Love Poems About Abilene or Abilene Love Poems
by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love,

She Beat All I Ever Saw

I've known some Katies and I've loved some Sadies
And I've seen my share of girls' names in between
But I'll tell you son I've never known one
That measured up to a girl named Ima Jean

She could rope a calf or she could make me laugh
And she could do things that I've never seen
I would have wed her but she had thought better
And ran off with a dude from Abilene

Well I miss her still guess I always will
And there are times I get nasty and mean
Then I drink my beer and wish she was here
Instead of with that dude from Abilene


by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: old,

Brown Eyed Lady

He used to be a ramblin' man
Drank and gambled shore to shore
Then he met a brown eyed lady
And he don't do that anymore

Oh, he was born in New Orleans
Traveled as far as Singapore
He met a girl from Abilene
And he don't travel anymore

Now she was special, she was sweet
He'd never seen her like before
Always he had loved and left 'em
But he don't do that anymore

They grew old and the town's still there
Their love grew a little stronger
They hold hands as the sun goes down
They'll do that for awhile longer