never unyielding.
Its' ability allies with wisdom
Its sublimity is in MERCY-
The willingness to forgive.