Love Poems About Abigail or Abigail Love Poems
by Winged Warrior |
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Jewels from Heaven

In a world sometimes cruel and bleak
Two little jewels from heaven sneak a peak
They come down to earth on shooting stars
As they giggle and wiggle passing Jupiter and Mars
Two little gems with a heavenly glow
Who greet you with a smile and humbly so
They bring down joy and want us to know
That Love still pours down in heavens light show.

Jan.30.2016 (For my cousin Lori's twins...Abigail & Logan...born July 12 2015)

by Miranda Agnes Quainoo |
Categories: family, sisterlove, , cute,

Happy birthday

Exactly eleven years ago
you came into our lives 
as a gift
a bundle of joy 
as many will call it

you spread love and 
leave your mark in your 
own small way.
even though i prayed for 
a little brother
you are the cutest little 
sister ever.
Happy birthday
i love you

by David Smalling |
Categories: childhood, friendship


Abigail forgive me
Breaking your heart in the invisible day
Itinerant always ... pushed by history
Gently breaking bonds in brimmed dismay.
Angel of my better memories
Incessant friend ... from a small flower grown
Love blooms again where understanding is sown.