Love Poems About Abie or Abie Love Poems
by abie jayan |
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Who Am I

Born from mud in an unknown womb
Called her mom as my first word.

Gentle and hard,she taught me the world
As I took my first steps out.

Up came the word,'MONEY' in my ears
Jingle of coins sounded melodies

Forget the past and race ahead
Motto of world makes me wild.

Did anyone reformed meaning of love?
Sound of money I would say.

Who am I? a question at last
Nothing more than a handful of dust.

Author : Abie
Date : 13 October 2013

by abie jayan |
Categories: sensual,

Whore of Nights

Endless nights ,Endless days,
seems like a story in my life.
I say no,still goes far,
forbidden fruit tastes so dear.
Flesh or heart,which comes first,
tug of war decides at last.
Bed of roses,beside me,
chose the thorn to love the pain.
Am I a dice ,played by life?
or a whore of sleepless nights.

Written by Abie